AT&T Might Charge You For "Free" Mobile-To-Mobile Calls Unless You Notice

Jeff canceled one of the two lines on his AT&T Mobility family plan, and on his next bill he noticed the remaining line had been charged for mobile-to-mobile calls on the AT&T network—even though those minutes are supposed to be free.

I recently canceled one of my AT&T cellphone accounts. It was part of two accounts configured as an AT&T friends and family account. The remaining account, used by my spouse, reverted to a single AT&T cellphone line advertised on their website with the features free ‘same network mobile to mobile’ and free ‘nights and weekends’ calls.

Unfortunately, a close review of the first bill received after the audit showed that we were being debited minutes for ‘same network mobile to mobile’ and ‘nights and weekend’ calls. When we called AT&T and questioned this, the CSR confirmed that it was a feature of the product we had changed to, but that customer’s must call and ask that these features be turned on.

In my opinion, this is grossely misleading. Isn’t this similar to buying a car with power steering, but being required to actually ‘request’ the power steering before it is installed?

Pretty sneaky AT&T. The CSR was able to reverse the debited minutes for the currently active billing cycle, but was unable to adjust the bill for the previous period.

Any time you change your cell phone situation, pay close attention to the bill to make sure the changes go through, and that something unexpected isn’t applied.

(Photo: TheGiantVermin)

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