Make Sure Your Replacement AmEx Gets Overnighted

Traditionally, AmEx will send you a replacement credit card via overnight, but an insider tells us that as a cost-saving move, they’ve been trying to cut back on this. If you have low-balance, low-usage or are not an annual fee payer, they might not offer the overnight right off the bat, or may even deny it. Our tipster says there are some key phrases you can use to make sure you get your card lickity-split:

He writes:

For lost/stolen card you must explicitly ask: “I would like my card overnighted, can you help me?” The rep is trained to say “Yes, I’ll be more than glad to overnight you your card at no additional charge!”

For a damaged card you must explicitly ask: “My card is completely unusable, can I get a new card overnighted?” The rep is trained to ask for the Customer Identification Number on the card, and will overnight the card at no charge.

There you have it, the secret words for making sure your American Express card gets overnighted to you with no fuss.

(Photo: Plutor)

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