Behold The 2009 Worst Company In America Bracket!

Your nominations are in and the teams have been seeded, all that’s left to do is vote! Without further ado, the Official WCIA Committee would like to present… The 2009 Worst Company In America bracket!

The companies were nominated by you, the readers, and we did our best to seed them according to the number of nominations.



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  1. dmolavi says:

    AIG for the win :)

    • MustyBuckets says:

      @dmolavi: I second that. I will take bets to that matter, too.

    • Irish_Knight says:

      @dmolavi: took the words outta my mouth….

      GM is a close 2nd IMO

    • coan_net says:

      @dmolavi: Poor Target, them made it on the Worst Company in America list.

      Lucky Target, they got paired with AIG in the opening round

    • Greasy Thumb Guzik says:

      I totally agree!
      Why are you even holding a contest this year?
      No company can possibly beat out AIG at this.
      Walmart, United Airlines, Citibank, Bank of America, Comcast, Best Buy & Ticketmaster will all have their supporters, but AIG & its obscene operations will crush the competition.
      Peanut Corp would have won in any other year except for the financial meltdown.
      US Air won’t get many votes, Captain Sully turns the tide for them!

      And how come Bernie Madoff isn’t in the running?
      He had a company, a completely fraudulent one, but still a company.

    • sporks says:

      @dmolavi: My brother and I have our brackets filled out. I’ve got AIG over GM in the final round. I think he’s got Time Warner over GM in the final round.

      I’m pretty satisfied with my bracket, but pissed that the PCA will obviously get eliminated in the second round.

  2. dmolavi says:

    btw, can we get a PDF printable bracket?

  3. curtisawa says:

    I was leaning AIG without looking, but Ticketmaster will be really tough to beat. A charge to print it myself so they don’t have to? Come on.

  4. Underpants Gnome says:

    Barring Walmart institutionalizing a policy requiring all employees be paid in the skins of dead puppies, I think AIG is going to run away with this one.

    • jc364 says:

      @Underpants Gnome: That policy, plus a pay increase for all employees, plus a bonus of free wallets made from the skins of more dead puppies.

      Although it would still be close…

    • Corporate-Shill says:

      @Underpants Gnome:

      Shush. The memo is already circulating through WallyWorld headquarters as we speak.

    • kaceetheconsumer says:

      @Underpants Gnome: Yeah, normally I have the instant reaction to nominate Walmart for anything along these lines, but this year I had to confess that it wasn’t the most evil by far. More like a standard evil. AIG had evil mixed with TEH STOOPID with a side order of fuckwittery.

  5. supercereal says:

    I’m calling it now — AIG over Comcast in the biggest blowout of the year!

  6. ryan_h says:

    I’m going to have to say, that while there are some beasts on that list, that can go toe-to-toe with the worst of the worst, only one of them went pew pew pew to our economy, so AIG has this for sure.

  7. dako81 says:

    Comcast vs. AIG

  8. noone1569 says:

    Circuit City isn’t a company anymore!

    • courtarro says:

      @noone1569: If we’re looking at the competition year then it was a company during the performance period, so it counts. :D

    • Pete Edlund says:

      @noone1569: Exactly! In a Worst Company contest, the company that failed, and failed at selling shiny electronics to Americans at that, would seem to have a leg up on the competition.

  9. SanDiegoDude says:

    Going to be tough between AIG (Begging money from the government to keep from failing, then frittering it away on vacations, bonuses and office decorations), Peanut Corp of America (salmonilla sandwich to kill more people anybody?) or Ticketmaster (No no, we don’t have those tickets available, but try stubhub, our VERY OWN website where you can purchase the exact same ticket for 5 times the price sold by… whoops, us!)

    We’ll see. This should be interesting =)

  10. Matt Dunavant says:

    How is Circuit City still on there? They were only operating for 16 days in America. The rest was under a liquidator.

  11. Caleb Garvey says:

    AIG is publicly hated because the media blows everything out of proportion, but they didn’t kill anybody.

    Peanut Company of America KILLED people…

    • courtarro says:

      @Caleb Garvey: Agreed!

    • ncboxer says:

      @Caleb Garvey: But maybe more people killed themselves because of AIG.

      I do agree about Peanut Corp. It should be in an easier bracket in order to go further. Those crooks knew their product was contaminated and sold it anyway.

    • MostlyHarmless says:

      @Caleb Garvey: The problem with AIG isnt the bonuses. The problem is that they CAUSED the original problem which led to the bailouts which caused the media to blow out of proportion the bonuses given to people that caused the original problem.

      I hope this makes the cause of the problem clear.

    • RedwoodFlyer says:

      @Caleb Garvey: I’m betting that a few people will die from not being able to afford medical needs due to AIG’s horseshit now…

    • vladthepaler says:

      @Caleb Garvey:

      Fair to say more than a billion people, many of whom haven’t even been born yet, will be stuck paying for AIG’s idiocy. (Debt from the bailout won’t go away quickly, and we’re already paying interest on more than $10 trillion.) PCA killed a very small number of people. With all due sympathy for the dead and their loved ones, it’s several orders of magnitude from the scale of AIG.

  12. GuJiaXian says:

    I was thinking that AIG was a shoo-in, but after seeing Peanut Corp. of America in the running…whew. This year the voting will be nasty.

    On that note, which is worse–knowingly killing a bunch of people or devastating the world economy?

    • Anonymous says:


      They’re both responsible for killing people. I’d be willing to bet the number of suicides in relation to the financial disaster far outweighs the people killed by the tainted peanut butter!

  13. David M Pondelick says:

    I am very disappointed that the United States Government is not on here.

  14. spoco says:

    AIG has an easy first round matchup, but watch out for Peanut Corp of America in the Sweet 16 – that could be an upset.

    Walmart is a trendy pick to matchup with AIG in the elite 8, but could get some competition from Best Buy.

    Ticketmaster has a cakewalk to the Final Four.

    Comcast gets Directv in an ironic first round matchup, and should make the elite eight with ease.

    General Motors could provide Comcast competition in the quarterfinal, however.

    eBay Paypal should be in everyone’s Elite 8, and I don’t think Cicuit Shitty should be eligible – they’re not a company anymore.

    My Final Four: AIG, Ticketmaster, General Motors and eBay/Paypal.

    Championship Game: “The Bailout Bowl” AIG vs. GM

  15. pda_tech_guy says:

    i think AIG and the peanut company should be on opposite ends of the bracket, that way they will battle it out for first place.

  16. ADismalScience says:

    How does Starbucks get on this list? Maybe a bit of justification for that? They’re relatively innocuous.

  17. hi says:

    Once again Consumerist has failed to include THE WORST Corporation in America “the Federal Reserve”. Who gave the money to AIG? The Fed. Who is giving away billions of taxpayers money? The Fed. Who refuses to tell anyone where the money went to and what it was spent on? The Fed.

  18. kathyl says:

    Ugh, T-Mobile against Best Buy? Just based on the way the T-Mobile guys at the mall kiosk ACCOST everyone who has the misfortune to walk past them I want to vote for T-Mobile, but I can’t vote Best Buy out of contention in the first round. Damn you!

    • scoobydoo says:

      @kathyl: Is that a T-Mobile owned store, or a third party reseller? Because I’ve never seen a rude corporate owned store, but those resellers are total scum.

      I’m not even sure how T-Mobile ended up on the list, have there been that many stories about them that made Consumerist?

      • RedwoodFlyer says:


        3rd party for sure. T.Mo has AWESOME customer service…been with them/Voicestream for 10+ years and we’ve always been treated great.

        Not sure why they’re on the list either…

      • kathyl says:

        @scoobydoo: No, I’m sorry to tell you that is a *BRANDED* T-Mobile kiosk. I even asked them for clarification once when they wouldn’t leave me alone as I stood nearby letting my daughter look in the window of the store by their kiosk. (Asked for clarification so that the complaint I was going to lodge with their parent company would be worded correctly.)

        Maybe it’s something about the district manager here or something, but every T-Mobile kiosk in the malls around here seem to have a policy of screaming at everyone who goes by and not taking no for an answer unless you actually jog away from them.

  19. Mike Anderson says:

    Can we get numerical values on these seeds? I have a vague understanding of what the seeding is, but something like AIG (1) vs. Target (16) would be appreciated. Keep up the good work!

    • PencilSharp says:

      @Mike Anderson: Whoa! Mike! You’re actually expecting a bunch of guys who grouch about $200 mil in bonuses and ignore *cue Dr. Evil* one TREEELION dollars in Fed spending to be good at math?
      Nurse! More coffee over here for yours truly and Mike. STAT!

  20. balls187 says:

    Can you define worst?

    If it’s by sheer story volume on Consumerist, it’s gotta be Worst Buy.

  21. Thomas Oberhauser says:

    AIG is this years Enron!!

  22. Saboth says:

    aig has this all wrapped up.

  23. NICU says:

    Man I smell a first round upset with Time Warner taking out Ticketmaster.

  24. Pixelantes Anonymous says:

    AIG and BoA in the final.

  25. Skybolt says:

    Companies which screw up the economy, like AIG and Citi, do cause deaths indirectly. Anytime you take money out of the system, cause people to lose their jobs, lose health care, increase their stress, etc., a certain number of people are going to die because of that.

    Nonetheless it’s hard for me not to bet on Peanut Corp., since they knowingly distributed a product that could kill people directly and quickly. Of course we don’t really know if Peanut Corp. killed more people directly than Citi or AIG did indirectly.

    On the other hand, if you want to look at it in terms of death caused, you have to consider United Healthcare a favorite.

    If arrogance, pettiness, and generally having contempt for your customers turns out to be a major factor, then TicketMaster is going to the Final Four.

    So that’s my Final Four, I suppose: Citibank, AIG, United Healthcare, and Ticketmaster.

  26. Anonymous says:

    I do like someone’s suggestion of the Federal Reserve. They ARE a private company, not a government entity, and they have behaved in horrible ways. However, among the companies that are included in the brackets, there is one thing that stands out to me. Only one company in the running has actually knowingly MURDERED citizens (Peanut Corp). That does kinda stand out, doesn’t it?

  27. Skybolt says:

    Oops, um, I’ll take Peanut Corp. instead of TM.

  28. deejaypopnfresh says:

    best buy and apple get my vote

  29. Roy Hobbs says:

    Without numbers on the seedings here, it is hard to know what the Committee was thinking. AIG is clearly a #1 seed, but everything else is kind of a jumbled mess.

    The bracket in the bottom right doesn’t have a clear #1, for instance, while AIG’s bracket has the Peanut Corporation, which obviously would be a #1 seed in any other bracket.

  30. Skybolt says:

    I suck. Seeing all those companies together has me incoherent. Peanut Corp., Citibank, United Healthcare, Ticketmaster. K bye.

  31. Yankees368 says:

    Why is XM not on the list

  32. TouchMyMonkey says:

    My final four:


    AIG vs. GM in the finals. Beyond that, flip a coin, but I lean AIG.

  33. tundey says:

    Come on, give it to AIG already.

  34. KyleOrton says:

    Thanks for making it more concise than last year. I expect to pay attention this time.

  35. rugman11 says:

    AIG is the obvious favorite, but don’t overlook the Peanut Corp upset in round two. Potentially bankrupting the country is tough to beat, but intentionally infecting people with salmonella could do it.

  36. Bryan Zeski says:

    Really? Does it get worse than AIG?

  37. FessLove says:

    I’d like to see an AIG, Sprint, Comcast, Bank of America final four

  38. Oranges w/ Cheese says:

    So how do we vote?

  39. John Wells says:

    Why the freak is Apple on the list?

    I don’t understand this one?
    they have made some mistakes, yes. But, to even be in the running for worst company?

    I would like to know what the criterion for this decision was??

  40. Terraxsu says:

    I think there should be a reshuffling of companies… too many of who I percieve are top contenders ended up on the left side: AIG, Peanut Corp, Best Buy, TicketMaster, etc
    But I suppose every team has to lose eventually other than the best of the worst.

  41. eakwave1 says:

    Peanut Corporation killed people. It has not YET been proven that AIG did. Yet.

  42. p012382 says:

    i put my money on AIG.. BIG FAIL right there!

  43. ZukeZuke says:

    AIG will defeat all.

    But no Countrywide?

    • Rectilinear Propagation says:

      @ZukeZuke: I think Bank of America has owned Countrywide for over a year now. IIRC, they bought them during the last WCIA contest.

  44. whatdoyoucare says:

    I would have liked to the Peanut Corp of America on the opposite side of the bracket from AIG. I think those two are the only real contenders.

  45. bmorg003 says:

    Apart from WalMart instituting a policy of mandatory body cavity searches for customers exiting the store, I gotta say who ever wins round 2 between AIG and Peanut Co. is gonna win in a walk…

  46. femmeknitzi says:

    Wow. So much has changed since last year’s brackets. We’ve gone from companies with bad customer service and inferior products to companies that swindle tax payers and kill people with salmonella to save a buck. How far corporate America has fallen…

  47. HungryTuna says:

    How did avoid Microsoft not make it on this list? They have a shot at making it into the sweet 16

  48. Swizzler121 says:

    So HP is up against WalMart but Gateway, inventor of the Emachine (aka Ewaste) that gets fried every time a thunderstorm comes through. This spring we are going to call death times to at least 20 Emachines in our tiny computer store in Kansas, breaking last years record of 15. I guarantee it.

  49. audemars says:

    i love that apple is on the list, but no microsoft. oh you cute little pc-users.

  50. Tim Rebstock says:

    I predict a second round upset of Peanut corporation over, AIG. As bas as AIG has been, they have not been outright responsible for killing anyone. Walmart may be in the running for the whole trampled to death employee thing over Christmas.

    Killing people is still worse then bankrupting people in my book.

  51. pepelicious says:

    I want to say AIG, but I think more people are affected on a day to day basis by Comcast’s greediness than were by AIG. I’m used to my tax dollars being wasted, so what’s a few dollars more to some old rich white dudes?

  52. Rolcol says:

    So Apple is a Sponsor? I don’t see it at the bottom.

  53. chrisjames says:

    Don’t forget to declare your winnings on your taxes next year!

  54. IC18 says:

    Why in the world is GE in there? If it is for GE Money then I kindda understand.

  55. coren says:

    How does Apple even make this?

    More importantly, thank fucking God Diebold isn’t on the list this year

  56. KStrike155 says:

    No Microsoft?

  57. TerribleDecade says:

    This is tough… At least the voting will thin out the herd.

  58. pal003 says:

    I expect to see Citibank advance forward – as we read more stories about their $10 Million redecorating scam with Taxpayer money.

    Disappointed not to see Aetna on the list – they are always at the top of my most-hated list. Along with Comcast – who I expect to make it to the Final Four – they still have the worst pricing and customer service.

    But Peanut Co. for the win – because people died from eating food they liked – and Peanut Co. didn’t care that people could get sick.

  59. IC18 says:

    Is it me or does Time Warner Cable has a similar symbol of Ra…(Stargate)?

  60. rekoil says:

    I didn’t know defunct corporations (Circuit City, Peanut Corp.) were eligible.

  61. vastrightwing says:

    I take issue with AIG. They aren’t the problem, sure, they are horrible, but they could not have caused the total mess we’re in without the duplicitous B.S. of the U.S. Government. If they had simply let AIG fail, we would all say what a shame and we’d still be in this mess, except now we’ve thrown away billions of dollars on top of it.

    I stand by my previous post, the U.S. Government deserves to win this title and there isn’t even a close second!

  62. CoarseLive says:

    Will they receive the coveted golden poop?

  63. Belabras ate my dingo! says:

    AIG vs Comcast for teh win!

  64. Jim Fletcher says:

    For a more accurate showing, should this be round robin? I have a feeling AIG is gonna stomp Peanut Corp. and force them out of the running early, but that’s not an accurate representation of their real ranking… They’re certainly gonna be higher on the hate list than, say, Verizon.

  65. razremytuxbuddy says:

    I’m going with Citibank as a sleeper to win the whole shebang. There’s a long time between now and when the winner is announced, and I predict the public is going to learn a lot of bad about Citibank between now and then. We already know the worst about AIG and Peanut Corp–I think.

  66. trunkwontopen says:

    Spring and Verizon on the first tier against eachother in the first round? That is going to be close.

  67. diasdiem says:

    The real bet’s not on which one’s going to be the worst. The really wager’s on which company’s going to come in second to AIG.

  68. kingofmars says:

    I love the logo, even if it is lifted from the ncaa tournament.
    AIG is going to steam roll over Target. Peanut Corp, will also win, which means that either Peanut Corp or AIG will be eliminated fairly early. That’s a shame because they both deserve to make it to the Final four.

  69. Chuck Reynolds says:

    $100 bux says AIG wins… just fill it in already and call it a day :) But I/We do love all the posts leading up to that with the juicy details.

  70. Joshua Brooks-Budhoo says:

    Much as I hate UHC and the other insurance companies… I really see AIG running away with this one if their public image keeps getting hammered the way it is right now.

  71. rolla says:

    AIG, but then again, the Peanut Co. did kill people…Peanut Co. gets my vote!

  72. rootehound says:

    AIG takes it, hands down… BUT, there are a few dark horses that may give them a run for their money. PayPal, Ticketmaster, Walmart have all done some amazingly boneheaded things in the past. There’s still time for another monumental screw up from them.

  73. consumerd says:

    I can’t see AT&T making it to the final four. Ebay/paypal should have no problems getting there. They have screwed more bidders and sellers out of money than what AT&T could on it’s best day of the week.

    Least with at&t you will hit a human to talk to eventually. Ebay/paypal, you are not even guaranteed that.

  74. parnote says:

    WOW! So many deserved contenders! That’s going to make it hard to pick a winner! AIG … Comcast … PCA … Wal-Mart! My, oh my, what a difficult task!

  75. Project_J187 says:

    Target management just breathed a big sigh of relief. No way will AIG lose to Target in the first round. Til next year, my red logo friend.

  76. OldStyleLite says:

    What about all of the companies that went under? Bear Stearns anyone? I personally nominated WaMu.

  77. Josh Whittington says:

    Please, tell me, how did Starbucks get on this list? They’ve done nothing but try to recover from the sinking economy. They’ve remained innocuous the entire year. How are peoples till hating on them when so many other big players have come into the scene?

  78. MarleneMops says:

    How do we vote?

    • Rectilinear Propagation says:

      @MarleneMops: We can’t vote yet but they’ll be putting up posts with polls in them. They’ll all be tagged with “Worst Company in America” so you can use [] to make sure you didn’t miss any polls.

  79. bobloblawsblog says:

    gotta go w/ paypal. runner up: chase.

  80. HooFoot says:

    I am disappointed by the lack of Monsanto.

  81. Jage says:

    Why does everyone blame AIG for the bailout?

    Why doesn’t anyone blame the federal government and B Obama?

  82. Michelle Halverson says:

    I’d say any one of the banks or credit card companies on here are the worst. They are clueless about their own industry, what can be worse then that?

  83. Christian Villegas says:


  84. Corporate_guy says:

    The final game will be Peanut Corp Vs. Sears with Peanut Corp taking it all.

  85. Wang_Chung_Tonight says:

    let’s hear it for the US government!

  86. Adam Notmyname says:

    2 EXECS!
    0 RULES!

    (not available in all areas, some restrictions apply, thunderdome does not contain thunder)

  87. Urgleglurk says:

    AIG! AIG! AIG!

  88. valen says:

    AIG: The Strength To Win WCIA

    I think AIG will be going all the way (and then some) on this contest.

  89. okrick says:

    How do we vote?

    For the first round I pick:
    Peanut Corp
    Best Buy
    United Health Care
    General Motors

  90. Yoko Broke Up The Beatles says:

    “Not sponsored by:” – classic.

  91. ShadowFalls says:

    Talk about kicking someone while they are down, Circuit City is done for already… But they were still existing during the period anyways. Though, if we are going for the worst company of 2009, the one not still in business seems like a certain winner. I guess it depends on your definition of “worst”.

    For those mentioning other things like the “Federal Reserve”. That isn’t a company. If we were going with the worst part of the US federal government of 2009, then yeah…

    With the heated emotions of late, we all know AIG is going to be the head of the pack. Even though some of the companies listed there actually were involved with endangering lives or killing people.

  92. Bahnburner says:

    U.S. FEDERAL GOVERNMENT FTW! The N.Y. Yankees of suck.

  93. HeartBurnKid, creepy morbid freak says:

    AIG vs. GM in the final.

    BOOK IT!

  94. AstridWoodpecker says:

    So how do we place our votes?

  95. RandaPanda says:

    how and when do we vote? The public is dying to know and place their votes!

    Personally I’m of the AIG Vs. Comcast camp.

    AIG has been a financial nightmare and comcast is a customer service nightmare, so it balances out alright.

    I’m sad to see that Microsoft is not on the list, as well as the US government.

    And Starbucks? Really? Unless this has anything to do with the article about the preditory towing and the guy that was AT starbucks, I don’t see how they got on the list.

  96. mrbofus says:

    how do we vote?

  97. Dethzilla says:

    This is like… having the Oscars when you know Batman Should get Movie of the year.

    Oh wait…

  98. impetus says:

    no Monster Cable?

  99. j-o-h-n says:

    Calling round 1:
    AIG, Peanut Killers of America, WalMart, Best Buy, Ticketmaster, UHC, Sprint, Citi
    Comcast, US Air, GM, Sears, eBay, Chrysler, Circuit City, BoA

  100. ReverendBrown says:

    Well. I can only hope my picks here beat out my march brackets. Here’s to peanuts and AT&T :|

  101. trujunglist says:

    I would’ve put Peanut Corp and AIG on opposite sides of the bracket because you have to give the “best” teams the best chance at winning. Plus, Peanut Corp should be a #1 seed without question. Then it would probably be AIG vs Peanut Corp in the finals with AIG winning it all.

  102. trujunglist says:

    Hey consumerist guys, you know what would be fun? You know how big name websites like ESPN have a bracket buster challenge, where you get you submit a bracket, and then the person with the most points wins some sort of prize? You know how you guys have a big name backer for your website that constantly gets to test products, I assume for free? You know how I’ve always wanted a 50″ Samsung? Do you know that lots of people would visit your site just to take part in this contest?
    …Do you guys get where I’m going with this?

  103. bananaboat says:

    I would say AIG but GM is tempting with the same attitude – we’re too big to fail so give us millions more than we said 2 months ago. And you think that number won’t keep rising like a nasty drug habit.

  104. nudger says:

    The pitchforks and rakes say AIG. But the Peanut People deserve some serious consideration just on style points.

    Warning – shameless plug to follow:

    You don’t have to wait! You can vote right away on all these companies at [] And your votes get turned into more real-time rankings that you can argue about and comment on right away. The fun happens every day at Vanno…

  105. allstarecho says:

    Seriously, how can you have Circuit City when they aren’t in business anymore??

  106. yagisencho says:

    I think AIG wins by default, no? We should just hold a runner-up contest this year.

  107. runswithscissors says:

    As tempting as it is to vote for the Peanut folks, what’s the point? They’re already out of business and done, gone, kaput.

    I want the Golden Turd to go to a company still in business, not awarded to a defunct entity. Seems like wasting the message of the Golden Turd, you know?

  108. KenJason says:

    I like the bracket contest I idea. I’d get in on that.

  109. Bs Baldwin says:

    It is going to be Peanut Corp, Ticketmaster, GM and CC in the finals.

  110. SillyinPhilly says:

    Does the company still have to exist at the final? If yes, GM might be a poor bet.

  111. AtomicPlayboy says:

    Can I bet on Apple and take the 2,812,736,239:1 odds? Actually, now that Consumerist is no longer a Gawker property, those odds may have come down a bit. The same people who nonsensically nominated Diebold last year will probably focus their disdain on bete-noire AIG this time around, so that’s gotta be even, easy money.

  112. jwissick says:

    Wait! Can we put Congress in there too? They do own a lot of some of the companies.

  113. SpruceStreetPhil - in a new Pine flavor says:

    screw AIG, where in the world is Monster?

  114. threlkelded says:

    Hurrah! It’s my favorite time of year!

  115. Corporate-Shill says:

    Circuit City can be eliminated.

    Substitute Gordon Brothers into the CC slot.

  116. ageshin says:

    I might point out that AIG has changed its name to AIU. I am sure it was because it was to wiggle out of this contest. AIU could care less what AIG does.

  117. gman863 says:

    Why are we even bothering with the brackets and voting bullshit? AIG versus the rest of the list is like pitting the Super Bowl Champion Pittsburgh Steelers against Special Olympics football teams.

    Next year, my vote is to change the Golden Poo award to an Oscars-style competition: Worst Retailer. Worst Communications Company. Worst Financial Company. Worst Corporate Scandal. One winner from each catagory will then advance to the ultimate Worst Company in America.

  118. Barney_The Plug_ Frank says:

    Why is Circuit City in the bracket? They failed to make the playoffs.

  119. Rectilinear Propagation says:

    I disagree with the idea that going out of business somehow absolves a company of the wrongdoing they did in the past year or that it’s a “waste” to acknowledge that they did the most harm.

    They shouldn’t get a pass just because they’d rather put thousands of people out of work rather than fix their problems.

  120. veg-o-matic says:

    Can we have a separate – dignified yet subdued – Awards Ceremony for Technical Achievements?
    Hell, it doesn’t even have to be a competition, companies like Bealls, AT&T and Whole Foods are all winners!

    We can set up a sweet meeting facility at the nearest HoJos.

  121. lunarworks says:

    The criteria was nominations. For some reason there’s a lot of haterade towards Apple. (Like that whole nonsensical blow-up over “DRM” in the iPod shuffle’s earphones that hasn’t died-out yet.)

  122. failurate says:

    It always baffles me that people will put Ticketmaster and other entertainment companies ahead of companies that either: 1. kill people 2. destroy the economy 3. ruin people’s lives.

  123. superberg says:

    I realize it’s a little late, but why Apple and not Microsoft?

    • Anonymous says:

      Because Apple likes to be sneaking about screwing you, Microsoft at least makes it obvious and is up front about it. Vista isn’t as bad as people make it sound, but frankly Apple pulls some serious crap (DRM, new control chips, etc).

  124. Anonymous says:

    Some of you people are whacked. No other company matches the shenanigans of Peanut Corp. of America. They knowingly shipped peanut butter w/ salmonella and caused illness and death. What is worse that that? Hey, that hidden bank charge might be a bitch but at least you and your kids get to live another day.

  125. RB_Bhoy says:

    my elite 8: AIG, walmart, ticketmaster, citibank, comcast, chase, ebay/pp, and BoA (edging out CC in 3OT!!)

  126. skywatchbob says:

    Too bad AIG and Peanut corp will square off so early. They are clearly the most evil companies in America. Ticket Master is the third most evil company because they are nothing but a parasite. They greatly inflate ticket prices to concerts and charge ridiculous fees on top of those prices but bring nothing of value to the consumer.

  127. Anonymous says:

    I had a problem at Best Buy, e-mailed corporate and they not only apologized but they gave me a full refund (despite that being more than what I asked for). They were very nice about it.

  128. Nathan Beers says:

    Is it too late to add SlingMedia to this?

  129. Bernhard Fraling says:

    I am very interested in the high qulified information of Best wishes from Germany

  130. Anonymous says:

    dudes – i can’t believe you didn’t include Sony in this. They would go much deeper than companies like American Express, Sears, Dell and Home Depot. Come on now…

    Also – Ticketmaster vs. Time Warner in round 1 was brutal. Real shame to eliminate one of those powerhouses so early.