Comcast Threatens To Cancel Your Service Over "Leaky Signal" That They Can't Understand Or Fix

Comcast keeps sending Andrew’s parents letters insisting that “there is a leak of our electronic signal into the air,” and that if it can’t be immediately fixed, their service will be disconnected. Andrew’s parents always immediately call Comcast to schedule a service visit, because nobody wants a signal leaking into the air, especially not one that “could interfere with aircraft and ship communications,” but each time they call, Comcast has no clue why they sent a letter, or how to plug the leaky plane-gobbling signal.

Andrew copied us on the letter he sent to Comcast’s Twitter-Jedi, Frank Elison.

My parents are at their wits end. Comcast has sent six or so letters over just about 1 year informing us that “TV signal we supply to your address via cable is emanating from [our] home [which] could interfere with aircraft and ship communications …”. The letter we received most recently on 2/13/09 is threatening cancel our service.

We have responded in the manner provided each and every time we respond, however the agents are clueless as to what these letters mean. Finally, we got them to schedule someone to come today. As we waited, for him to come he decided to just call ten minutes before his deadline and say that he had no idea how to solve our problem and will call us tomorrow. We’re done waiting until tomorrow.

We’ve nearly lost faith in letting Comcast solve even their own problems, so this is our last resort before canceling (or being cancelled).

Well, if Frank can’t solve the problem, call the FCC. Tell them there’s a leaky signal in the neighborhood that Comcast won’t fix and that it’s sinking ships and causing headaches, and could they please help? If nothing else, you will at least have an interesting conversation.

Update: Andrew adds:

Yes! Comcast Frank Elison fixed our problem!

While dealing with the fiery behemoth of Comcast was not so easy, dealing with Frank Elison was. We exchanged a few emails and within 48 hours our problem was solved. An actual Comcast tech came to the house and fixed whatever the problem was with the lines. Thanks to Frank our Seinfeld reruns are safe. Oh, and as an added bonus, we no longer worry about planes crashing or boats sinking.

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