Gas Price Watch

Consumerist brings you a sampling of gas prices from cities around the nation.

Last Week
This Week
Boston 186.0 187.8
Chicago 194.0 205.7
184.0 197.0
181.8 187.6
174.6 184.6
Los Angeles
217.2 214.5
205.2 209.4
New York City
190.7 193.0
San Francisco
214.0 212.8
212.5 214.4

[Energy Information Administration]


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  1. Saboth says:

    That’s weird. Didn’t oil prices just spike on word of more OPEC reductions and a lower valued dollar? I was expecting gas to go UP this week, not down.

    • lifestar says:

      @Saboth: It’s been an interesting trend. OPEC has done several reductions in production this past year in an attempt to cause oil prices to soar again, but with market conditions being they are, their actions have caused oil to drop in price because not as many people are buying.

      Also, a lot of the price gouging that occurred last year isn’t happening as much b/c consumers are already watching the prices like eagles. In my city alone, if one station raises its price to 1.93, the others will drop theirs to 1.89 and so on. They know the consumers are watching and the moment one guy goes ‘too high’, the others jump at the chance to steal customers away.

  2. Nighthawke says:

    South Texas/Corpus Christi region

    1.81 SHELL

  3. WelcomeToMyWorld says:

    In Pittsburgh and Western PA, we’re usually .02 or .03 less than New York City. (The difference is probably state and local taxes.)

    • pb5000 says:

      @Harry Pothead: When I was going to school in that area (eastern Ohio about 40 minutes from Pittsburgh) the Imperial exit off 22 was always 20 cents cheaper than anywhere else, including Ohio.

  4. IcarusRisen says:

    We’re looking at about 2.02 over here in Gainesville, Florida.

  5. TheJinManCan says:

    Uh, I know for a fact your Chicago figures are wrong. They went up this week, that’s for damn sure.

  6. Oranges w/ Cheese says:

    Orlando was something like 1.95 last week, and its back to about 1.93 or 1.91 depending where you look. Week before that it was 1.89 though.

  7. TGT says:

    There appear to be issues with either the Miami or LA numbers or coloring.

    • tsume says:

      @TGT: Why is miami green when it’s more expensive than LA which is red? And when it went up 10 cents a gallon?

  8. bnelson333 says:

    No love for the Twin Cities – we’re more than a suburb of Chicago. :)

    Was about 1.85 earlier in the week, then jumped to 1.99, back down to about 1.95 this morning.

    • Shadowman615 says:

      @bnelson333: I always get left out of these “major cities” lists in the Washington DC area. The actual city population doesn’t make the top ten, but the metro area is one of the top-ten largest metro areas.

  9. Blueskylaw says:

    Those figures must all be wrong because none of the prices end in 9/1000.

  10. lannister80 says:

    1.99 here in Peoria, IL

  11. mac-phisto says:

    we’ve seen a nominal increase here in CT (~5-10¢), but i can’t tell if it’s market-related or tax-related.

    i’m just keeping my fingers crossed that it stays “reasonable” (as in <$2.75) thru memorial day. if we can get past that usual spike, i think it would go a long way to help move us out of these hard times.

  12. Chantillian says:

    I’ll take over this list any day.

  13. nakedscience says:

    It’s been about $1.85-$1.90 here in Phoenix.

    For those in the know, what’s the best gas station with the best gas that’s also affordable? Chevron can sometimes get expensive when prices are high. I usually just go to QT because they are huge and easy to get in and out of and the customer service is always fantastic, plus they have jalepeno-cheese hot dogs and cherry mixer for my sprite.

    But they always have cops there. Like, tons. QT is like the cop hang out. So weird.

    • Anonymous says:

      @nakedscience: You must be talking about the QT on Greenway & Rte 51, there is ALWAYS cops there. I buy gas at Circle K near a Valero because they give you a 9c discount for paying cash even if you use your Debit card.

  14. nakedscience says:

    Oh and I’m not looking forward to summer…living in the desert, gas prices always shoot up once the heat hits. :(

  15. jchabotte says:

    Anyone here with a smart phone running windows mobile should get themselves Microsoft Live Search Mobile. It is the awesome for finding cheapest gas prices around.

  16. synergy says:

    San Antonio:
    Regular ranges from $1.69-$1.79/gal

  17. locakitty says:

    @nakedscience Your prices are almost a match for Tucson! That’s so weird. I wonder if ours are going to start going down again then. Yeah, the summer, not looking forward to this one. It’s going to be a killer on, I can just feel it. Especially when it starts hitting 90 degrees in February!

  18. rich.h says:

    Dumb question: Isn’t it time to get rid of the 9/10-cent pricing silliness? It arguably made some marketing sense when gas was 45(.9) cents a gallon, but at $2.15? Nobody’s posted the .9 since prices hit $1. Does that extra 15 cents per fill-up really make that much difference in the station’s profit?

    • TVarmy says:

      @rich.h: It’s probably a “you first” situation between gas stations. Some people are cheap enough they will search for a gas station that’s only 1-2 cents cheaper than the one near them. It’s irrational and wastes more gas than they save money on, but they do exist and they are paying customers. And a price difference of 4-8 cents is enough to motivate most people as well, so adding 1 cent on the big board lessens the impression of cheap gas. Listing your gas as 1 cent higher than normal loses that much of an edge.

      And yes, it is silly.

  19. grapedog says:

    Temple, Tx – 1 hour north of Austin, 2 hours south of Dallas – $1.75/$1.90/$1.98….

  20. rockasocky says:

    What, nobody is bagging on LA for its high prices yet? Consumerist nation, I am disappointed in you.

  21. Tankueray says:

    West Texas where it’s always cheaper.
    Monday – $1.71
    Tuesday – $1.69
    Thursday – $1.74
    Today – $1.83

    I don’t recall it ever having fluctuated that much in one week.

  22. WelcomeToMyWorld says:

    @pb5000 –
    “When I was going to school in that area (eastern Ohio about 40 minutes from Pittsburgh) the Imperial exit off 22 was always 20 cents cheaper than anywhere else, including Ohio. “

    Thanks for the tip. I know where that is, and I’ll check it out!

  23. veronykah says:

    re :rockasocky
    I live in Hollywood and after paying $4.49 last summer the $2.09 they are charging at the pump today is not so bad.
    Our gas is ALWAYS more expensive than almost everyone else anyway…for the past month or so when gas prices were falling everywhere else they were rising here..

  24. mauispiderweb says:

    Kahului, Maui – $2.61 for regular.