For me personally, I’ve simply stopped being in the stock market altogether (at least with my personal trading account– can’t do much w/ my 401ks). I’m creating my own small (very small) hedge fund that’s investing in solid, physical objects: coins, art, antiques, real estate, etc.

Liquidated and closed down my Ameritrade and Schwab accts at the end of last year. I simply don’t trust ‘the market’, or anyone remotely connected to it, any more. Company reports are worthless, fund prospectuses are worthless, 995 of CEOs and boards have proven themselves untrustworthy and shortsighted, and as far as I can tell, rating companies are still in bed with those whom they are charged with rating.

So to answer your question, Ben — until any of that changes, I’m out of being an active/self or passive (listen to advice) trader entirely.