10 Self-Lies That Screw You Into Debt

10 lies we tell ourselves that get us into and keep us stuck in credit card debt:

10. “OMG emergency!”
9. “What a deal!”
8 “It’s only a widdle bit of money.”
7. “I’ll only be paying a widdle bit on it each month.”
6. “The reward points I’m getting make up for it.”
5. “It’s for my business. “
4. “I can claim it as a business expense on my taxes.”
3. “I deserve a treat.”
2. “0% APR means it’s free money!”
1. “I’ll make a bunch of money after college and pay it off then.”

What’s your favorite debt-inducing lie? Sound off in the comments. [via monycentral] (Photo: * Photography by Chris *)

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