AIG Hearing If you’d like to watch the House Financial Services Subcommittee’s hearing on AIG, it’s available at CSPAN. [CSPAN 3]


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  1. fatcop says:

    I might record this so I have something to fall asleep to tonight. Nothing puts me out like C-span.

  2. HFC says:

    Rep Gary Ackerman – “I Can’t Believe It’s Not Insurance!” That was funny.

  3. JimK says:

    Fun…watch the same Democrats who rammed this bailout down our throats pretend their names aren’t on contracts, bills and amendments, all so they can whip up populist anger against “corrupt CEOs” and thereby provide cover for the White House AND try to build steam to get re-elected.

    Love the circuses. When do we get the bread?

  4. AD8BC says:

    Wow. I didn’t think anybody actually watched those channels.