Comcast Spends 3 Months, 26 Days Trying To Fix Your Cable, Fails

After spending almost 4 months trying to get Comcast to fix the signal problems with his cable, reader William, who lives in an apartment building that only allows Comcast, has decided to just cancel his his account and go without.

William cc’d us on his email to Comcast’s Twitter team, who despite a series of chipper emails, weren’t able to get William’s cable working.

William says (to Comcast):

I am tired of dealing with this… While I love to watch cable and have a few series that I don’t want to miss, I have decided to cancel my cable, phone, and internet and go with AT&T. ComcastBill, thanks for your help before, unfortunately the issue was never resolved completely. I have already signed up with AT&T and my service with them will start soon. I am very disappointed with the quality of service I have received from Comcast as a whole.

William also included the notes he took during his 3 months and 26 days as a Comcast customer.

Our favorite part is where a tech shows up 6 hours late during William’s SuperBowl party and wants to disconnect the cable so that he can figure out what’s wrong with it.


To Whom It May Concern:

11/16 Service was installed with the wrong package on the account. I didn’t have HD channels and was given a DVR that I did not ask for but was being charged for it. (I decided to keep it.) Called and things were corrected before the installation tech left.

11/18 Had problems with the picture becoming pixilated/digitalized. Call CS and they told me to reboot.

11/19 Same problem as the day before called for a second time. I talked with four people and none could help. I talked with someone who said they were a CS supervisor and they had the Mt. Pleasant tech supervisor call me. I talked with Chris (the tech supervisor) and he sent a tech out that day. They gave me a new box and there were still problems. I was told they would have to get maintenance out to check the lines because of a bad signal. They came out and said that the lines in the house were good but the signal from the pole to the house was bad and they would have to get construction to replace it. I asked for a call to let me know when this would happen and was told I would receive one.

11/20 Have note on the door from maintenance tech Greg [redacted] 107 that has a box checked stating that the problem WAS found and FIXED from outside the house.

11/21 Called CS and no one could tell me when the line would be replaced but I was told that I would be getting a call back from a supervisor to let me know within 24 hours. I spoke with a CS rep named Amy, because I was told there would be a credit for all my troubles, she let me know that I would receive a month’s credit of $115.95.

11/25 Still no call from a supervisor even after three calls from me requesting one to let me know when the line will be fixed. This day I had no HD channels, interactive guide, and my DVR did not work. No one would send a tech out and I told them that I needed it to work because I was having family in for Thanksgiving. The services started working later this day. I talked with a CS rep named Jennifer and let her know that I wanted to talk with a supervisor and she told me that I could not hold for one but would have to take an escalation # and wait for one to call me back within 24 hours. The # is [redacted] Talked with Cita via online chat and he gave me a # to call corporate (215) 665-1700.

11/26 The escalation ticket did not work either. Still no call back. Called CS (the number I use here is (843) 554-4100) talked with Shelia gave her the escalation number and told her that I would hold for a supervisor because they never call back. Transferred to Ben when I asked if he was a supervisor he said no I told him I would hold he said that couldn’t happen. I was adamant that I would not get off the phone until I talked with a supervisor. I was transferred to Suzzanne who acted like a supervisor and after talking for about 5 minutes I asked if she was and she let me know then that she was not and I requested to hold but she told me that she had just sent an IM to one and they would call me back but that there was no way to find out when the line would be replaced. She also put in a request and told me that I would receive the call back before 3 PM on 11/27. After I hung up with her, I called the corporate # and they were closed. Supposed to close at 6 PM (the message said) but it was only 4:55 PM and were already closed.

11/27 No call back all day.

11/28 Called the corporate # and talked with Nichole who said I would receive a call back from an Executive Tech by Monday 12/1.

12/1 No call from Executive Tech. Talked with supervisor named Julia [redacted]. I was told that the new line would be put in that week but that it wasn’t put in before because of Thanksgiving and New Year’s.

12/6 New box installed and lost all of my recorded programs. Even after still having same problems.

12/10 Still having digitalization of picture and freezing of picture/audio. Called the tech supervisor Adam [redacted] and also called Julia. Neither of them returned my call that day.

12/11 Called Julia she did not answer. Called CS and talked to Phyllis who sent an email to Julia. I finally received a call back that day and confirmed that the line had been replaced but I was still having problems (the picture/audio problems but also the box would reboot at random times and when I would turn the TV off the box would reboot without being touched or the power being turned off) so she scheduled an appointment for a tech to come out once again. Also, waived the rest of the charges for the service (taxes) for the first month.

12/14 Tech came out and said that the only problem was with my HDMI cables so I tried another one that I had and it did the same thing. So he gave me some component cables and I hooked them up.
From this point, my service worked ok with only a few minor annoyances that were fixed by the rebooting of the box. This, while annoying was better than the picture messing up and me not being able to watch shows. Also, the sound quality is diminished because of the RCA cables that I have to use there is also a slight buzz in the sound.
1/3 Freezing of the picture/audio starts again. I didn’t call just rebooted and it was fine for a few days.

1/12 Called CS because the picture/audio freezing was happening more often. Spoke with Carol and she “sent a hit” to the box. I asked her to explain what that did and she said it did nothing. I asked the significance of sending the hit if it did nothing and was answered rudely that it was to “fix the problems with the box”. Also called Julia to let her know of the problems and requested a call back to talk to her about Carol but still, as of 1/18, have not received a call back.

1/17 Called CS again while the problem was happening (as it had happened everyday at least once and on different channels since 1/12). Spoke with Laquanda ext. 2486 (who was very nice and helpful and should be commended for her customer service) and she scheduled a time for a tech to come out on Tuesday 1/20 to see if he could fix the problem. I asked not to have a box replaced as this is the fourth that I have had and they all do the same thing and she told me that she has put in a detailed ticket for the tech.

1/19 Joshua [redacted] called and left me a message. I returned his call and he sent out a tech named Victor. He re-terminated the connectors for the wall jacks and in the panel.

1/20 Spoke with Leigh [redacted] she sent out two techs who replaced my component cables. They then went outside and found a bad place in the brand new line that was installed, and spliced it. After this, a guy named Mike called to follow up.

2/1 Fox and Friends (channel 428) was having the digitalization problem. I called and left messages with Leigh and Julia. I finally reached Josh and he said that he would send a Tech out at 1pm. I was happy with this because I had people coming over to watch the Super Bowl. 1pm came and went and there was no tech and no phone call to let me know he would be late or not show. At 7:15pm, while my friends, family and I were watching the Super Bowl, a tech showed up and wanted to disconnect the cable to see if he could determine the problem. I told him he should have been here on time and he informed me that he was not even given the assignment until 4pm. I told him sorry and sent him home.

2/2 Leigh called back but the problems had seemed to clear up so I told her just to wait and I would try to record the digitalization as it happened.

2/14 USA HD was doing the digitalization so I recorded it, and called and left a voice mail with Leigh. A few days later (she was on vacation) she called back but the recorded program had been deleted.

At this point, I decided that the fight is not worth my time, the cable still messes up with the digitalization I have a few recorded programs but have not felt like it is worth it to report it. I am tired of having problems and will just have to live with the picture that messes up because I have no other options as I live in apartments that will not allow satellite dishes. I am tired of having techs come out only to leave with everything working and then after a few days or maybe a week and a half it is not working again.

3/13 I received my bill for the month and noticed that my DVR was $9 instead of $7 so I called and was told by a CS rep named Aaron that the price increase was because of the switch to digital cable. I said that doesn’t make sense because I have had digital cable the whole time. He responded saying that it was complicated and hard to explain but that it was because of having to push more data over less bandwidth.

I asked for a credit and to keep the $7 price he said he couldn’t do that. I told him to cancel the DVR and he said he would and I could bring the box by the local office to finish the cancellation process.

I told him that he should send out a tech to pick up the box because I was not the one who changed the terms and he told me that there would be a $30 charge. I said that I did not agree with that and was not going to pay it. He said that he would note that on the account and I would have to talk to a supervisor when I was billed for it (as he was snickering).

I asked to speak with a supervisor then and he said he would have to put me on the list for a call back. When I mentioned the names of Leigh, and Julia he acted as if he did not know them and I gave him the ext. so that he could contact them. He talked with Julia then put in an escalation and said she would call me back within an hour and a half (by 7:15pm). I received a voice mail and called back but it was after she had left. I left her a message asking for a call back on 3/14.

3/14 I have called AT&T and scheduled service with them. I am still waiting on a call back from Julia as she will be in the office later today. I will let her know then to schedule the cancellation of my service with Comcast for the date when my home phone number is ported to AT&T.

This is all that I have documented on paper. I believe there may be other calls to CS that either were reboots or just to call in and let them know that my service wasn’t working correctly to have it documented on my account. I was with Time Warner while in Columbia, SC and never had problems like this. I have never been more dissatisfied with the customer service at a company I was paying to provide a service that was not working. I am very disappointed with the quality of service I have received from Comcast as a whole. I thought that you may like to have this document to help in future training or maybe to develop new ways of dealing with issues such as this that may arise.




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  1. Anonymous says:

    I had a similar issue with Bright House. Turned out a splitter I had hooked up in the back was the issue. You might want to check that…

    • GrandizerGo says:

      @WendelHaoe: I had a similar problem with Comcast I spent more than 4 months having them come out ot the house, sometimes earlier than expected, sometimes later.
      They would cut the ends off the cable, (both sides) and splice new connectors on each time, they did this until I couldn’t place the TV in the second position in the room.
      But after every visit, it would work for hours…
      Finally after all of this time, a GREAT guy came out, and went immediately to the box attached to the outside of my house with the splitter, and found that a bird had made a nest inside of the box and its urine had destroyed the connector that led to my box, the other connectors for the other TVs had never had a problem.
      A new splitter and the system has been PERFECT since.
      I was seeing the IDENTICAL problems that William was seeing, and the guide would take more than a 2 weeks to fill in. And forget about the On Demand service, it was never possible to connect to the service.

  2. SuperiorInky says:

    Comcastic! (vomits inside)

  3. Sam Oldenburg says:


  4. pecan 3.14159265 says:

    Geesh! That is absolutely ridiculous.

    If his building only allows Comcast, how was he able to sign up with AT&T?

    • Jon Mason says:

      @pecan 3.14159265: only allows comcast cable – I assume he means he is going with AT&T DSL and just over the air TV…

    • huadpe says:

      @pecan 3.14159265: The summary implies he was using Comcast for VoIP as well as cable TV. Presumably, the AT&T was for landline phone service.

    • Anonymous says:

      @pecan 3.14159265:

      FCC-07-189 MDU Video Nonexclusivity Order forbids those types of contracts.

      Its possible the intro is slightly misleading and Comcast is simply the only option in the area. (Wide Open West: please expand to Ann Arbor. We need cable competition)

      • MSUHitman says:

        @SanbornAeson: My current apartment complex in St. Louis is exclusive to ATT and Dish Network and my former one was Charter exclusive so those still exist in St. Louis.

        Although I would kill to have Charter internet right now, the max I can get from ATT is 1.5 Meg down.

      • Keavy_Rain says:

        @SanbornAeson: My apartment complex will only let us use Comcast for cable TV service. They have forbidden satellite dishes and will not let SureWest lay down fiber optic cable on the property.

        Essentially I’m in the same situation as the OP. Difference is I became a thorn in their side after I lost my service four times due to neighbors moving out and had to wait at least one week per outage to get service restored.

        I’m sure I’ve told you all this story before, but I told anyone and everyone at California Department of Consumer Affairs, local TV stations, and local newspapers who would listen about my story. Next day my service was restored with six months free service, free year of HBO and Starz, and I haven’t had an issue with Comcast since.

        • zonk7ate9 says:

          @Keavy_Rain: You live very close to me SureWest has a pretty small service area. It sucks you can’t get them in your apartment complex because they ahve got to be one of the best ISPs there is. They never slow during peak times, and they consistently speed test higher than what your supposed to be getting, my 10 meg tests at 10.3ish (and it’s been like this ever since their 1.5 megabit days). With the exception of the 6 months or so after they purchased that smaller fiber-optics company (they had severe growing pains in their infrastructure at this time that they refused to acknowledge even though me and my 4 friends in the same neighborhood with surewest all experienced connection issues) they’ve never had any major issues.

  5. Nettwerk says:

    All you prolly needed was a booster (which they will charge you monthly for)

    • GrandizerGo says:

      @Nettwerk: No you DO NOT NEED a BOOSTER!!! A level 3 tech laughed when I told him that was what they wanted me to buy…
      The boosters were for non digital (analog) boxes that if you had more than 6 would need a booster if the line was shoddy. Digital boxes can go up to 12 or more before a booster is needed.
      What they should have done is verified that people in the development were not splitting off of his line illegally before it went into his box.

  6. davebg5 says:

    I have had similar issues with TWC in NJ. Their services are garbage…ALL OF THEM. I have had repeated issues with the TV picture (tiling, frozen picture, etc) and my internet (constantly losing the connection.) I have also had numerous issues with their first-level customer service (when FOX 5 NY wasn’t coming in in HD I was told by one CSR that the NY Giants game was blacked out, then two other CSRs told me that FOX 5 NY stopped transmitting a HD signal…needless to say, the VP of Communications for Fox Sports and the VP of Operations for FOX 5 NY were quite shocked to hear this.)

    Numerous technicians have been to my home, but the problems still persist. I too cannot get a dish, as I do not have the requisite angle to point it towards the satellite. So, I sent an EECB, but not to TWC. Instead, I sent a “Dear FIOS Guy” letter to the executives at Verizon, pleading with them to fastrack my development for FIOS. In my letter I detailed all of the problems that I have had with TWC. Oh yeah, did I mention that I cc-ed the Office of the President at TWC? TWC was calling me within the hour to try to resolve my problems.

    In the meantime, I put Verizon marketing in touch with my management office. They have already completed the site survey for my development and are just trying to finish up the paperwork to begin laying fiber. TWC’s ineptitude will end up costing them many customers in my 600+ unit development.

  7. morganlh85 says:

    I blame the consumer for watching Fox & Friends.

  8. Raekwon says:

    Heh took them a year to settle with me the first time and now I just tell them don’t bother when they try. Newest Comcast excuse: “The power in your house isn’t high enough to power your cable modem.” Good one Comcast. I tried their Twitter thing and they wanted to send a tech to my house. Wow! Never heard that one before. Now I just put up with the problems for a few days until it magically fixes itself or as they would have me to believe, my house gets more power.

    I really could use some friendly competition in my area so I can shop around.

    Cue Frank’s reply that he wants to help….

    • SunnyLea says:

      @Raekwon: “I tried their Twitter thing and they wanted to send a tech to my house. Wow! Never heard that one before. “

      Well, to their credit, what exactly were they supposed to do to fix it? Frank’s nice but I’m pretty sure he doesn’t have a magic wand he can wave to fix the problem from afar.

      But, after all the lies and runaround, I totally get the frustration.

    • jeffbone says:

      @Raekwon:They may actually be telling you the truth, if they’re referring to the signal levels to your modem. Take a look at [] for more details.

    • comcastcares says:

      @Raekwon: If we are suggesting a tech, there is a reason for it. We have the ability to see the data on the modem to determine if there is trouble. We also review the data on modem near your home to determine if there is an issue elsewhere. I can assure you if we can avoid sending the tech and correct the trouble, that would be the preference. Ultimately we would prefer for you not to have the trouble in the first place. If there is an electrical fault you may want to try an alternate plug or if using a power strip try temporarily using direct to the wall or another strip. We would be happy to look again, let us know.

      Thank you!

  9. gwelgrin says:

    If William has a balcony he can get a Dish.

    The FCC OTARD “almost like it was named with Comcast in mind” rule will allow a consumer to place a dish with restrictions but he might be able to despite what the landlord says.


  10. warf0x0r says:

    You know everyone was voting on which financial company was going to be voted worst company in ’09…

    Who ever it is Comcast will be a close second.

  11. HappyCthulhu says:

    I had a lot of the same problems with pixalization with Comcast.
    Service call after service call and no fix.
    I cancelled and got ATT Uverse and have been happy ever since.

  12. rhpot1991 says:

    I have been trying to get Comcast to fix my cable for the past 6 months, so I feel for you. I have a ghosting in my TV image as well as frequent audio break ups, and my internet connection randomly disconnects for long periods of time. I went through the whole spiel of calling in, getting the boxes reset, having a tech come to check the signal and say everything is fine and then send someone to check the wire on the outside who also says everything is fine, all while never contacting you back. I had a few occurrences of waiting for a manger to call or come to my house, and they never called or sent a regular tech to look at the issue.

    After a while I contacted Comcast Frank and received quite a few emails and phone calls. They sent some helpful techs who replaced quite a few things, still the issues remain. I then dealt with some managers who at this point seem to be giving up.

    My newest attempts include logging internet outages ([]) and producing screenshots of my issues ( We will see if this actually gets me anywhere.

    This all begs the question, when will we have a viable alternative?

    • Alessar says:

      @rhpot1991: Isn’t there a fundamental limit to cable bandwidth which is being strained by HD? Aren’t these flaws in the picture actually caused by cable compressing their channels heavily to fit more in? The new alternative may be … broadcast.

      • rhpot1991 says:

        @Alessar: Yes these major cable companies do over compress. The sad part is most consumers don’t realize the flaws and don’t care otherwise. I like their most recent commercials which ask “what do you want from your cable service” and have people responding with “faster internet for streaming media” “more channels” etc. I sit there and respond with “working service” or “internet that doesn’t disconnect.” Would be nice if they fixed the issues first before adding new ones in.

  13. Alessar says:

    I got a really nice amplified indoor antenna. While I do have to stand up and turn it to tune in some stations properly, I get almost all my locals in HD. $35 at Amazon, Terk *amplified* indoor antenna. Between that and the various shows you can watch online (Hulu, network websites) via DSL, I am not missing cable very much. A little, but not much.

  14. chapoec says:

    yeah just get an antenna. An if you have must have TV shows that only shows on cable use Hulu or get a divx dvd player and download the episodes via bittorrent or rapidshare and burn them on a disc.

  15. Sarge1985 says:

    And it looks like Comcast is taking the early lead in the Worst Company in America 2009

  16. Brunette Bookworm says:

    Hmm, weird that Comcast is your only choice. As gwelgrin said, you should be able to choose. (Reply is not working…again.) You may try talking to your landlord and bringing this up and working out a way to install a dish, if you choose to get satellite later.

  17. Batwaffel says:

    I’d be doing what that other guy did and bill Comcast for wasting my time on a product that should have worked from the start.

  18. MBEmom says:

    When we moved into our current house, we decided to switch to Comcast from Dish Network. We were satisfied with Dish but Comcast had an internet/cable package that was cheaper than buying separately. So we tried it.

    The picture was horrible! Honestly, it looked like it was coming from an analog antenna. There were lines all up and down and jumping on many channels, although not all. We called to get it fixed and while they did try once in the house and once outside the house, it wasn’t fixed. They really couldn’t give any explanation as to what the problem was.

    My husband and I don’t have the patience of the OP. At that point, we decided to pay more, retain our high speed internet from Comcast and go back to Dish. While we now have DirecTV, that’s only because they offer the NFL package. We never had any problems at all with the CS or our picture while we used their service.

    I would never go back to Comcast for cable and will switch to another internet service as soon as something feasible comes to our area.

  19. SeanMacATL says:

    It would appear that SC Law prohibits your apartment community from holding you to a “Comcast-only” television setup. SECTION 58-9-295 should be printed and taken to the office. I think federal law forced apartment communities to allow satellite dishes to be installed on patios, provided they don’t structurally damage the property. I used a fencepost to install mine, bound to the railing with plastic zipcords. Easy enough :)

  20. SeanMacATL says:

    Found the federal mandate: you cannot be prohibited from choosing Dish or DirecTV as long as you install on personal space (balcony, porch) and do not unreasonably cause damage to the property. The cut fencepost attached to railing with zipcords option I mentioned earlier worked VERY well in avoiding damage, and was actually a rather clean-looking self-install.

  21. vastrightwing says:

    A: Put a slingbox in your parent’s/friend’s house. Enjoy!

  22. Shane Elliott says:

    The only reason we dont have problems with comcast here in springfield is because they haven’t yet had time to ruin the local infrastructure that they bought out. Rest assured though, soon I’ll likely have some stories to tell.

  23. faust1200 says:

    But don’t you know that Comcast cares?*

    *Comcast only “cares” when publicly shamed on a blog that gets millions of readers.**

    **Cares only refers to the actions Comcast takes on behalf of the single customer whose case is made public. They do not actually care.

  24. Ryan Yaple says:

    Yea, I am having a similar issue. Let’s see in January, had problems with pixelation, talked with ComcastCares on twitter, Frank sent out a call to local CS and they sent Steve(a tech) out. Steve arrives, determines the tap is bad, helps lay new line on the ground(in Michigan in the winter, but it’s the best that could be done). ComcastCares does get us a $50 billing credit, which is SWEET! However, we had to have Steve come back out two times because the problem has not been fixed. Still experiencing pixelation. Talked with ComcastBonnie on twitter and she said one of my neighbors is throwing back a lot of noise at the node, however. To their credit, Comcast is sending a line tech out, and I hope that I am hear so he/she can explain what needs to be done to fix the problem. It’s been THREE months as well, I mean I am a patient guy, but Comcast, I miss you.

    Oh yeah, that story excludes the times when our Comcast ON Demand(Free version of TV episodes and such) didn’t work for 2 days. Also, doesn’t include all the fun we had when the Comcast bill arrived yesterday and increased because the cable box was on a promotion, how can the cable box be on promotion…*scratches head*

  25. BillyDee_CT says:

    Simply deplorable. Yet another reason why I stay away from Comcast. In Connecticut it’s absolutely terrible. I have DirecTV and will opt for over the air TV way before I ever go crawling back to Concast.

    Remember folks, it’s Com-CRAP-stic!

  26. comcastcares says:

    This Customer should not have had the full experience that he did, but I do want to clarify, that this email was sent to my team (as well as the Consumerist) on 3/14. On 3/16 I received an email from the Customer that stated “Thanks guys! The team from down here sent out three techs and a tech supervisor and they found the problem. I have canceled my order with AT&T and will be staying with Comcast. Consumerist, these people really do help!”

    The Consumerist received the same email on that date. I am always happy to help with any Customer situation and when we do not get it right I will say so. We will then make sure we work to make it right. If anyone would like assistance, please feel free to email my team or even me personally. We are working hard to improve the Customer experience and feedback helps us achieve that.

    As always, thank you!

    Frank Eliason
    Comcast (this is a distribution address to myself and my team or email

    • kretara says:


      Looks like the only way to get anything fixed is to make a stink with an online posting on a blog that has a large reader base.

      What about us poor guys who are not so lucky?

      My last bout with Comcast started in 2006.
      I was dumb enough to fall for the ‘triple play’ marketing.

      My service consisted of:

      VOIP: maybe 5 days of uninterrupted service in 5 weeks. Using the phone from 5-9 pm was an exercise in futility because of dropped packets, echoing and ‘dropped’ calls.

      Internet: Very fast speeds after midnight. Sub 56k speeds (at times) and sub ISDN speeds would occur for one or more periods of around 1 hour throughout the day and evening (til midnight). From 5/6 PM until midnight, the internet was virtually unusable as the fastest speed I could get was ~ 28k. Since VOIP and internet were on the same modem, I also had maybe 5 days of uninterrupted service in 5 weeks

      Cable: Decent picture quality on local stations. Heavy tiling on most of the ‘bigger’ stations (ESPN, Sci Fi, Fox Sports etc.). At least 4 total outages (> 24 hours) in 5 weeks. The PVR was a total joke. Loud, frequent lockups requiring hard reboot, sometimes it would just forget to record something or would record shows that I had never asked it to record during times that I had scheduled a recording..funny thing, it would record on time but on a different, but seemingly random channel.

      The VOIP/internet modem required an almost daily ‘reset’ by Comcast (a manual reset by me would have no affect) in order for me to have phone/internet. On multiple occasions the reason given for these daily resets was because I was not using Windows and that it was my own fault because I was not using a ‘real’ operating system. Um…yeah right!

      In 5 weeks of having Comcast, I spent 10.5 hours on my cell phone and 5 hours on my home phone with tech support and I had to take 9 days off of work. I also had to fight with Comcast to get them to refund all VOIP and internet charges. I did pay for the cable tv charges. But, my bill for the 5 weeks was around $100 because of the tv and ‘install fees’.

      Comcast was VERY disinterested in fixing the problem. It was much easier to change out equipment or run a new line to my house than to do any real detective work. They also lied A LOT!! I was told 3 times that someone from Comcast had rerun the line from the pole to my house (they CSR was not referring to the original rerun) when nothing of the sort ever happened (except for one rerun). I was also told a supervisor would get back with me within 24 hours. NEVER ONCE HAPPENED!

      I also caught one of the techs trying to destroy the wiring from an old DISH install to make it MUCH more difficult to move back to DISH. He practically admitted as much. I promptly threw him off my property.

      The local tech supervisor took it upon himself to cancel my tech calls because 1) I had made a stink in the Comcast office (in front of many customers) about the lack of service, especially phone service and 911 and 2) I had the nerve to call him (a clueless CSR gave me his work number) and politely ask for his help at which point he cussed me out, yelled a bit and hung up on me. On a later call he admitted to canceling my service calls because of the above points and said he would keep canceling because I was not worth the effort and to f’ing stop calling him.

      I switched to ATT DSL/phone and went back to DISH and could not be happier.

      Comcast will never see another penny from me. That is what horrible customer service will get you.

      • comcastcares says:

        @kretara: I am sorry we created that overall experience for you. I hope we can earn your trust in the future and demonstrate our commitment to improve.


  27. SeanMacATL says:

    Frank–what is the deal with the rather INTENSE pixelization on Comcast Digital programming? I thought it had to do with my neighborhood line, but then I noticed my friends who live in relatively new apartment complexes have the same problem. It’s almost unbearable for the one who has a 1080p TV. Is there a general reason for this phenomena and how is Comcast working to improve the picture? Atlanta here, btw.

  28. Borax-Johnson says:

    I don’t understand. I have had Comcast for years (no other choice) and this is how it always is. I thought sucky service and crappy reception is what you get when you have a franchise and no competition.

  29. Anonymous says:

    We had the same problem in our building and ultimately it was a problem with bandwidth. Once CC launched their digital internet service, which requires a certain level of signal, there were endless problems very much like William’s. The short story is our connection to CC was at the time, three regular pieces of coax that was split to service 24 households. This type of service worked back when you only had analog cable with some movie channels. Once “digital” arrived picture stability became a reoccurring problem and once CC started with the internet and phone service the problems were constant. The solution was the installation of the type of interface you see outside on the utility poles into the building. Once a “hard line” was installed in our building (basically a solid 1″ cable that a patch bay hung off of) our problems went away. We have had the occasional problem caused by bad wiring and bad splitting in individual units, but for the most part people can now rely on internet as well as picture quality. It took me over a year to get CC to do this, it was not easy and took interface with local government as well as some community relationship employees of CC to get it done. There are some good people at CC here in Oakland CA, but for the most part this is a company that puts it’s bottom line way above the satisfaction of it’s customers. Too bad too since their internet connectivity kicks ass, ultimately though it was not worth the hassle to me and I now get my internet from Sonic.

  30. Xancharmos Prime says:

    I had Charter come and disconnect me when they were trying to disconnect a neighbor in my building. Took me a week to get cable hooked up again and another month before they fixed the internet. Neither problems would have been fixed if it weren’t for me leaving voice mails at the corporate office.

  31. Nick Simmerer says:

    So you mean that i’m not supposed to have random freezes from my comcast video?

    Here is another thing: my comcast box has a significantly lower volume than anything else connected to my TV. I barely need any volume for my wii or my dvd player, but the comcast requires me to crank my stereo to halfway to hear properly (all video devices feed to tv, then i use the tv’s audio out to feed the stereo). I will get a new box after i record the stuff on my DVR that I want to save… but does anyone else have volume issues with their boxes? I live in MD, and have FIOS in my neighborhood…