Personal Finance Roundup

5 Ways to Nab a Better Severance Package [Smart Money] “Follow these tips to help you negotiate the best severance deal.”
25 Useful Financial Rules of Thumb [Get Rich Slowly] “It’s often convenient to get a quick estimate of financial numbers. For those situations, it’s helpful to know guidelines like the ones listed below.”
3 ways to save big [CNN Money]
“Three places to find true steals.”
Hanging On to Health Coverage, if the Job Goes Away [NY Times] “If you’re fortunate to still have your job, but aren’t sure how much longer that will be the case, lost income may not be your only worry. Your medical insurance is at risk, too. [Here’s] advice about girding for the worst case.”
10 cutbacks you’ll see at
[MSN Money] “With more companies in dire straits, raises, health insurance and 401(k) matches are vulnerable to being cut. If they’re not already gone, they could be soon.”

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  1. pecan 3.14159265 says:

    CNN Money’s 3 ways to save big is fine, I guess, but their list is as follows:

    1. Furniture (no mention of Craig’s List? Only mom and pop places? They have markups too, you know…)
    2. Stuff (they suggest going to the survivors, not the liquidators, for the best prices – Internet is generally better, price wise, than even B&M stores anyway)
    3. Travel (they say hotels are offering the best deals…but you still have to pay all the crappy fees to get on the plane, and rental car agencies aren’t feeling too much pain yet, I guess)

  2. johnva says:

    COBRA is essentially a total failure as a means of providing continuity of health insurance. Let’s just acknowledge that and then work to fix it. Its participation is low because it dramatically raises the amount people pay out of their own money for insurance right at the time where people can least afford to have their insurance premium payments jump (when they are unemployed). Maybe it would have worked okay when insurance was reasonably affordable, and people could afford to pay it from savings, but now it’s a joke. Yet another reason we need some government insurance option.