Recent Recalls

These products were recalled recently for being potentially hazardous. Watch out!
Maytag refrigerators – fire (here’s an in-depth look at the Maytag recall from the Consumer Reports Safety blog)
Ritchie Immersion Heaters – shock
All-Clad 4-Square Belgian Waffle Makers – sparks


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  1. penuspenuspenus says:

    Reply function – fail


  2. eightfifteen says:

    Remember, Maytag is no longer the quality manufacturer it once was. It was bought out by Whirlpool, the plant closed, and now the Maytag logo resides on Whirlpool equipment.

    Maytag used to be as solid as they come, but no more.

  3. NoO&A_GitEmSteveDave says:

    Well of course it’s being recalled. It’s kind of hard to keep your food cold and fresh when it’s all on fire. It’s called the ice box for a reason! The fire box is what we call the stove. Get a clue Maytag.

  4. I_have_something_to_say says:

    I’m betting the relay mfg. is going to be losing some business after this fiasco.

  5. Anonymous says:

    At risk of disemvowelment, are these products still made in the USA?

  6. narf says:

    @eightfifteen – the recalled fridges are Maytag manufactured ones, as they were sold 2001-2004.

    Their fridges and stoves really didn’t live up to the reputation that their old washers and dryers garnered.

    Granted, there were the Neptune front loaders, which were complete piles; I would say that that series single handedly ruined the company. Ending the manufacturing in Iowa didn’t help either.

    • Snarkysnake says:


      … “the Neptune front loaders, which were complete piles; I would say that that series single handedly ruined the company.”

      Amen to that. One of the only times that blind greed on the part of a manufacturer saved my ass. When they were on the market,the retailers would not play nice. They claimed that Maytag would not let them discount Neptune machines. True or not, I was put off by the take it or leave it attitude that Maytag had. Thanks Maytag ! I bought a Frigidaire front loader and it has been going strong for near a decade now and the Neptune that I wanted has been clogging up landfills near and far for almost as long. The Neptune was an unmitigated disaster of a product that sent many unhappy owners running for their lawyers. Maytag’s ham handed response just made matters worse.Eventually, a class action settlement was reached,but the fallout destroyed the company’s reputation and it was sold at an,ahem , discount, to Whirlpool in 2006. Most of Maytag’s employees were let go.

      • Oranges w/ Cheese says:

        @Snarkysnake: My parents replaced an old 20 year old stacked unit with a neptune stacked washer/dryer and it worked ok for like.. 5 years? Then it had to have an expensive repair. And again – 2 or 3 years after that it was too expensive to fix, so my parents got some Whirlpools instead.