Jack In The Box Brand Redesign Makes Juvenile Humor Much Easier

I’ve always thought “Jack in the Box” was a weird name for a fast food restaurant, but this new branding approach the company is rolling out in San Diego—where Jack HQ is located—seems like a step back. By isolating “Jack,” so much, they’re going to be sending immature people everywhere into fits of smirking. I keep imagining commercials with taglines like: “It’s time for a little Jack,” or “Hungry? Jack it!” Other than that, is it just me or does it look incredibly retro?

“Just Jack” [Brand New] (Thanks to Shai!)


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  1. ThickSkinned says:

    It’s not just you. I now want to wear a bowling shirt and drink a mai tai in my backyard tiki bar.

  2. Darrone says:

    All the meat you crave…

  3. SoCalGNX says:

    Its not only the “Jack” part of it, its the atomic, 1950’s background that makes you want to be a hep cat.

  4. ophmarketing says:

    1: Cut a hole in a box
    2: Put your Jack in that box
    3: Make her open the box

    I’ll sit down now.

  5. Michael Belisle says:

    I’m not sure Jack marketing would have a problem with those taglines.

  6. nakedscience says:

    Jack in the Crack!

  7. Michael Belisle says:

    Also I have a problem with the “Jack Jack in the Box” design in the first photo.

  8. MrsLopsided says:

    It’s not as bad as the Arby’s phallic design,

  9. Brandon Belvin says:

    I’m going to miss the old “Jack in the B-fish” branding.

    (Look closely at how they blended the “o” and “x” to understand.)

  10. youbastid says:

    It’s not just you, it’s obviously what they were going for. Carl’s Jr’s logo changed to a retro cursive font as well. It’s all the rage these days.

  11. jamesdenver says:

    This joke came from an old sitcom called “The Loop” – about a young ad guy in Chicago (lasted for one season)

    In the episode they had to create a slogan for “Jack airlines” (aka UAL’s Ted) – of course the old guy came up with the innuendos while the young guy corrected him..

    • RedwoodFlyer says:

      @jamesdenver: Awesome show! It actually had 2 seasons..PM me if you’d like the 2nd one…

      The slogans were gold
      “Jack it to your mom”
      “Jack it for the weekend”


  12. morganlh85 says:

    The logo itself doesn’t bother me, but it doesn’t really seem appropriate for a fast food chain. Looks more like Silicon Valley start up or something.

  13. Sucko-T says:

    Their logo may be immature but at least their advertising isn’t as bad as Carl’s Jr.

    • WorldHarmony says:

      @Sucko-T: I can’t stand that stupid Jack in the Box styrofoam head.

    • Raiders757 says:


      I hate those commercials. We heve them, but instead they’re for Hardee’s. I hate the guy with the gruff voice, and even more, the slobs eating cheese paper.

      They’re directing their adds mainly towards men, and with this one, it is failing. To be exact, i’m getting sick of all the commercials with the gruffy voiced guy. It’s time to stop ripping off the Miller High Life adds of old, and move on.

      • West Coast Secessionist says:

        @Raiders757: Yeah. I boycotted Carl’s Jr for like 3 years after they did those disgusting dairy-cow-molesting ads, but I just recently moved nearby a Carl’s and tried it. It seems to be the most friendly and fast fast-food joint I’ve been to in years, so it’s my new favorite. But if they try that cow shit again, it’s over for good.

  14. Chris Walters says:

    @jamesdenver: well, mine didn’t come from that show, although admittedly they’re not at all original.

  15. Keavy_Rain says:

    There’s a radio station where I live called Jack FM that does similar stuff. If you call into the station with something immature but not too offensive, and they like it, they’ll put it on the air as a bump.

    As for the station itself, I love it. No DJ’s, no banter aside from the bumps, and a good variety of music. Seriously, they’ve played showtunes followed by hair metal.

  16. bohemian says:

    I don’t mind the new branding. But the third picture in the article looks like a Chipotle or a Starbucks. I ate at Jack In The Box once when I lived in CA. It tasted like someone did, so I never ate there again.

    I do miss Carl’s Junior. The ones out west seemed to actually have decent junk food.

  17. albear says:

    Crappy logo.

  18. jmhart says:

    I see a David and Goliath situation in the future. There’s a regional fast food place in Alabama named “Jack’s” who’s logo is extemely similar, and they’ve been using it for at least 20 years. I’m sure it’ll be a la Monster Cable.

  19. johnmc says:

    I noticed this when I visited San Diego in October of last year. Eh, I kind of like it.

  20. Joeb5 says:

    They should get jack bauer for the new ad’s.

  21. Yoko Broke Up The Beatles says:

    No, no, this is genius. It paves the way for opening a bunch of ‘classic’ Jack In The Box restaurants featuring the old logo.

  22. valthun says:

    They haven’t changed the logo in decades, why start now?

  23. PLATTWORX says:

    As someone in marketing/branding I always get a chuckle when a company puts out a new logo or product or ad and STEPS IN IT. This isn’t going to end well. Oh boy!

  24. Chachoregard says:

    This rebranding has been going on before the Pre-Jack Hit By A Bus Commercial Stunt.

    Seeing how Jack’s back, might as well rebrand the logo while you’re at it!

  25. frodolives35 says:

    Was that freaky leather mask guy in Pulp Fiction named Jack?

  26. Borax-Johnson says:

    Yeah, and about 10 years ago they toyed with the idea of changing to “Monterey Jack’s” and going to a more upscale/casual dining theme.

    I just hope that they don’t put any dihydrogene monoxide in their food. ([www.dhmo.org])

  27. trujunglist says:

    I actually kind of like that logo. But what I really wanted them to do was keep Jack in the coma after he got hit by the bus and temporarily change their name to “Phil in the Box” as suggested by the guy who’s temporarily filling in for Jack. In the commercial, he tells coma Jack that he’s changing the name, and Jack snaps out of the coma. I wish Jack would stay in the coma for a while, and they could make this HUGE marketing campaign out of it by making it like a soap opera. Phil changes name, Jack is pissed but can’t do anything, Jack supporters hold vigil or something, Phil tries to take Jack off life support, Jack’s wife and son try to take back the brand etc etc. Could’ve lasted for months and it would’ve been a really awesome campaign with incredible results imo. Then again, I’m just a stupid office guy, so what the hell do I know?

    Sidenote: I like Jack in the Box even if it is somewhat pricey for fast food. Then again, I live in San Diego and was born and raised in Tucson where Jack is king.

  28. drjayphd says:

    Well, it makes some sense… I mean, if you can’t satisfy your In-N-Out Urge, don’t you usually have to settle for a good bit of Jack?


  29. hoffmeister_hoff says:

    I guess San Diego is just a great place for juvenile humor. Home to Jack in the Box and Blink 182. As we know, Blink 182’s biggest selling album was “Drop your pants and jacket off”

    Pass the jack sauce please

  30. litbruin says:

    The emphasis on JACK makes me think there’s absolutely jack/nothing in the box. Methinks their focus groups may have been a little too focused on the brand and not thinking enough outside the box on the implications of this redesign.

  31. senyushkin says:

    Does anybody else see the boob?

  32. cromartie says:

    I will never eat at a restaurant that offers “Jack Sauce” on their sandwiches.

  33. presto117 says:

    I work at a jack in the box in orange county, ca (I’m 18 and I needed a job lol) and I noticed this on our chicken tender boxes about a month or two ago and we just got cups with this logo on them.

    Personally, I like it better.

    • FightOnTrojans says:

      @presto117: Hey, at least you HAVE a job. No need to explain. I know plenty of people your age who think they’re “too good for fast food,” so they mooch off their parents instead. Respect you more than them.

  34. lannister80 says:

    Looks OK to me.

  35. Hands says:

    is it just me or does it look incredibly retro?

    Retro is the new new.

  36. SeanMacATL says:

    RE: Carl’s/Hardee’s advertising: I personally enjoy being told that, because I’m a guy, that I’m incapable of making breakfast. Carl’s/Hardee’s ad team, your degradation of my gender completes me.

    As for Jack in the Box, we don’t have them almost at all in the south. And that’s a shame. When I had satellite streaming in from the west coast, I saw the commercial where Jack and his wife were walking barefoot on the beach and she announced she was pregnant with a new chicken sandwich.

  37. chris_d says:

    My friend in Texas refers to it as “Jack In the Crack.” There aren’t any of these up here in the North, AFAIK.

  38. djdonovan says:

    This screams late 70’s/early 80’s Disneyland branding in Tomorrowland. They should plop a Jack in the Box pavilion in Tomorrowland and present it by Dole

  39. hardtoremember says:

    I just saw one of these new signs near the new “M” casino here in Las Vegas. I don’t really care what the sign looks like as long as I can still get a Jumbo Jack and two deliciously deep fried tacos. Mmmmm.

  40. Josh Hyde says:

    That’s just screaming for someone to photoshop and change it to d**k in a box.

  41. MinervaAutolycus says:

    Sadly, the Jacks out here have discontinued the Monster Tacos (they still have the regulars ones), which I would break my diet for. At least they still have the deep-fried cheese I can dip in marinara.

  42. RedwoodFlyer says:

    “Jack in the Box: Our name and our mission statement”

    /verb fail

  43. Anonymous says:

    They screwed up by separating the phrase. If you don’t put all the words together (Jack in the box) it loses it’s meaning. I am surprised the management allowed that to happen. The new logo fails as it doesn’t identify the company. It depends on everyone being familiar with the old one. Bad marketing from a company that has for years done great tv commercials.

  44. synergy says:

    I guess I don’t have a juvenile sense of humor because I don’t get this entry.

    However, I do think the branding looks like the TV Land logo.

  45. synergy says:

    I agree with Keavy Rain, off-topic. Jack FM does do on air jokes and you don’t have to listen to the desperate banter of “DJs” trying to justify their existence.