Citi "Homeowner Helper" Site Merely Potemkin Village?

Did Citi set up its “homeowner helper” site to comply with Obama’s mortgage assistance programs, but then not actually attach it to any humans that will help homeowners? After inputting his info on the site, Citi told reader CoarseLive to schedule an appointment with a representative. No one ever called him. When he tried calling Citi directly, multiple agents told him they had no idea what he was talking about, and they hung up on him, again and again. His story, inside…

CoarseLive writes:

Last week after learning about President Obama’s mortgage assistance programs, the news said to go to mortgage company websites to learn more about how each company was handling these proposals. Last week, I visited Attached is a picture of their website prompting the visitor to learn about the new programs they have available for homeowners. I followed the links, and inserted my information. After that was completed, their service prompted me to schedule an appointment with a representative. The screen capture of that prompt is also attached. I schedule an appointment for today for between 9:30 and 10:00. I took off work to wait for the call, that way I would be here with all of my information and papers.

After I received no call, I began calling Citi. I was transferred to 4 agents, all of whom had no idea what I was talking about and told me, unequivocally, that Citi doesn’t schedule calls with customers online. I walked the final agent in the Loss Mitigation center through their website, and the agent Jeremy Mirchal in the Missouri office told me that the option doesn’t exist. That “I’m being told that no one here is aware of that, and that it doesn’t exist.” He repeated that “we don’t call customers.”

I asked Jeremy to transfer me to his supervisor. He said he would. Then he transferred me back to India, and I was promptly disconnected.

After being hung up on, I called back and found my way back to CitiMortgage’s Loss Mitigation office. I spoke with another person named “Jeremy.” I explained my situation, and he put me on hold. He told me I had to talk with customer service. I told him that all of my calls began with Customer Service, and that I would like to speak with a supervisor. He said yes, and then transferred me to Customer Service.

Once Customer Service was on the line, I explained that I was “accidentally” transferred from Loss Mitigation. They then hung up on me.

(Photo: Panorama of the City of New York)

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