Visa And Capcom Announce Street Fighter Hyper Fee Edition Card

Video game maker Capcom has partnered with Visa to offer a pre-paid debit card with so many fees that it will shrink your wallet from an E. Honda to a Dhalsim. The hurricane kick of fees, inside.

From the card’s fee page:

  • $9.95 activation fee
  • $4.95 monthly fee
  • $0.25 per debit use
  • $1.50 per ATM withdrawal (not including whatever fee the ATM charges)
  • $10 to close the card (and you can’t just stop using it, because besides the $4.95 monthly fee, there’s a $5 dormancy fee

There’s also assorted fees for declined transactions, overdrafts, and cash advances (which we didn’t think could exist with a pre-paid debit card). On the other hand, you can have a Visa card with Ryu on it.

Know the rules of the game before taking Capcom card [Defend Your Dollars]

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