Months Later Valve Has Still Not Reset My Steam Password

Reader Con Seannery was randomly locked out of his Steam account one day and has been trying to get Valve’s attention for months. Will they ever respond?

Several months ago, I was prompted to log into my Steam account at start up. This is unusual because I have it set to log in automatically, but no big deal, I know the password. Or so I think.

Apparently, the password that has worked for this account with around $200 of games on it (at least) is no longer acceptable to the system.

I attempt to reset the password, only to find out that unfortunately, my Yahoo! account no longer accepts its password either, a different password than the Steam account. Hoping that the Steam password had not been reset, I attempt twice more to log in using different passwords which I may have used, but would have been unlikely.

On the third attempt, I am notified in a pop up box from Steam that the account is locked out. I then turn to the support at Steam’s site, submitting a ticket, as well as a few follow-ups to this ticket and a few emails to the support line from my personal email, rather than the built in trouble ticket submitting tool, in an attempt to reclaim my account. Several months later, I have yet to hear back from Valve regarding this issue. What should I do? Is it time for an EECB?

Yes, we suppose it is time for an EECB. Last time a reader wrote in with a Steam issue (He was being ignored as well) we asked for some EECB information and this is what the readers recommended:

Head Honcho:

If he can’t be bothered, there’s a list of other contact information at the Valve website.

Good luck.

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