Victoria's Secret Hunts Nationwide To Find Your Panties

In this latest Above and Beyond story, Victoria’s Secret conducts a nationwide search to find the Chris and Becka’s panties.

Chris writes:

I’d like to share my above and beyond story with you all. It all started when we had a horrible experience at our local Victoria’s Secret (VS from here on) store and VS as a whole at that point in time. My wife, an avid VS fan, saw a flyer for their Valentine’s Day Collection.

We have been hit fairly hard by the current economy and as a direct result, have had to tighten our belts considerably. Needless to say, shopping at VS is a real treat for her right now. She has been in kind of a slump lately and I’ve noticed that she just wasn’t “feeling” as sexy as usual.

As soon as my wife saw the flyer, her eyes lit up. I figured it was the perfect opportunity to do something special for her and make her feel sexy. I said, “Hey, why not go out and pick that up, take your time, have some fun and call it your Valentine’s Day present?”. Can you say, Victoria’s Secret to the rescue?…Or so I thought.

Now fast forward to her experience. Granted, it had been quite some time since she has had the opportunity to grace the presence of a VS Store, this was a very special treat to her. She REALLY fell in love with their Vintage Victoria Bra, Panties and Garter in the Wineberry color. We set it up for her to get pampered by first getting her hair done, then her nails/toes and finally, like a cherry on top, her visit to the local VS store.

Upon arrival, she quickly located their Vintage Victoria push-up bra in the Wineberry color. However, she was unable to find the accompanying panties and garter. Eventually she went and asked an associate at the counter who brushed her off, but finally found aid from another associate sorting items.

When she asked for help in locating the matching garments to the Valentine’s Day collection, she was told that the store had received NONE of the matching items. Disappointed, but not broken, she asked if it would be possible to get a rain check on them (due to the ongoing sale) and possibly receive a call when stock arrives.

At this point it was further explained to her that this was a limited collection and that the store will NOT be receiving more stock or even getting them at all. Basically, she was out of luck, while empathetic, the associate offered no further assistance on the matter, nor offered to do anything to try and make it right.

Can you see her aforementioned lit up eyes dwindle in disappointment? I can and did.

I initially assumed the associate was most likely in error. I mean, this is VS right? There’s no way! So considering she purchased the Wineberry bra, I thought I could once again “save the day”, be her hero and get them straight off

However, to my dismay they are not available. Not even the Vintage Victoria Wineberry push-up bra she was able to purchase in store was available. I searched high and low, even hitting up eBay in an attempt to find them…Nothing.

I used my fancy Consumerist skills and shot off an email to what I thought might be Ms. Victoria’s Secret (CEO) herself. Depicting the same story above. I honestly didn’t expect it to arrive anywhere, much less get anything more than a canned response.

However, to my surprise, she did receive it, forwarded it to the necessary party, who in turn replied to me. They wanted to speak to me and my wife. So, we did what anyone would do…Fired off our number in (morbid?) curiosity.

It didn’t take long at all for them to contact us. Not only did they profusely apologize that absolutely zero stock had been delivered to the store. They were tremendously grateful that we notified them of the fact. It turns out there was an issue and we were able to bring it to their attention.

As one would expect, they offered to ship off the missing two items to us free of charge and include an extremely gracious gift card. Personally, I felt the gift card was just too much and tried to decline it, completing her collection was more than generous. Nope, they insisted, they wouldn’t allow us to turn it down. We were utterly amazed at the treatment we received.

We soon found out there was some bad news. The matching panties were completely gone, sold out, no stock anywhere. Ohh well, they already made us feel like royalty, we were still very pleased with our experience.

But wait…There’s more! I received an email from them earlier today. Apparently, they shot off an email to every store in the states in search of this ever elusive pair of underwear…And they found them!!! They literally conducted a nationwide search to get my wife her panties.

If this isn’t above and beyond…I don’t know what is.

Chris & Becka

Now that’s customer service!

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