Save Money Just By Asking DirecTV To Lower Your Bill

Pete likes DirecTV and really has no intention of leaving, but he noticed a fantastic “$250 deal” for new customers only in his copy of AAA magazine, so he called up DirecTV and asked what they could do for current customers. This simple phone call saved him over $120 a year.

Pete says:

I have been a subscriber to DirecTV for years. I have also had a lot of experience with this and other companies who spend a ton of money on promotions to attract new customers while offering little or nothing to retain current customers.

Yesterday I received my copy of the AAA magazine Journeys and immediately noticed that it had a 4 page outer cover (what do you call those tings?) [ed note — We call them annoying.] full of DirecTV advertising which was promoting a “special deal” for AA members. The total value of the promotion was supposed to be over $250. Of course, it also said that it applied only to new DirecTV customers.

I started to toss it aside, then I thought, “What the heck.” I picked up the phone and called the number. After navigating the phone tree and waiting for what seemed like half an hour, I finally heard a friendly voice asking how she could assist me.

Now I am not a naive person. I really didn’t expect to get anything but frustration out of this call. But I decided to play dumb and just assume that since DirecTV was willing to spend hundreds of dollars to acquire a new customer, they must be willing to reward a loyal one with something. So I cheerfully explained to the friendly CSR that I was a member of AAA and had been a good DirecTV customer for years, which she acknowledged. I told her that I understood that the offer in the AAA magazine was only for new customers but that “I was calling to find out what kind of incredible deal DirecTV had for one of its best customers.”

She asked what I had in mind — whether a discount on a new service of what. I told her truthfully that I didn’t have anything specific in mind. I just wanted to know what kind of terrific offers they had for me. Honestly, I thought that if she offered me anything at all, at best it would be something like a few dollars off some expensive new package — something they would probably have given anyone. She asked permission to put me on hold for a few minutes, then came back and amazed me.

She offered to waive the charges for my HD access for the next year ($120 value) and give me Showtime free for 3 months. I realize the free Showtime is not a big deal but I was impressed that they were willing to give me something for free that I am currently paying for, effectively reducing my monthly payment for the next year without requiring me to buy anything additional. That was unexpected.

I accepted the offer and thanked the CSR. This might not seem like a huge deal to some people, but I am happy to know that DirecTV apparently places some value on my loyalty as a customer. And it goes to show that it never hurts to ask!

Good job, Pete! We’ve found that most cable or satellite providers will knock something off of your bill if you ask them too. It helps to mention a promotion that they are running, like Pete did.



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  1. Dimitri Teresh says:

    DirecTV is always good about that. You can call up customer retention anytime you’re out of contract and get some sort of a deal. Note that you probably just signed another 2-year contract.

    • rellog321 says:

      @Dimitri Teresh: That note should be in bold… and make sure to verify you HAVEN’T agreed to a new 2 year contract…. They are notorious for signing people up without any notification.

    • dorastandpipe says:

      @Dimitri Teresh: No they are not good about that. I think this person was just lucky.

      I called last summer to get the deal myself, the best they would offer was $10 off my monthly rate. Yes, I even spoke with retention! I even offered to sign a new contract and no go. They gave me some song and dance on how when I was a new customer I got a deal then. Um…no…I was one of your first customers ever and had to actually BUY my equipment…there was never a sign up deal!

      Now that I have canceled, they keep sending me things in the mail for this deal. I am just still bitter that they didn’t offer it to me to keep me in the first place. I always paid my bill on time so I can’t figure out why I didn’t get the deal then but now they keep beggin me to come back.

      • mrscoach says:

        @dorastandpipe: Um, I hate to tell you, but you would have gotten the same amount off your bill the OP did. Your $10 off your monthly rate would have saved you $120 over a year.

  2. bonzombiekitty says:

    But be careful! What happens to the showtime subscription after the free period runs out? Does it automatically start charging you for it? And if it does, if you were to cancel it, would it undo the free HD?

    • techstar25 says:

      @bonzombiekitty: He said “free Showtime is not a big deal but I was impressed that they were willing to give me something for free that I am currently paying for”.
      I took to mean that he was already subscribing to Showtime, and they just gave him three free months.

      • bonzombiekitty says:

        @techstar25: Ah, ok, missed that part.

        • "I Like Potatoes" says:

          @bonzombiekitty: Actually, that quote could be referring to the HDTV, not the Showtime. If he does not already have Showtime, then he will have to cancel it at the end of the three month period or they will continue to charge him for it (I’ve had it happen). I’m pretty sure that the deal on the HDTV would still stand, though.

    • fallingskye says:

      @bonzombiekitty: It just shuts off after the 3 months are over. I didn’t realize this and called to ask why I didn’t have Showtime anymore and they gave me three more months for free. Directv is good about giving discounts, they’ve given them when I was just calling for something else.

    • BaysideWrestling says:


      It just shuts off. I got teh 3 months free of Showtime out of nowhere – a message just showed up one day and said “For being a loyal customer, blah, blah, blah, enjoy Showtime for free for 3 months.”

      When 3 months were up, POOF! it was gone. Never got charged, though. So it actually WAS free.

    • n00nen0se says:

      @bonzombiekitty: From what I’ve heard (and experienced personally) DirecTV is pretty good about their free trials. I got 3 months free Showtime with a new subscription and they automatically canceled the service once the 3 months were up.

      • PencilSharp says:

        @n00nen0se: And that is the best way to do it. Give ’em free samples, and see how many call in to keep it. Opt-in is most always superior to opt-out, as DirecTV has apparently learned at some point.

    • rekoil says:

      @bonzombiekitty: My experience is actually the opposite – when I upgraded to HD, The rep told me I’d be getting a free 3-month subscription to Starz. However, after three months, it didn’t cancel, and the package showed up on my bill. I was able to get it cancelled (and the item refunded) without too much fuss, however.

      Moral of the story – If they give you something free, verify there are no strings attached, and make sure you look at your bill every month.

  3. Alexander Thomas says:

    Lies, I tried to get direct tv to work with me. But they offered nothing to help. I asked if I could upgrade to DVR (thats right I’m sans DVR) for free without having to pay $100 upfront for the box and the 4.99 (leasing fee, which if I just paid $100 why am I paying a “leasing fee” but thats a whole different story. Also $5.99 to use the service. They told me I had to pay the $100 and all the “fees.” I said I was going to think about canceling and they still offered nothing other than ETF. Which I said “That’s fine I am sure that amount is less than having to pay you for another year and a half plus $100 for the box and then extra fees for DVR.” I wish I had been helped :(

    • stephenjames716 says:

      @Alexander Thomas: just because it didn’t work for you doesn’t mean it’s “lies”. I have had a ton of good luck with calling up direct tv, being nice, and getting a ton of free stuff in return.

    • tomok97 says:

      @Alexander Thomas: That’s pretty standard if you’re still under contract. They don’t have much incentive to give you a deal. But if you wait until you’re out of contract, you should be to get them to give you most of that.

      RE: leasing fees. That drives me crazy about DirecTV. I’ve had DTV for over 10 years and I love them (as much as anyone can “love” a corporation, that is). But if there is a way to get out of those damn leasing fees, I can’t find it. I even have my own DirecTV/TiVo box that I bought off the secondary market. That’s right, I came to the table with my own, unsubsidized box and they STILL won’t wave those damn leasing fees.

      • YardanCabaret says:

        @tomok97: my understanding is that the leasing fees are for the connection to the feed. Or more specifically you are leasing the ability to connect to them, the physical box is yours. I only say this because I have 4 boxes at my house but only 2 are connected and I only pay the 2 leasing fees, when I asked about hooking up one of the others they said just call them and it would be another leasing fee but that was it.

        • Lincolnsbeard33 says:

          @YardanCabaret: actually no you don’t own any of the boxes. If they are just regular boxes they usually don’t ask for the back. If they are DVRs or HDDVRs they will ask for them back.

    • jake7294 says:

      @Alexander Thomas: There’s an old saying “you can attract more flies with honey than vinegar” Perhaps that’s the difference between you and Pete. He used honey, you used vinegar.

  4. burnedout says:

    Insight cable used to be great like that, too. Now they’re owned by Comcast and Comcast will NOT do anything nice for anybody.

    • sapere_aude says:

      @burnedout: Not true. Although I despise Comcast, they helped me out just last week. My rates were scheduled to go up on my cable (from $43 to $77), so I called them and simply explained that I couldn’t afford this anymore and would have to cancel my cable. The disconnections representative said “what can we do to keep you as a customer?”. I said I was happy with the plan I had and she then offered to keep me at the same rate I was paying. It’s definitely worth it to make a simple phone call. The worst they can say is no.

      • Fresh-Fest-1986 says:

        @sapere_aude: Do you still despise them? I’m not trying to be snarky, I’m genuinely curious.

        Comcast gets a lot of hate around here and I know that this type of good service has to happened at least every once in a while.

        • sapere_aude says:

          @Fresh-Fest-1986: Yes, I do still despise them, though the good service they provided (by keeping my rates) kept me a customer. I have had many headaches dealing with installations, billing, etc. with Comcast. I know other cable companies that are a better value, but Comcast is the only option where I live (Philly) which is the main reason I despise them. And so I was prepared to really cancel my service if they didn’t keep my rates the same.

    • Sidecutter says:

      @burnedout: Insight is not owned by Comcast. There was a joint-market in some places under the Insight name, which has now reverted wholly to Comcast in this areas.

    • jake7294 says:

      @burnedout: Where’s Comcast Cares??? Where’s Bonnie :) :D LOL

    • HRHKingFridayXX says:

      @burnedout: No, I was having issues with my reception and due to the hassle was going to cancel. A couple of emails and twitter messages later, I have a free HD DVR and extended digital line up. Sad part is that as soon as FIOS comes they are toast anyways.

  5. shoelace414 says:

    So I bought a HD DVR for $250 (or for the subsidized price of $250), and the HD channels never came in. I had to get a two year contract, so now in order to cancel directv and go with cabe TV I have to pay $20 for each month left in my contract, so I went with the lowest possible service on one TV while getting cable TV with DVR on my main TV.

    But once you cancel your DVR service, they made me send back the receiver. So, what the hell did I pay $250 for? I paid $250, signed a two year contract, but when I cancelled DVR service I had to send the box back.


    • Lincolnsbeard33 says:

      @shoelace414: because the actual cost of the DVR if you want to own it is around $500. Now if you do buy it is yours however if anything happens to it you have to buy a new one.

      Oh wait you said HDVR I think they are like $700

      • shoelace414 says:

        @Lincolnsbeard33: When why don’t I get my $250 back when I return it two months later?

        • pecan 3.14159265 says:

          @shoelace414: Because you can’t just buy something and then return it having used it, and they know you’ve used it, and there’s nothing wrong with it.

        • Lincolnsbeard33 says:

          @shoelace414: because that 250 wasn’t to buy it. It was a rental fee or leasing fee if you want.

          • shoelace414 says:

            @Lincolnsbeard33: @pecan 3.14159265: I signed a two year contract to get it at the discounted rate, but they also required I send it back because I canceled the service on it.

            So they have my $250, my HD DVR Box, and I’m still under contract. You get to keep the phone you paid a subsided price for.

            • Lincolnsbeard33 says:

              @shoelace414: again you never bought it you just paid a leasing fee it is there in your contract. What are the advantages of the leasing contract? Well if you stayed with them for a while they would have upgraded your equipment for free and if the dvr broke they repair it for free.

              Why would you want to buy it anyway you can only use it with Directv.

  6. t-r0y says:

    This is probably an isolated incident — some CSR is soon to be fired. I had DirecTV from 1997-2008. They started off with fantastic customer service (that’s right fantastic, I kid you not), but sometime around 2001-02 they started to take existing customers for granted. I only stay because they had TiVo, but alas, they let that gem slip away. I’ve since moved on, but I miss the TiVo (damn Motorola crap!).

    • PHRoG says:

      @t-r0y: That’s when they were bought out by…Hell I forgot and then Liberty Media bought them in ’06 I think. That’s when things got REALLY bad (phone calls DAILY!). I ended up EECBing them and the phone calls stopped. I think fairly recently they have learned the error of their ways and are moving more towards a CS oriented relationship. Ohh and Tivo is coming back!! YAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAAAAAAAAAY!

      • ninjapoodles says:


        TiVo is coming back? When and how? When our living room TiVo unit finally gave up the ghost after many years, DirecTV replaced it for free, but with the awful, horrible, terrible, no-good generic DVR. We HATE it so much that we hardly watch the set in the living room any more, opting for the familiarity and superiority of the original TiVo in the other room.

        • ChristopherDavis says:

          @ninjapoodles: According to CNET (which matches my recollection of the letter from DTV), sometime in the second half of 2009. (In other words, expect to see it in March 2010.)

          I’m keeping my fingers crossed. The HR21 we currently have works, but even though they eventually fixed most of the teething pains with the NDS-based boxes I still hate the user interface and can’t wait to get back to the far more usable TiVo layout.

        • t-r0y says:

          @ninjapoodles: Check eBay. When my first TiVo died, I logged onto DirecTV and ordered another TiVo, but they sent me the DirecTV branded piece of crap, not the TiVo. I called and they gave me the run-around. After their junk failed twice, I gave up and sent it back and ordered a refurb’ed TiVo on eBay.

  7. Aussiedogz says:

    I currently pay $45 a month for a DVR with free HBO and Showtime (not HD though). I made sure that when these premium channels run out they just go off, no commitment. It is always worth negotiating with Directv, but definitely ask for a retention specialist. The first time I called, the CSR was just going to disconnect my account. I definitely agree that it helps to have a promotion that you can point to; you may not get everything but you will get something. I also got Comcast to halve my internet to $29.00. This is my second year in a row I was able to negotiate a rate with them.

  8. r0okie says:

    We moved into our new house last June, so they upgraded my old package to the HD DVR for no charge when I moved.

    4 months later my SD Tivo went up, I called and they said a new DVR would be $100 and a new HD DVR would be $249, because I had just renewed my 2 year contract when I moved to get the upgraded equipment then.

    I balked and asked them to consider my loyalty (since 1998) and after being put on hold she sent me a new HD DVR Fedex Saturday Delivery for no cost! They even offered to have someone install it.

  9. CrissyT says:

    I have been with DirecTV for about 6 years, and love them. I currently get $10 off per month just for asking as well. I also have free Showtime, and after teh 3 months, it drops off, you don’t even have to call & cancel. The best part is, when it runs out, call back & they will do it again. My contract is up in 3 days, so I plan on doing a little negotiating :)

  10. Anonymous says:

    I’ve been doing this for a couple of years now when my $10 credit or a “waived fee” is about to expire usually 6 or 12 months. When you get a rep on the phone just ask to be automatically transferred to the “Retention Dept”. These are the folks that can really reduce your bill if you say you can’t afford the service any longer. Also, the 3 months free HBO is just that. After 3 months it just disappears. You don’t have to call and cancel.

  11. joel. says:

    I just got $10/mo off my bill with Dish just for calling and asking. Giving it a shot usually reaps some result. Especially if you’re courteous with their CSRs.

  12. greggen says:

    I wish I had researched DirectTV before signing…
    Signed up in November got installed about a week later. Then the DVR broke, within a week.
    Three phonecalls to tech support (they hung up twice) Spent hour working with third tech to determine DRV was bad, but had to call the next day because they cannot place service call after 11pm.
    Call back, have to jump through hoops AGAIN to ‘determine’ DVR was bad, only had to talk to 2 techs (hung up on once) this time.
    Two weeks later idiot tech shows up and starts pulling power plugs from my non DirectTV equipment as part of his troubleshooting. I kick him out, call DirectTV in and they tell me I can have a new receiver shipped?!? I asked about this when we scheduled the service call and was told the tech had to do it!
    Get the new one, ask for a service credit, and am told that since my kids room TV had service, I had service in the house, and they would refund a prorated DVR fee (5 bucks for 2 weeks) escalate to a manager and he tells me that the 2 bucks credit ‘is all I deserve’
    I launch an EECB and get in contact with someone in the office of the vice president and he offers up the same 2 buck credit. But wait, he ‘gets’ me the 23 buck a month credit (promised when I signed up and do autopay) So got squat for my troubles but an aching head, and a 2 buck credit.
    Since I am under contract I am stuck for 2 years (well 21 months, 18 days, 14 hours and 41 minutes). Hope they try and change the contract so I can opt out of their service…

  13. TheCase says:

    Funny – I did almost the same thing about three weeks ago. I got the $10 HD fee waived for a year and another $10 credit for the next six months.

    I did complain about the problems that they have with scheduling glitches and last minute channel changes that cause me to miss anywhere from the first 15 minutes to the entire game on the NHL Center Ice package. That’s probably what got me the extra discount for six months.

  14. Squeezer99 says:

    has anyone tried getting a discount with dish network just by calling and asking for one?

    • flyboyJ says:

      @Squeezer99: I haven’t had any luck just outright asking for one .. but when they’ve screwed up and I’ve esclated it to their executive level team I’ve had many many discounts and “freebies.”

      So when they do something wrong… and they will…

      Oh and with Dish .. remember when they say “That’s the only thing we can do …” They are lying like crazy, I pulled out some of the execs name during a conversation and magically they were able to do all sorts of things …

  15. BaysideWrestling says:

    Just scored a new HD-DVR the same way – I got a letter from DirecTv about discounts for upgrading due to DTV transition, so I called. I got a clueless CSR, and asked for a supervisor. Instead of getting the HD DVR for $100 instead of $200, I got it for free. By the time he was done, I had HD-DVR service, DVR service in the bedroom with my existing DVR (to make 2 DVRs total) and my bill went DOWN $5 a month. Only thing I paid for was the pole needed for the bigger dish, because my existing wooden pole wouldn’t cut it. The wire pulls under the house, the drilling and plates, the installation, all of it was actually free except for the pole. I was shocked, to say the least.
    Score one for DirecTv, anyway.

  16. Canino says:

    Well just recently, my dad (not under contract) called to upgrade one of his four receivers to HD. They offered him NOTHING but $40 off the $200 receiver. No offer of any programming upgrades, no offer of free HD for a while, nothing. He called back several times and was never offered a better deal.

    So he switched to Dish.

    THEN after Dish was installed he called to cancel DirecTV and here come the offers. They called him every day for 2 weeks with more offers to switch back. He told them every time they had their chance and blew it.

    Seems that their customer retention model assumes you will cancel DirecTV and THEN call someone else, not the other way around.

  17. Anonymous says:

    I recently switched from Dish. We wanted to upgrade to HD and DVR, and they wouldn’t offer any help although we had been customers for about 8 years and they had all sorts of new customer deals. So we switched to DirecTv to get the new customer deal. When I called Dish to actually cancel the service, they FINALLY came up with an offer to upgrade us…
    just too late to keep us.

  18. xkevin says:

    Companies are not in business to give away free stuff. Calling without research is the worst thing you can do. I wasn’t even a customer for 1 year and was able to renegotiate a new deal with DirecTV that yielded me 2 FREE HD boxes, 6 free months of HBO, Showtime and Starz and $20 in statement credits on each bill.

    Why was I successful? I did my homework. When you call out of the blue, you have no basis for the deal they are offering you. You also need to let them know you are serious about canceling. When I called, I told the representative the EXACT deal I was getting with a competitor and broke down each individual cost. She was amazed and said no one has ever done that (Spreadsheets are your friend!) I then sat on hold for about 10 minutes while she created a new package and offered me the above. I could have gotten a better deal but I wasn’t a customer long enough!

  19. WatfordOrn says:

    I’ve had no luck getting free stuff out of DirecTV for the past six months after lots of success before that. Currently, I have a box that has no signal due to a short in the outside connection, and they insist on charging me $50 to come out–with no refund if it is indeed their problem (which it is). Of course, they’re happy to come out for free if we pay for their service plan.

    I’m a bit surprised they’ve been so difficult to work with as most people consider TV to be an easy cut-back in tough economic times. Lord knows it is the first thing my wife would cut, but I don’t know if I could live without the sports programming!

  20. MyopicRaiderfan says:

    There are bargain sites that just talk about DTV deals and threatening to cancel. Use these site to get an idea of what is given away.

    My contract was up in late Jan so in Feb I called with a question about whether I could cancel on a specific day or not. After talking with CSR I received:
    3 months HBO, Cinemax, Shotime and Encore free with auto cancelation
    $60 off HDDVR with free next day ship($20)
    HD Access free for a year $120
    $10 credit every month for a year.

    Others have got better deals but I bundle with qwest and save an extra $5 a month.

  21. kwsventures says:

    Everything is negotiable. Understand that you must be willing to walk away from any deal that doesn’t meet your satisfaction. Example: I was in a local shoe store and told the salesman the price was too high. I was able to get 20% off by just asking for it. Now, I wasn’t desperate for shoes. So I was willing to leave without those shoes, unless I got my price.

  22. working class Zer0 says:

    About 2 months ago I had a billing problem with Directv. I spoke to a CSR who said she could not help (this was a first) I then asked to be transfered to the retention dept. In a nice way I explained the problem and asked for help. Well he not only quickly fixed the problem but by the time he was done I had 3 new boxes, $10 a month off my bill, free HBO and Cinamax for 3 months and all the other pay channels for the next 6 months free. I didn’t ask for any of this. Yes I signed up for another 2 years but I wasn’t planning on going anywhere anyhow. I have been a customer for 4 years and have always been impressed with there customer service.

  23. flyboyJ says:

    Just spoke with Dish and was able to finagle 10$ off a month for the next 6 months, just because I asked. I tried to sneak in some other “offers” but I’ve only been a customer for a few months …

    The rep actually told me to call back in 6 months to see what I can get then .. so we’ll see …

    (still doesn’t take the sting out that my same exact plan is now 35$ less for 6 months … )

  24. Anonymous says:

    I used this tactic not too long ago with Directv, except I just called and truthfully said that with the economy, we need to decrease our bills a bit, but we really enjoy Directv, and is there any way they could help us out? Just by calling and asking nicely, we received a $5/month programming credit and free DVR ($5.99) a month, so we saved 132 bucks for the year just by being nice. We did not threaten to leave or even mention great deals they were offering.

  25. HogwartsAlum says:

    I didn’t do the Free DVR when I first signed up because they wanted $100 for it up front that would be “credited” to me. I said no way, so I don’t have DVR. To my mind, free means they don’t charge you. I saw no reason to pay for the equipment AND pay a monthly fee for its use.

    Other than that, I’ve been happy with DTV.

  26. Jason Hussein Carlin says:

    I’ve gotten a few nice freebies from DirecTV in the past. When I tried this today, however, I didn’t fare as well as Pete did.

    I got 3 free months of Shotime, which is nice, even though I don’t know that there’s anything on that channel I really want to see.

  27. Anonymous says:

    @ ninjapoodles

    My wife works for DirecTV and we are in for the internal beta when they get the new tivo’s in. Supposed to be later this summer. I AM SO EXCITED!!!

    And the other reason they give away Showtime free so generously is because Showtime is paid for no matter how many users they have actually getting the service. Other channels are “per user that gets the service” whether they pay for it or not.

  28. jp7570 says:

    As both an AAA member and a DirecTV subscriber, I thought I’d give this a try. The DirecTV CSR guy I talked to didn’t budge, even when I mentioned that Verizon has been sending me weekly letters to subscribe to their FIOS service (Verizon is heavily blanketing our area with junk mail). The best DirecTV offered was $5 off my bill for three months.

    Oh well. $15 is better than nothing.

  29. Lucky225 says:

    I thought everyone knew this, DirecTV has a ‘heart’ system once you have 4 hears or 5 gold hearts or w/e you’re set w/ DirecTV

  30. Anonymous says:

    After reading this post, I tried the same thing. I called on a Sunday night and spoke to a brain-dead CSR who couldn’t offer me anything better than a couple of new receivers to replace the perfectly good ones I already have. I called the next day and spoke to another CSR who was much more accommodating. After putting me on hold briefly, he returned and offered to waive my HD access fee for 12 months. $120 saved for the price of a phone call. Thanks, Consumerist!

  31. companyx says:

    I called DirecTv last night after reading everyone’s comments and boy am I glad I did!!! I told the operator that I wanted to do something to bring down my bill and that I was open to whatever ideas she might have. She first offered to wave my DVR service for 6 months and also my leased receiver for three months ($51.00 total savings), I declined. Then she mysteriously found where she could do something else that would get it to a total of $75.00 savings and I declined that as well. I told her that I would just like to cancel my service and that I could switch to Dish Network for a lot less $ per month. She then transferred me to another guy who she said would handle my cancellation. When he came on the phone he asked if he could look in to it and if I’d be willing to let him make another offer, and I agreed. His offer, and I’m not making this up, was to reduce my bill from $84.10 to $51.16 for the next 12 months giving me a total savings of just under $400.00!! I was looking for maybe a $100-$150 savings but $396! It was totally worth it to call and I’m glad to know that they do value the customer. My advice is to keep turning down offers and to sound committed to canceling the service until they bring out the big guns! They will if you stand firm, believe me!