E-Harmony Gives You 58 Dimensions Of Suck By Billing You For Two Accounts

David tried to sign up for an eHarmony account, and there were problems. For instance, after he signed up and paid, the company kept asking him to join. He called and was told the transaction listed on his PayPal screen wasn’t showing up on their side, then that it was a “pre-approval” and would go away. It was not and it did not, of course.
Update: eHarmony has returned the money.

The next day, David’s bank account was hit with two charges for over $100 each, and now eHarmony is saying that either he didn’t send them the money (what?) or that he deliberately opened two accounts.

Worst of all, they’re not actually trying to help him. The CSR who promised he would make a note on the account to reverse any fee that showed up actually wrote, “The customer lacks the fundamental knowledge of how PayPal works.”

On Saturday I sign-up for an eHarmony.com 6-month plan and thought everything went smoothly until I noticed it was still asking me to join. To ensure it wasn’t a cache problem, I closed my browser, cleared the cache and tried again with no success. Before I decided to call eHarmony I checked my PayPal account to verify the payment was sent. Getting a hold of someone was relatively easy but when I provided them with account information and explained to them the problem everything went downhill from there.

I was promptly told, “I’m sorry sir, we do not show you made a transaction… are you sure you used this account to sign up?”. After a few convincing arguments on my part they decided to look up the transaction in their PayPal account and sure enough they found it. But what I heard next I did not expect, “Sir, it’s just a pre-approval and there’s no need to worry about it.”. After explaining to them that PayPal isn’t a lending service and they do not pre-approve transactions she asked if I would like to speak to her supervisor Chad, I agreed.

Chad started the conversation off by trying to convince me it was just a ‘pre-approval’ and in the event it was a technical glitch on their end, the money would bounce off their account and end up in my PayPal account. After calling B.S. on that immediately, Chad promised to note in my account that if the money was successfully transferred from my PayPal account to eHarmony’s, they would issue me an immediate refund for the amount of $143.76. I was convinced that Chad understood my issue and to reassure me he offered me a discounted 6-month plan at $110.85 and that he could sign me up over the phone to verify that it was successful and sure enough it was.

Yesterday I logged into my checking account and to no surprise, $143.76 was missing and so was $110.85. I immediately called eHarmony with the hope of receiving a refund and when I explained the issue again to the CS agent and mentioned that Chad noted on my account that I was due a refund if the transaction when through. Well, she said the only thing Chad noted on your account was “The customer lacks the fundamental knowledge of how PayPal works…”, when I heard that I was livid and asked to speak to a supervisor immediately.

The supervisor I spoke to was not only rude but extremely condescending. She asked me repeatedly if I had multiple accounts and when I tried my best to assure her that I only had one she said the following “Sir, are you sure you sent us the money?”. After hearing that I figured this is a complete waste of time and hung up the phone. I filed a dispute with PayPal but was told their Buyer Protection plan does not extend to Virtual Services and/or Goods. Nonetheless, PayPal is doing everything they can and they’re the only people I have on my side at the moment.

Attached are photos of proof that the money was not only sent, but taken from my checking account too.

Here’s a screencap from his PayPal account page, clearly showing that two separate transactions were made by eHarmony. (If you’re not familiar with PayPal’s notation, the double-listing for each transaction shows the funds being first transferred into your PayPal account, then paid out to the third party.)

Here’s a screencap from his checking account, showing that yes, they did in fact both go through.

We hope one of David’s 29 dimensions describes his ability to not have a brain aneurysm while dealing with the lies and insults coming from eHarmony’s staff.

(Photo: David Light Orchard)

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