T-Mobile Customers Can Take Advantage Of Cheaper Plans Starting Today

The rumor was true—T-Mobile has started offering cheaper unlimited voice plans to existing customers. Matthew wrote to us, “The TMO loyalty plans are showing up on the site as of today…we just moved to the Unlimited Loyalty Family Plan at $89.99, which is $10 cheaper than the 2000 minute Family Plan we’d been on.”

For solo customers, there’s a $50/mo unlimited voice plan, with an add-on $35/mo “unlimited” data and text plan—here’s the fine print that clarifies their definition of unlimited:

*To provide the best network experience for all of our customers we may temporarily reduce data throughput for a small fraction of customers who use a disproportionate amount of bandwidth. Your data session, plan, or service may be suspended, terminated, or restricted for significant roaming or if you use your service in a way that interferes with our network or ability to provide quality service to other users.

As of now, the discounted voice plans are only being offered to customers who have been with the company for 22 months. (The data plan is for anyone.)

“T-Mobile USA drops unlimited voice plan to $50*” [RCR Wireless]


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  1. nataku8_e30 says:

    Hrmm, it would be nice to be with a company that gives you a better rate the longer you’ve been with them, as apposed to the telecom standard of giving you a worse rate the longer you’ve been with them.

    • Saboth says:


      When my 2 year contract was up with Sprint, they gave me a 10% discount on my plan. A year later, they gave me another 5%.

  2. howie_in_az says:

    Isn’t the “unlimited data” actually limited to 10GB per month before they throttle connections down to 50k/s?

    • Chris Walters says:

      @howie_in_az: Thanks for pointing that out, Howie. I’ve updated the post to provide some of the fine print to the unlimited data plan. They don’t mention a 10GB cap officially but they leave themselves plenty of room to throttle you if they choose.

    • KarmicEvilDucky says:

      @howie_in_az: This is true howie, however, the ONLY way you will ever be throttled is if you tether your 3G phone, G1, to a laptop to use for free internet. This is not a common practice and the average user won’t even come close to using more then 2GB in 1 month let alone 10. BTW, ever phone carrier has data caps on their data plans even when they say its unlimited.

  3. ajlei says:

    I would mention this to my boyfriend, who has T-mobile, but he has a 29.99$ plan that he’s had since around 2001.

    • BuddhaLite says:


      Right but how many minutes is he actually getting for that price? I’m willing to bet it’s not much.

  4. garfield1979 says:

    I checked and my current plan beats out their special offers. I can’t imagine any long term customer taking up their “better” offers unless they really need unlimited.
    Just free publicity.

    • Matthew Tarpy says:

      @garfield1979: I’m the OP, and the rates were truly $10/month less than what we were spending. We were on Family Time Plus (2000 anytime minutes, unlimted N/W), and the Loyalty plan dropped the cost $10 and uncapped the minutes…it really was worth it…and as a M-Th road warrior, unlimited will be quite nice.

      • garfield1979 says:

        @Matthew Tarpy: True i can see that being the case here.
        Us on the other hand. we have Wifi blackberries UMA capable. so we already get unlimited calling there and with hotspots. and since i work from home we can just use a 700 minutes/mo. plan and we’ll be ok. we barely use 1/2 of our minutes. and there was nothing that had less minutes.
        So i guess in a typical situation where you’re going to be EDGE for 60%+ of the time, those deals might be good.

        as an aside. i’ve been a customer for 6 years and one day while on the phone with customer service they gave me 200 minutes free that would cycle from month to month. i told them i didnt need them as we never go out of minutes. but it was a nice gesture.. now a reduction in plan would be much nicer.

  5. sinfuly Delicious says:

    Im confused… I am looking and cannot find this deal. I am curious if they are asking for a 2 year lock in to get this price.

    • garfield1979 says:

      @sinfuly Delicious: no it specifically allows you to take advantage of it without a contract extension.

      have you been a customer for more than 22 months?

      when i logged on to my.tmobile.com it asked if i wanted to take advantage of it

      • sinfuly Delicious says:

        @garfield1979: I been a customer since… 03 i think. was on their 3000 min regional plans at the time.

        Wonder if my employee discount from my job (non tmobile) is whats blocking it.

  6. Marshfield says:

    does this qualify as a “change in terms” that would let me out of a contract?

    • garfield1979 says:

      @Marshfield: Your terms don’t change unless you accept their offer…

    • The Cheat says:

      @Marshfield: TMobile also doesn’t restart your contract if you change your plan like some other (AT&T) carriers do. I have a friend who couldn’t upgrade to an iPhone because she changed phone numbers.

  7. Patrick Mize says:

    I am looking at this but in the end it will not save me any money. I am on the family time basic plan with 9.99 unlimited text messaging. I would like more time but don’t wanna really spend anymore.

  8. Squeezer99 says:

    thats not cheap at all. I wish sprint would bring back the old SERO plans

    • t0ph says:

      @Squeezer99: Even w/o SERO you can do ok. I have the 89.99/m Everything Data 900 plan, plus I got Pick 3 (just like T-Mo’s Fave 5 or something like that). They do not advertise the Pick 3, you have to ask the right dept. Anyway, I also have a 25% discount, so after taxes I am paying $78. In a few months, if I see I am not using many minutes due to the Pick 3 thing, I am def downgrading plans to the 450 min /m. Then I will be at like $60/m. If I go over I can just buy relief minutes, $5 per 100 minutes.

      I am never leaving Sprint.

      Oh, this t-mo plan sounds ok, but $85 with data is not such a bargin

  9. Jonathan Norman says:

    I called for this package today, expecting a one-year contract. The CSR told me that there indeed is no contract. One point of clarification, however … just because it’s “unlimited” data and texts, but that DOES NOT include Blackberry/BES.

  10. jake7294 says:

    I have Cricket. I love it…For $50 I get unlimited calling, data, VM and all the other standard features. I had a Moto Q flashed over from Verizon to Cricket service. I even get national roaming when I travel. Love it!

  11. sinfuly Delicious says:

    Side note… This was hell getting.

    I was told I did not gualify. However I know that I am with the side note that I bet the corp discount from my job was prolly bringing it down. I even told the rep to check on this. She told me that there were “Numerous” factors but did not know them as they were withheld to the marketing team only. I asked to speak to someone that could in deed fill me in on these mystery qualifications.

    A short time later was joined by a sup who again tells me that she did not have the specifics also the FCC law states she cannot tell me why I did not qualify.

    I asked for the law, was told it was on my service agreement. I called her bluff. Telling her if she wanted to blow smoke up my ass at least make it smell better.

    I hang up and called back. I am told I need three things.

    22 mos. (I been since 03)
    in good standing. (account is current)
    a normal consumer account. (getting that removed)

    they got me over to commercial to get that business tag removed. and Ill be calling back to get the loyalty plan.

    • The Cheat says:

      @sinfuly Delicious: That’s odd… I had the same situation but nowhere near the headache you had. I was getting the 10% discount from Freelancer’s Guild or whoever they are. The customer service rep said I didn’t qualify because of that but would have otherwise. He transferred me to Corp accounts and that fellow checked if I could still get the discount and said that wasn’t possible. I asked if I could have the account converted back to personal and when he did that, he transferred me back to the loyalty department. She applied the plan and I was on my way.

      my.tmobile.com updated about 5 minutes later.

      It really depends on who you get because the CSRs seem to educate themselves on new promotions. If your rep isn’t up to date, they’ll act like it doesn’t exist. The guy in Corp had no idea about the plan but he had just gotten to his desk at that point.

  12. Broadcaster says:

    T-mobile’s website pops up an ad for the plan when you log in, but won’t let you use it.. it gives an error msg saying the function isn’t currently available. Also, it won’t even let you change plans.. gives the same error msg.

  13. Broadcaster says:

    It seems the Tmo’s website is losing features by the second.. it’s like “Quick! People noticed we’re offering a deal, disable major functions on the website, stat!”

  14. sinfuly Delicious says:

    UPDATE!! Was able to call back in today. and get the service. As I had explained to the first rep. I had to remove the employee discount and then change me over to the loyalty plan.

    Success! And thanks to those who were not willing to blow me off and able to work with me through this.

    Also I hope they truly to something about the first rep and her buddy buddy sup for trying to play this off as an fcc ploy as to why they cant tell me in the first place.

  15. The Cheat says:

    I am very pleased that this promotion has gone national. I went from a $49.95 state-wide plan with 3000 minutes and no LD to a national plan w/ unlimited local and long distance for no change in fees.

    I’m also going to bring my wife’s number over since it’s $90 for two lines on the same promotion, five bucks extra for 400 messages, and when we port her number, we get a $130 credit!

    Plus I get to talk to Tmobile again, they must spike the water fountains up there in Canada (from the accents), everyone was so impossibly perky. Of the three reps I spoke to (because I had to remove the Freelancer’s Union discount), every single one complimented me on selecting the plan and how cool it was.

  16. crouton976 says:

    So, would I be an evil bastard if I called them and told them that even though my wife and I just signed a contract with them ~1 month ago, we should get the loyalty plan? my argument would be:

    1.) As a new customer, I feel it is disheartening, to say the least, that we are being excluded from this plan because of a time limitation, and it seems that they are showing favoritism to some customers over others thereby inferring that my business is not as good nor is as sought after as their longer running accounts.

    2.) I actually had T-mobile for 2 years until my contract ended in Sept. of 2005. During that time, I had several issues with them which ended up in complaints being filed with the FCC. Needless to say, it took a lot for me to come back (mainly the G1, which both my wife and I have), which shows that I was loyal for the entire duration of my previous contract and was willing to give them another chance to have me as a loyal customer, in spite of the negative things that occurred during my last ordeal.

    • howie_in_az says:

      @crouton976: They’d have no problem charging you more money, I don’t see why you should have a problem with trying to pay less money. The worst they can say is “no”.

  17. fatcop says:

    I’m still sitting with the same 40/month 600min plan I’ve had for 5 years. I use 30 mins a month on average and it’s my only phone. Maybe I’ll downgrade to the 30/month plan.

    I’d go with pre-paid if I could easily port my number.

  18. RStui says:

    IDK about this. I pay about $75/month for two phones with 500 minutes and unlimited in-network calls, plus unlimited texting. I think my Grandfathered plan is better than these.

    Anyone out there a bit more detail-oriented than me want to check it out?

    • tahamaki says:

      @RStui: If the plan you have now is working good for you, stick with it. With unlim sms on two lines it’d be about 110 a month before taxes for the unlimited plan.

      If you notice that your bill is about the same every month, then you’re most likely staying within your allotted minutes.

      (standard disclaimer: I work for T-Mo, but I don’t speak on their behalf)

  19. mtp says:

    I just switched my plan over to it from a MyFaves plan with two lines, it cut my bill down about $20/mo.

    When I talked to the representative she informed me this meant fully unlimited calling with no roaming charges however text messaging and data is extra. The plan starts at about $50 for the initial line and about $40 for each additional line covered under the plan.

  20. darkryd says:

    Are you kidding me?

    I get 1500 minutes and 400 texts for only $50 a month right now.

    $85 for an unlimited plan (not including the extra taxes and fees they always add on) doesn’t sound like much of a deal to me unless you’re spending hours and hours on the phone every day.

  21. Anonymous says:

    We currently have 400 min/month with unlimited nights/weekend and unlimited family talk and unlimited texts and 4 lines for about $100. We have never exceeded our minutes.

    If I understand this loyalty plan we would get unlimited minutes but our bill would go up to $190. Not worth it for us.

  22. fencepost says:

    I’m probably going to switch over to this – my wife and I are on an $80/month 1200 minute Friends & Family promo plan, plus I have an earlier revision of their $10/month free hotspot calling addon, so for $90/month we have 1200 + UMA. Might as well drop the hotspot calling & just have unlimited minutes.

    I haven’t dropped the “Talk Forever Mobile” plan yet because without it we’d be way over – I’m using 800+ minutes a month on it, but with unlimited calling I can still use it for better reception.

  23. odd_ferret says:

    I just logged into t-mobile and saw that I have been one of the selected. The only thing is I pay less now with my current plan than I would on this new plan that is basically identical. The only difference is I have 400 messages instead of unlimited because I don’t text message all the time.

    I’ll keep my $10 cheaper plan, thank you very much.

  24. Joshua Perry says:

    How can anyone complain about unlimited calling in the US, Puerto Rico, and the US Virgin Islands for 49.99/month for a single line or 89.98 for two lines. Verizon and Att charge 100/month for one line of calling.
    The reason reps are more cheery is simple, they work for you. Rather than having customers threaten to cancel before they get savings, reps are encouraged to proactively save people money.

  25. Chris Walters says:

    @howie_in_az: lol, or introduce a 2 second delay to all calls