J.Crew CEO Gives Man 30 Shoes Because They Lied To Him

Paul now has 30 free pairs of sneakers from J.Crew for calling them out on some bullshit.

It started off with me shopping in a store in NJ. I really liked the sneaker there but the store was closing and I had to head back to Brooklyn. The sales associate told me to just go online and id be able to get the shoes for same price via website. They were 50% off in store, plus I had 15 % student discount. I call J.Crew online, and the sales person is super nice. She places me on hold to confirm with store the price.

She tells me that she spoke to the manager and that the shoes were never 50% off. I asked who she spoke to. Hang up and call store myself. Turns out there’s no manager in there by the name I was given

I call back J.Crew. I am told salesperson who i was working with left for the day, only to then find out she’s actually still in. Basically lied to non-stop.

I call CEO. His assistant takes care of me. I have 30 new pairs of sneakers now.

Awesomness defined.


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  1. Oranges w/ Cheese says:

    I’d much rather have a gift cert.. I can’t really do anything with 30 pairs of shoes. And I’m a woman.

  2. nagumi says:

    I use 30 pairs of shoes over an average of about 10-20 years, optimistically.

  3. ScottRose says:

    That’s a bizarre consolation prize.

    I mean, a gift card: great.

    30 pairs of shoes: uh, so now I have to make 29 eBay listings?

  4. chipslave says:

    So thats why the rest of us pay so much for stuff in J Crew stores!

  5. WiglyWorm must cease and decist says:

    Well, dude’s not gonna be hurting for shoes any time soon. Honestly, I say Kudos. It’s unusual, but it just adds to the charm.

  6. hypnotik_jello says:

    Who’s the dude in the picture?

  7. Michael Belisle says:

    This is an awesomely concise letter. I just had to point that out.

  8. MostlyHarmless says:

    Sounds like a rather Passive-Aggressive gesture to me. “Fine you can have your shoe. Infact you know what, have 30 of them. Free. Nothings wrong. I’m Fine.”

    • qcgallus says:

      @Lucifer_Cat: I thought the same thing when I read that. Then I realized I’m laughing all the way to my gleaming closet full of 30 new shoes, and their accountant is grimacing his/her way through writing off 30 pairs of shoes.

      I could wear a different pair every day for a month. I don’t even have the closet space for that many shoes. Hell, I have 3 pairs, and one is collapsible (my converse high tops that are about 8 years old).

  9. polyeaster says:

    i would love 30 pairs of shoes…even if i didnt need them, all, I could trade for shoes I did want:)

  10. Oranges w/ Cheese says:

    @cabjf: Eh, true if you wanted to buy them all at once. But seriously… cash equivalent, anyone?

  11. sebadoh128 says:

    All the guy needs in this picture is a blindfold and a cigarette. Damn dude, you just got 30 pairs of free shoes, lighten up.

  12. Hoss says:

    Send them to Octomom — in a few years the tribe will be well coordinated

  13. joe18521 says:

    I just hope he didn’t get 30 pairs of the same shoes.

  14. Sunny Yeung says:

    I hope those 30 shoes were (to some extent) at the expense of the lying salesperson, manager, and anybody else who caused this fiasco.

  15. Borax-Johnson says:

    Kim Jung-Il

  16. samurailynn says:

    I only wear out a pair of shoes every 3-5 years (depending on how well made they are). Assuming these shoes last 3 years, I would have 300 years worth of the same shoe to wear. I guess I better get started figuring out how to stop aging.

    • samurailynn says:

      @samurailynn: Oh wow… I got distracted while typing… 90 years worth of shoe wearing, not 300… still, I’m not sure that I have 90 years left.

  17. jake7294 says:

    I call CEO. Takes care of me. Happy. Write to Consumerist. Like short sentences.

    • valarmorghulis says:

      @jake7294: Three words max. Makes good reading. All submissions like this. wait…shit!

      • pecan 3.14159265 says:

        @valarmorghulis: I wanted shoes. Shoes wanted me. Salesperson was mean. Manager was nonexistent. Then everyone lied. The CEO helped. FedEx delivers sneakers.

        I feel like this could almost be a perfect haiku situation.

        • Phil Keeps It Real [Consumerist] says:

          I h8 myself
          Shoes h8 me
          jcrew I h8
          30 shoes h8
          Consumerist H8 H8

  18. Tank says:

    that would be 60 shoes – 30 pairs = 60. just sayin.

  19. kwsventures says:

    Obama, you said there would be no earmarks in your administration. Yeah, liar, you owe me 30 shoes.

  20. Chris Miller says:

    Is anyone going to explain how this guy just rang up the C.E.O. of Jcrew? That seems like a relevant detail.

  21. MyPetFly says:

    eBay… or the trunk of his car. New Jersey sounds good for that. ; )

  22. 89macrunner says:

    I have met him myself. Extremely nice guy.

  23. Bathmat says:

    What an awesome opportunity to do the thing where you give to people who have shoes.


  24. savdavid says:

    They owe him an apology, too. Each person he talked to and came into contact should have to give him THEIR shoes, too.

  25. Corporate-Shill says:

    Something smells.

    Can we see the 30 pairs of shoes for proof?

  26. f3rg says:

    Great service from the CEO. I just hope the slimeball salesperson is let go.

  27. magnoliasouth says:

    Yay for Paul! I find it despicable that they lie just to get out of things promised. Don’t even ask me to relay my Mediacom story. It’s not a pretty one.

    I’m really happy for Paul and that someone did nice for him. Somehow, I wonder if the people he spoke to still have jobs. I’m betting the answer is no.

  28. ExtraCelestial says:

    I’ve been shopping at J. Crew since I was in 6th grade (I’m 23 now) and I’ve yet to have a single unpleasant experience. They’ve changed a bit over the years, but I feel like they’re never alienated their core. I can still go in and find a great pair of chinos and cotton tees except now I can also get cute trendy or dressy pieces (gap take note!). And I have all of the tees I wore in middle and highschool still as vibrantly colored as they were back then. My favorite pair of jeans are a pair of boyfriend jeans I bought in 11th grade that I’ve worn at least twice every month since. I’ve spent hundreds of dollars on the most expensive designer jeans and the quality has never come close to theirs. I’ve been to locations all over the NE and their sales people are great with helping you out even when they’re hella busy. My two staple locations even know me by name! I could go on… I have nothing but love for that company. Glad it all worked out.

  29. Quilt says:

    A different pair for every day of the month. Sweetness!

  30. PLATTWORX says:

    Why on Earth would they give someone 30 pairs of shoes?? How about a $250 gift card which would have cost them much less and been much more useful. Not sure I call this “success”.

  31. LordofBacon says:

    What the hell?! Seems like there’s a whole lot missing from this story. How the guy went from trying to get a 50 percent discount to getting 30 pairs of shoes…that’s the missing part.

    Usually consumerist posts are rather more verbose than they need to be…but this one is just lacking in important detail.

  32. frodolives35 says:

    I bet they are returns. Stinky used fungusy returns or ugly unsellable lime green crappy shoes. Dude buy some lysol.

  33. WorldHarmony says:

    That’s a silly consolation response. A non-expiring gift card for the value of 30 pairs of shoes would have been better. By the way, the headline says 30 shoes (15 pairs).

  34. hamsangwich says:

    JCrew has great customer service, I am surprised you got the run around like that, but at least you got results. I remember about 5 years ago my wife and I were heading to a wedding, she was a bridesmaid and the dresses were all JCrew dresses. As we were leaving for the wedding (day before the wedding) she tries on the dress and finds that the hangar had left marks on the dress. We couldn’t get them off. She was so upset I called up JCrew to see if we could get another. We were going to ask for a discount, but not free. The dress was discontinued. The customer service rep called their warehouse and had them search for it, they called me back 15 minutes later asked for our hotel address and sent the dress fedex saturday delivery, no charges at all. I will forever patronize JCrew for that one instance of outstanding service.

  35. Sockatume says:

    Shouldn’t that be 60 shoes? If it’s 30 pairs.

  36. Paul Abrahamian says:

    Hey Im the Paul who received the free shoes. Just to get facts straight. I called them trying to oder as many pairs as possible in a size 10 because the shoes are really great and priced amazingly (on sale), That is the reason I got 30 pair.

    After the incident, i felt wronged. There was a sour taste in my mouth. I have been shopping at JCrew ever since I was a kid. I was furious like heat of passion.
    So I looked up the company ceo , found the corporate line and called. That simple. I must say that they were BEYOND nice to me. It was like their world stopped and they were only concerned with me. Danielle at Mr Drexlers office was amazing and so was Christa in Lynchburg. Reminder I am still waiting back for word on the gift card that was mentioned.

    So lesson Learned -> J Crew Actually Gives a Shit about their Customers, Bravo!!

  37. Paul Abrahamian says:

    Wow! A bit overwhelmed. I have received a few dozen messages on facebook !

    Ok so YES they are ALL THE SAME STYLE OF SHOE!! Call me a true consumerist but I like my sneaks to be fresh and clean. The night in store in NJ i purchased 4 pairs in Ivory and I have only 1 “fresh” pair left. :(

    The total discounted price of the shoe at the store worked out to be $8 and change. There are people who smoke a pack a day ( $9 bucks at the bodega ) , what is so wrong with an addiction to fresh sneaks!

    So the real # of shoes works out to be 28 – 22 Red, 2 Ivory , 3 Green and 1 Navy

    Yes I know thats a lot of red shoes. I have already given away a few pairs to friends

    Also I had a few questions as to why I decided to call office of CEO. The answer is simple. I have been shopping at J Crew since I can remember looking in a mirror.
    I have had nothing but great purchases and good things to say about the company.
    However the incident that took place made me furious , livid to say the least. I felt deceived. To sum up how i felt , If J Crew Was a person Id really want to kick him in the balls…..
    This angst was the catalyst to my call and I was delighted that they were so supportive and prompt in addressing the issue.

    Will I continue to shop at J Crew? Yes. I don’t hate the company. They have the best and longest lasting boxers! I am however angry at the lazy lying phone sales associates. And if either of you two are reading this , pick up the book How to Make Friends and Influence people, it might teach you a thing or two.

  38. BillyDee_CT says:

    I would be happy with that many shoes assuming I burn through shoes the way I do. You have to look at it that they actually did something for Paul. Too many companies would simply try to blow smoke up your arse. While maybe not the ideal way to resolve it they did in a manner that benefitted the customer.

  39. Stream Of Consciousness says:

    Wow…that is pretty badass. Talk about rectifying the situation.