Circuit City Basically Totally Done By March 8th

Looks like March 8th will be the last day on earth for many Circuit City stores. A reader saw a sign in a liquidated Circuit City that said the final day would be March 8th. Also, an insider saw a memo that indicated the “bulk” of the stores, 500 or so, would be closed on March 8th. The memo said stores are closing so early because “sales are ahead of schedule.” At this point in the liquidation cycle, “It looks like whatever hasn’t been picked through is starting to be actually decent prices” writes reader Will. “I scored an XM radio unit for 85 vs. about 110-130 on the net, and a Harmony One remote for 125 vs. 170 on the net.” However, he noted, “TV prices were still not cheaper than the internet.” So, it’s now safe to shop at Circuit City, just make sure to bring your internet price-checking devices.

(Photo: j.buck)


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  1. cynical_bastard says:

    This makes me happy.

    • cynical_bastard says:

      @cynical_bastard: Let me just clarify I’m not cool with the non management employees losing their jobs.

      Circuit City’s upper management can fornicate themselves with a traffic cone.

      • trujunglist says:


        It’s the non-management employees that sucked it up the most for me. Talk about incompetent. Then the manager came into the picture and solidified the deal. The employees started it though, so I blame them for their general stupidity.

  2. jehurey says:

    I went there this past saturday, and it seems that they had sold a great deal of their inventory.

    They even had a sign at the front of the entrance that advertised the Shelves and tables, carts, and display cases as being for sale.

    They are, literally, trying to sell everything in the store.

    • VeeKaChu says:

      @jehurey: My local store in IL was the same; very little salable merch, but packed nonetheless.

    • JayDeEm says:

      @jehurey: Many of the Phoenix area stores were at this point about 2 months ago. I have actually been surprised to see that this ‘sale’ has been going on this long in other areas. Then again, it could also be that shoppers are just a bit more savvy in some areas than others.

      • Rob Boylson says:

        @JayDeEm: I believe the Pheonix area stores bagan liquidating during the first wave of closings. That wave also took down my store.

    • ludwigk says:

      @jehurey: Have you never been to a store closing before? They always sell the fixtures and shelving when they’re done. What else are they going to do with it? Ship it back to… oh wait, no corporate warehouse.

      It’s a good time for small business and mom/pop stores to grab some extra (albeit beat to hell and back) fixtures for less than ridiculous prices. The stuff is mind-bendingly expensive when its new.

      • Spaztrick says:

        @ludwigk: There is (was) a Circuit City near me that was just opened less than a year ago. One of the local cell phone stores went in and bought the majority of the brand new displays that barely had a scratch on them.
        One of the other local CC’s people were actually comparing prices online via their phones. I saw a lot of people just put stuff back because Amazon and the like had it cheaper.
        But come on, LEGO Indy & Batman for $7 each… sold.

  3. Cornelius047 says:

    I thought Sirius XM was in danger of filing for bankruptcy…

    • Islandkiwi says:

      @Cornelius047: They paid their debts for now. The company makes money, it just has a lot of debt as a result of startup costs. Satellites ain’t cheap.

    • Jason R says:

      @Cornelius047: I bought a new satellite radio, too, to replace my older one. Only problem is each of the CC’s have been out of the additional car kits. I might buy a few of the entry level tuners at higher discount just for the car kits :)

  4. Nick1693 says:

    Anyone with a T-Mobile G1 is lucky to have the ability to check prices just by scanning the barcode. Too bad they have T-Mobile, though. =)

  5. Islandkiwi says:

    I got a camera 80 dollars cheaper than on Amazon, and I’m keeping an eye on a plasma tv. The stores are highly picked over, but some high-end items are still there. Just make sure you price off of amazon or best buy while you’re in the store, and test it before you leave.

    • Islandkiwi says:

      @Islandkiwi: Went by today and the store is empty. Don’t buy sdhc crds from there, they have sandisk extreme III 4gb cards listed at 100 dollars, then 40% off. You can get these on Amazon right now for 20 dollars.


  6. legwork says:

    My 1994 TV, bought at CC on a price match of Whole Earth across the street, is weeping.

    Ah, the good old days.

  7. Mr-Mr says:

    Shopping cars. What am I going to do with that? the should’ve included a shopping cart in each employees severance paycheck.

    • lockdog says:

      @Mr-Mr: Often the shopping carts, Point of Sales systems and security cameras are actually rented, and so you usually don’t see these items up for sale in a liquidation. You can get great deals on the stock carts, flat bed carts, dollies and other things that typically are several hundred dollars each to purchase new. Same goes for fixtures such as shelving and pallet racks. I’m hoping to get a good deal on a spare pallet jack for our warehouse.

    • trujunglist says:


      It doubles as a carry all and place to live after you can’t pay rent anymore!

  8. Outrun1986 says:

    Heh, I will actually be near a CC on March 8th, so I will check it out if they haven’t already closed. I will be careful to check my merchandise before leaving though, or buy something that is not breakable or that can be seen through the packaging.

    • joe18521 says:


      The last point is right on. The only thing I could bring myself to buy from CompUSA before they closed was a rubber iPod touch case, which met both criteria and is still functioning like new. :)

      • Outrun1986 says:

        @joe18521: Yeah accessories are good items to purchase at these sales, especially if they are heavy to ship and in large packaging. Things like cases and skins don’t usually break.

    • Employees Must Wash Hands says:


      The CC I went to last week had a table equipped with power strips at the front of the store. They had some signs up encouraging people to test their purchases there.

      Seconding the recommendation on checking Amazon, etc. I saw a webcam whose price tag said $46.99, sitting in the 50% off section. Checked Amazon, and discovered it’s on sale there for $22.

      I realized something was up when I noticed the liquidators walking around with price guns. I never saw any products at a pre-liquidation Circuit City with price tags directly on the item, only on the shelf, so it was a dead giveaway that the “original” price tags are BS.

  9. sir_eccles says:

    Clever. By closing on that day they won’t have to reset the clocks on all the unsold video recorders.

  10. Amarain824 says:

    I was at a CC yesterday, it was a mob scene. There was also evidence that Fool’s Gold was actually a horrible movie, why, because even for 5 dollars, they still had about a hundred of them sitting around.

  11. valthun says:

    got Fable 2 for 30 bucks, normally 60 from there, the little stuff had good prices overall. Its the big ticket items to stay away from.

  12. lordargent says:

    I went to look for another guitar hero controller for my xbox 360. (Circuit city had been selling them for $20 prior to the liquidation).

    I found three of them,

    For $16

    For the PS3 :(


    • ludwigk says:

      @lordargent: Wired or wireless? They were selling the wired ones for $10 before the clearance started. I picked one up in a bundle so I could get the GH II + wired guitar kit for $5, $15 total.

  13. UnicornMaster says:

    give me a call when the $2000 TVs are $400.

  14. David Smith says:

    I stopped by the CC in bedford park, il 2 weeks ago and i was able to score an elite for 299.99 and 3 wireless controllers (First Party) for 30.00 each. 1600 point cards for 11. 3 first party play n charge kits for 10.00. TMNT movie trilogy for $10 and some other dvd’s. i think i made out. they had a good selection of video games left, but when i went back the next day all the good games were gone, just copies of Pokemon ranger.

  15. CSUSam says:

    Yep, it’s true. Our store is colsing on the 8th. Prices are dropping everyday starting on Thursday, so if you can somehow hide something that is still there, then I would do so now.

  16. Anonymous says:

    About two weeks ago I bought a 37inch Samsung 720p LCD at a liquidating Circuit City for cheaper than I could find online. I knew I was taking a risk because I wouldn’t be able to return it if there was anything wrong with the unit. But that’s why I purchased it with a credit card for the buyer protection and warranty extension. With taxes included it was $10 cheaper than Amazon and about $200 cheaper than a comparable model at a Best Buy down the street. I also checkout some other online retailers with my iPhone while trying to decide if I wanted the TV, and while I can’t remember their prices, I still felt like I was getting a deal.

  17. joshua70448 says:

    My local CC closed a few weeks ago. I went by a week before it closed for good and it was pretty picked clean, even though the discounts never got below 40%. Guess there’s a lot of suckers around here.

  18. TVGenius says:

    Ours went three weeks ago. I got a bunch of Blu-rays for half off. Never went back after that. I saw one of the Phoenix ones the day before it closed and it looked like a Circuit City in Moscow the day after the Soviet Union fell.

  19. Nicole Glynn says:

    I got a $280 digital camera for $150 bucks the other day in Manchester, NH and last week scored a nice metal/class five-shelf entertainment center for 10 bucks. I was hoping for a small flat-screen television but as of yesterday all they had were like, 40″ and up. *shrug*

  20. drjayphd says:

    The cables and such that they’ve used (as opposed to new) have generally been reasonably-priced ($8 for a power strip), except at the closest Circuit City. Grabbed a coaxial cable, fairly long 1/8″ stereo cable, and short USB extension cable… then walked out in disgust when told they were $20 total. I wasn’t the first to leave shaking my head at the register, too; someone in front of me did the same when told a wireless mouse that may not have been complete was $18.

    Oh, and none of the items in question had any prices listed; we were at the mercy of a handful of lists one very slowly-working cashier had at the register. Methinks that whoever’s managing this location’s liquidation should have, ya know… put prices on merchandise on the sales floor?

    • Sifon says:

      @drjayphd: As someone who has closed a Circuit City store, trust me, our last concern is pricing things. Number one, the prices are set by the liquidator and as such are the liquidator’s responsibility to get onto the floor. That being said, our particular liquidator didn’t have prices for things half the time and the times he did have prices, it was a sheet without pictures that were damn near impossible to identify. Number two, prices change so often it’s honestly better to just let the consumer shop around, see something they want, and walk up to the register for a price check and make a decision from there. And when the fixture sale actually starts, the week after store closings, we were pretty much just allowed to make up our prices so long as they sounded reasonable. I’d recommend stopping in after the store closes officially and see what they’ve got lying around.

      And the number three reason Circuit City employees aren’t pricing things: WE DON’T CARE ANYMORE. After having our workplace picked over by vultures that about prices constantly and blame US, trust me, all Circuit employees could give a rat’s ass what you think.

  21. Justin Hysler says:

    I worked for a CCity here in Nashville, all of our stores ended up closing on Feb 16th. The only good deals were on consoles and software. I remember getting out last truck of inventory with $199 Wiis, $130 360s, and $230 360 Pros. Myself, I picked up a PS3 for $240. :)

  22. Lcstyle says:

    good riddance.
    we should let the rest of these hyper inflated finance and credit card aided companies go under, like GM and the rest of them. Don’t get my started. If I were the man I was 10 years ago, I’d take a flamethrower to this place.

  23. Jeff McRae says:

    I was at the Circuit City in Salem, NH 2 weekends ago and I can’t see how they could have enough inventory to stay open even until today. There was hardly anything left then, and what was left was still there for a reason.

  24. admiral_stabbin says:

    I guess I can stop hoping they open a store in my area? ;-)

    • Jason R says:

      @admiral_stabbin: I did read about a store employee stating their store opened the day of the announcement of the closings. Pretty funny.

      Maybe the liquidators could start a store of their own.

  25. pnkseashel says:

    I went in today to buy an external harddrive, which was labeled 40% off. I pulled out y phone and looked up the price at walmart, which, at full price, was $5 cheaper than the CC marked down price.

    What idiots are buying this stuff?

  26. kcvaliant says:

    There are four movies..

  27. kcvaliant says:

    TMNT 1
    TMNT 2 ooze
    TMNT 3 back in time
    TMNT cgi one