Circuit City Basically Totally Done By March 8th

Looks like March 8th will be the last day on earth for many Circuit City stores. A reader saw a sign in a liquidated Circuit City that said the final day would be March 8th. Also, an insider saw a memo that indicated the “bulk” of the stores, 500 or so, would be closed on March 8th. The memo said stores are closing so early because “sales are ahead of schedule.” At this point in the liquidation cycle, “It looks like whatever hasn’t been picked through is starting to be actually decent prices” writes reader Will. “I scored an XM radio unit for 85 vs. about 110-130 on the net, and a Harmony One remote for 125 vs. 170 on the net.” However, he noted, “TV prices were still not cheaper than the internet.” So, it’s now safe to shop at Circuit City, just make sure to bring your internet price-checking devices.

(Photo: j.buck)

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