Tainted Peanut Butter Problems Will Go On For Some While, Says FDA

Our sister blog at ConsumerReports.org notes that “current salmonella outbreak caused by tainted peanuts could drag on for as long as two years,” according to the FDA. The Peanut Corp of America may be history, but because peanut butter has such a long shelf life, and because they’re still adding products to the recall list, there may be food items lurking in pantries across the U.S. that are loaded with disease-causing peanuty badness.

Our advice: mark some dates on your calendar—like say in June and sometime next fall—where you revisit this list and make sure there’s nothing new to get rid of.

Peanut Butter and other Peanut Containing Products Recall List [FDA]

Or as ConsumerReports.org puts it, “When in doubt, throw it out.”

“Salmonella update: ‘This is not over yet'”

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