NY AG To Find Out Who Got The Merrill Bonus Money "By Whatever Means Is Necessary"

The NY AG has served Bank of America with a subpoena after they refused to release the names of the individuals who received over $3 billion in bonuses while Merrill Lynch was hemorrhaging money.

“Bank of America has made the decision they don’t want to turn that information over to us and we, therefore, tonight served Bank of America with a subpoena to turn over that information,” said Special Assistant to the New York Attorney General Benjamin Lawsky Thursday evening, “and we intend to get that by whatever means is necessary going forward.”

Ken Lewis, CEO of Bank of America, told the media that he was fully cooperative when he met with the NY AG, but ABC News says that New York officials are telling a different story.

New York officials told ABC News the session with Lewis was ugly and combative. They accused Lewis and the bank of stonewalling, saying they refused to provide a list of which executives got what of the billions in bonuses.

ABCNews also took an opportunity to make fun of Lewis’ mode of transportation — a $50 million private jet. Hey, lighten up, maybe he bought it off Starbucks used.

Stonewalling in Style: Bank of America Subpoenaed [ABCNews]

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