Kellogg's Brand Reputation Takes A Hit After Dumping Phelps?

Supposedly, Kellogg’s “brand reputation” is in the gutter after canning Phelps over the pot photo, slipping from #9 to #83 in a list of 5,600 companies. We’d believe it more if this “reputation index” chart from Vanno, a brand index company, didn’t look like someone was given PowerPoint and 3 minutes and told to produce some convincing evidence for a press release.

I’ve never heard of Vanno before today, but apparently they’ve heard of us. At least two of their front page topics reference Consumerist posts—so I take back any snark about that graphic! They are awesome! Do you agree? YES or NO.

“Dumping Phelps Over Bong Rip Damages Kellogg’s Brand Reputation” [Business Insider] [via Towleroad]

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