Crazed Pizza Hut Delivery Guy Drives Onto Your Lawn, Tries To Fight You, Leaves With Food

Eugene and his wife Julie tried to order some pasta from Pizza Hut the other night. What they got instead was a turfed lawn and an invitation to a fist fight from the very angry delivery guy.

The problems started with the phone order. The couple had a partially used gift card (they’d used it previously with no problems), and the person taking the order couldn’t copy down the gift and debit card numbers correctly. She also decided “Eugene” was spelled “Andre,” it turned out.

When the delivery guy showed up, he drove up onto the lawn. Apparently he was expecting a driveway, and he found one where no one else thought to look. Eugene came out and called him an idiot, and you do not call this guy an idiot after he drives up over your lawn. He will call you a “fat ****.”

After getting him (somewhat) calmed down, I took a look at the bill I was to sign to complete the transaction. To my dismay, the people at the store failed to credit the gift certificate to the order. Not knowing if they had charged the nominal amount to the gift card that we intended to use, I told him that I could not sign the receipt because I may have been overcharged if they did, in fact, charge the amount on the gift card. The man then stormed back to his car with the food that we had ordered. His “(non food) Delivery of Terror” came to an end when he floored his loud truck in reverse to the already damaged lawn purposely looking to wreak more havoc to the distressed turf.

Eugene called to complain and Pizza Hut has offered him a free meal, which he hasn’t yet taken them up on, probably because he needs to re-seed his driveway first.

“The Pizza Hut Delivery From Hell” [Cleveland Leader]
(Photos: elliottcable and The County Clerk)


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  1. nbs2 says:

    First Dunkin and now Pizza Hut…if we can’t trust our chains to create emotionless automatons, who can we trust?

  2. JulesNoctambule says:

    Sounds like someone who can control themselves and act in a professional manner needs that job more than Angry McLawnflattener does.

  3. catnapped says:

    Serves you right for not having a driveway! And how DARE you use a gift card! LOSER!!!!!

    (just saving the “blame the victim” folks some time)

  4. hills says:

    So did they find out if the gift card was used up, or not?

  5. MercyEleusis says:

    I’d definitely try to get the delivery guy fired. That job should go to a competent person instead, because it seems he didn’t really “need” his job based on the way he acted.

    • ChrisNF says:

      @MercyEleusis: Forget getting him fired — in the overly litigious USA, this seems like a clear case where you sue this guy and Pizza Hut for damage to the lawn, emotional trauma, etc. I think $20 million should do it.

    • Joeb5 says:


      The pizza guys have to PAY FOR ALL car costs and some only make SUB MIN wage + a very small per run fee. The guy likely was Pissed off that he wasted his time and gas for $0.

      • Shrew2u says:

        @Joeb5: Wouldn’t the proper target of the driver’s ire in this case be a) the employer who sets his wage rate and b) the idiot order-taker who fouled up the payment?

        Mind you, getting pissed because he has wasted his time/gas on a messed up order is natural – we all have things happen at work that tick us off. Taking it to the level of a legally-actionable response? DUMB. He’ll be lucky to escape having to pay some/all of the reseeding of the lawn, and unless he’s related to the franchise owner, he should be looking for a new job already.

      • StreamOfConsciousness says:

        @Joeb5: Well maybe he should find a new occupation huh?

      • Anonymous says:

        @Joeb5: Having worked for a Pizza Hut as a delivery driver, I can say, at least in my case, this is not true. I did work as a cook/delivery driver, which may change the situation, but I was paid minimum AND was given $.75 per delivery by the store, on top of whatever I may be tipped by the customer. Maybe it is different in more urban areas.

        Either way, this guy is stupid. Customer Service obviously isn’t on the top of this store’s list.

    • Murph1908 says:

      I certainly would NOT try to get him fired. If he’s going to mess up my lawn for what happened on the delivery, I’d hate to see what he might do if he got fired a couple of days later.

      I’d simply quit ordering from Pizza Hut. A few month down the line, if I was craving a Hut fix, I’d call and find out if he was still working there.

  6. Ayle says:

    That made me think, I just saw a Jimmy John’s delivery driver driving a BMW Z4… Aren’t delivery drivers supposed to have crappy wages?

    • Dave says:

      @Ayle: Well, your JJ’s will definitely arrive freaky fast in that car. I’m not one to complain. :)

    • dakotad555 says:


      It was probably a mortgage broker who can’t let go of his old ride.

      • theczardictates says:

        @dakotad555: Reminds me of the joke that circulated when the first Internet bubble popped:

        Q: How do you get a dot-com CEO off of your porch?
        A: Tip him for the pizza

    • Eyebrows McGee (now with double the baby!) says:

      @Ayle: We had a neighbor who was a disbarred lawyer who delivered pizzas in a ridiculous sports car a while back.

    • XTC46 says:

      @Ayle: Are you kidding? I know guys in my area that bring in 200-300 a night delivering pizzas on the weekends, and usually not less than 100 on week nights. say 150 a night on average, 5 nights a week, thats 39k a year plus the 7.25/hr they make (another 15k) + incentives for using your car that some of the drivers get from the companies. Thats almost 45k a year. This was when I was in high school, and considering the bulk of it was in cash, they didnt pay taxes on about 3/4 of it.

      Granted, I live in an area that was covered in both a military base as well as some very expensive neighborhoods, both of which tip well.

      • Superawesomerad says:

        @xtc46: I assume this is not counting gas and the frequent maintenance you’ll have to get done as a result of putting 100 miles or more on your car every day.

      • Brunette Bookworm says:

        @xtc46: I delivered pizza in high school just a couple nights a weekend and got a good deal in tips. I made minimum wage plus my tips and 4% in sales for car expenses. You can make decent money if you deliver to areas that actually tip you. Some people are jerks about only giving you a dollar or two on a huge order but most people tip decently. The place I worked didn’t charge delivery, either, so there wasn’t an excuse for not tipping.

      • mzs says:

        @xtc46: Expensive neighborhoods do not tip well, stoned twenty somethings do. Also the crappier your car, the better your tip. These are the two axioms of the pie runner.

    • edwardso says:

      @Ayle: It’s a pretty common side job for people to have. I’d consider it if my sense of direction was decent

    • TechnoDestructo says:


      Used BMWs aren’t really very expensive. A Z4 can be had for the price of a new Civic.

    • theblackdog says:

      @Ayle: Perhaps the Z4 was a birthday gift from daddy?

  7. Maglet says:

    Eff a free meal. Pizza Hut should offer that customer some lawn services! I know what it’s like to have your lawn coming in just like you want it… all green and even. Then have someone (*cough*Verizon*cough*)rip it up. Bah.

    Damn Pizza Hut and their deranged delivery guy of doom!

    • heltoupee says:

      @Maglet: My front yard is much higher than the road, so it is ‘protected’ by a knee-high 6-inch-thick concrete retaining wall. Bring it!

      The guys that redid our roof took a shot at it, and failed. Managed to flatten my gutter, though…

  8. humphrmi says:

    Oh the stories I could tell about my younger days as a Domino’s Pizza manager. This is nothing. For instance, I once had a customer call me and say “I’m standing by my kitchen window, and I can see your delivery driver peeing on my house right now.”

    In almost all cases, the best I could offer was a free pizza, or if someone wanted to make a formal complaint, the number for our corporate office.

    Oh yeah, the peeing driver fessed up, got fired, and never worked for Domino’s again.

  9. Yossarian says:

    At least the driver didn’t pistol whip him.

  10. dakotad555 says:

    I delivered pizza for Pizza Hut for about 3 years during college and can verify that some of the drivers are real whack jobs. One guy got fired for cursing a lady out in Polish. Turns out spoke polish too and called into tell our manager exactly what he had said. It was funny because the driver was so mad when he got back that he went berzerk when the manager confronted him.

    Then there was the guy who liked to pea down the drain the kitchen…

  11. shmianco says:

    i dont blame the driver at all. people who order pasta from pizza hut deserve a good whoopin’!

    • SJActress says:


      So have you received your whoopin’ yet? You’ve obviously ordered it before, or you’d have no basis for your opinion, and that would make you pretty stupid.

      • Murph1908 says:


        I am guessing the latter.

        And I’ll take my whoopin whenever shmianco is willing to come and administer it. The Alfredo chicken pasta is rather tasty.

  12. WorldHarmony says:

    Wow- this is not the first crazy Pizza Hut delivery story I’ve heard from Cleveland! A friend told me about an incorrect order that almost escalated into fisticuffs. Geez.

  13. jozhua says:

    One good thing about the chain pizza places these days is the online ordering system. Not sure if he could’ve used it in this scenario but it really is great to be able to lay out exactly what you want and how you want it. Def helps a lot with complex pizza orders and there’s also no way in hell they could get your name wrong.

  14. samchristian says:

    Serves the customer right. He shouldn’t have called the driver an idiot! :)

  15. kidnextdoor says:

    eh, if there was real damage on his yard, there would’ve been a picture included in the story…

  16. Corporate-Shill says:

    If you are going to complain about a driver it really helps if you have a police report, photos and/or video to go along with the complaint.

    For instance, I was able to call one of the national pizza delivery chains and inform corporate that one of their drivers would be late delivering pizzas as the driver had wedged his car under the rear of a stopped school bus.

    I guess them big blinking lights didn’t mean anything to young punk pizza driver.

    The best part of my conversation was when I asked Corporate if I should call the local TV station or the Newspaper with my photographs and eyewitness statement.

    Yes, I was offered $ to NOT share my photos and comments with others.

    Unfortunately my camera was out of film and I didn’t actually witness the event, but hey it did sound good for a couple minutes.

  17. the_gank says:

    My guess is Eugene didn’t read the EULA: every home delivery orders must have a driveway…

    Are you sure the free meal won’t cost some more turf damage that the previous damages?

  18. WendyTestaburger says:

    this is almost as bad as the time i ordered from pizza hut, i was sitting in my porch when i saw this car pull up then rear end my dad’s van (really bad) then drove off
    after running after the car i smelled pizza, im no sherlock, but i knew it had to be the pizza guy. i called pizza hut, they made the driver go back, we got free pizza and the young guy paid for the damages. sheesh!

  19. youbastid says:

    So why didn’t he call the police re: destruction of personal property? Another side to this story he’s not telling us, perhaps?

  20. bohemian says:

    Sometimes making your own food is easier than dealing with crazy or sub standard employees at some businesses. I throw together baked pasta on nights I feel lazy. With the right ingredients on hand it isn’t much effort and probably cheaper than Pizza Hut. I think I would have quit at the point of dealing with someone who can’t write down an order correctly on multiple attempts.

    IIRC Pizza Hut is franchise owned. Some of the small towns in SD, MN & IA have some scaaarrrry Pizza Huts with equally horrible food. If the Pizza Hut has not been remodeled since the 70’s and is in the middle of nowhere move on.

    • Collie says:

      @bohemian: What the hell does that have to do with the story. Some of us don’t have the time to roll out some pizza dough and whip up some sauce. When I get home from work, clean up the house, play with the kid, I just want to pick up the phone and have the pizza guy bring me a little slice of joy.

      It’s probably cheaper to perform emergency surgery yourself to, but I would prefer to pay someone to save me the time. That is the reason for restaurants in the first place, not to find a hamburger or pizza cheaper, but so we don;t have to spend our time doing it. But thank you for advice.

    • heltoupee says:

      @bohemian: A few Pizza Hut stores are franchise-owned. The rest are owned by a couple different companies that run them very much as corporate-owned entities (The largest is called ‘National Pizza Corporation’ IIRC).

      And the point is not that the customer was lazy and should have cooked on his own. The point is that Pizza Hut should have provided decent customer service – ie, take his order correctly, prepare and deliver his order in a reasonably prompt and courteous manner — not screw it up at every possible turn, and send a clumsy, belligerent driver to (almost) deliver it. Granted, the customer could have taken a nicer tone in informing the driver he had parked in the front yard, but the driver should have noticed there was no driveway, not just park his truck anywhere like a drunken retard.

  21. RandomHookup says:

    Sounds like the driver was another member of the witness protection program.

  22. 2719 says:

    The lawn was covered in snow. It was night time. He has no driveway. So the delivery guy made a mistake. He comes out of the house and calls him an idiot (but in a ‘non confrontational way’). Whatever the f**k that means.

    Yeah who ever took the order messed up. It happens…

    • lolababy says:

      @2719: I almost want to give you a medal for finding a way to justify that.

    • Collie says:

      @2719: I don’t care if the story started, I was sitting in my living room watching the tube, and all of a sudden a delivery truck drove through my front door, it would be the posters fault for building his house that close to the street.

    • hegemonyhog says:

      @2719: “You know, surgery is really, really hard. It was on his spine, which is a complex part of the body. He spent years lifting things improperly.

      So, whoever did the surgery left their iPod headphones wrapped around his vertebrae. It happens…”

  23. krispykrink says:

    Should have called the police and told them some drunk guy was doing donuts on the lawn. If they aren’t there in 1 minute, shoot the guy.

  24. wagnerism says:

    the headline ends with…


    the horror.

  25. SparklyJ says:

    I think y’all are missing the real story here. Obviously the Feds have found a new place to stash Joey Calco.

  26. albokay says:

    This is a common sign of minimum wage rage.

  27. metaled says:

    Our Pizza Hut was delivering in a Hummer H2 when gas was topping $5 a gallon. Maybe the owner?

  28. Eric Le Yu says:

    I swear, this story only pisses me off even worst. I’m currently a college graduate and with these economic conditions as of late, I would try to do everything I can NOT to get cut. Finding a job has seriously became one of the most depressing things ever as I kept lowering the standards to look for work. Jeez, even $10/hr doesn’t seem to cut into a job interview.

  29. ZukeZuke says:

    Oh that free pizza offer won’t come with loogies or worse… naw… yulk!

  30. crazedhare says:

    Whoah whoah woah.

    This is not a “call the manager” case. This is a “take Pizza Hut to small claims court for property damage” case.

    You may not even have to get that far – I would certainly take lots of pictures, and get three estimates of the cost to fix the damage. Then, get the number and address to the corporate office, write a very clear, concise letter attaching the pictures, and the estimates, with a request that they provide written agreement to reimburse for fixing the damages from one of the estimates of their choice. Send this letter by certified mail, with copies by email and/or fax if you choose. Give them a 14 day response window.

    I would also try to obtain their CL insurance coverage info (company, address, policy number)and perhaps notice up that company as well.

    As time passes, take a new set of pictures every 4-5 days, time stamp them and save them. Because if additional problems/damages occur as a result of their delay, you should attempt to pursue those additional costs as well. If more than 21 days pass, I think (but do not know) you might go ahead and choose the lowest of the estimates, get the damaged fixed, and then file for reimbursement immediately. I would notice them up, again by certified and fax/email, that you are doing so – give them a deadline date. “I will schedule to have this fixed on x/x/2009 using the lowest estimate from X and then file a small claims lawsuit, if I do not receive your response by x/x/2009.”

    I am a lawyer. This is NOT legal advice. I work in insurance. You are NOT my client. Etc.

  31. savdavid says:

    You know a free meal is not what they want, don’t you? It would never be in the media if that was all they were going to ask for. I think Pizza Hut should fix their lawn and fire the driver and give them a free meal.

  32. Superawesomerad says:

    All this talk of Pizza Hut is reminding me of those stupid commercials they’re running in which we’re supposed to believe that real Italians think those spinach-free greasebomb lasagna tubs remind them of Mom’s cooking.

  33. Anonymous says:

    So after Joey Calco and this story, can we expect a new round of those bizarre “Italian American spotlight” infomercials to reappear?

    Order pizza, get lawn-scarring Thunderdome-style smackdown. I smell a reality TV series brewing in all of this.

  34. thedark1 says:

    I’m gonna play devils advocate here.

    Who’s to say the guys driveway looked good in the first place. He could be complaining to get that bad boy fixed heh.
    Second, he messed up in the first place by calling the guy an idiot. It said that “the pizzahut delivery guy thought there was a driveway there” So maybe he had cars parked on his lawn?

    Anywho, If you want someone to sympathize with you (even though they were wrong in the first place) You don’t start by calling them an idiot and not expect them to say anything back.

    • RedSonSuperDave says:

      @thedark1: Actually, if I drive onto somebody’s lawn where there’s no driveway, causing potentially hundreds of dollars worth of damage to their property, I would both deserve and expect to be called an “idiot”, and would have no right whatsoever to get mad about it.

  35. Quilt says:

    Don’t delivery drivers work as contractors? Should have gotten the guys license plate number and charged him for the damage to the property.

  36. FrankenPC says:

    Ding Dong!

    “Who is it?”

    “Pizza F**K”

  37. Instigator says:

    Given the high possibility that fast-food delivery people may be nutjobs or out-and-out sociopaths, why order home delivery at all? Do you really want someone like that to know where you live?

  38. kickarse says:

    Did I just hear someone say they wanted a competent delivery driver? Really? You can’t pay someone only so much and expect good work and competence.

  39. banmojo says:

    douche bag delivery boy mess up my lawn he’ll be staring down my .45

  40. pissedoff38 says:

    Oh Pizza Hut is just the worst, aren’t they? It doesn’t surprise me at all that they offered a “free pizza” for this horrible scene with the poor man’s yard–Pizza Hut has screwed me over several times–including changing a tip on my receipt to make it what the waitress “thought it was”, and then her boss defended her for credit card fraud…to make it up to me they sent me a coupon in the mail–I had to fight for weeks to get my account credited back. Then, a friend of mine was called a horrible name by one of their employees. They have also obviously messed up orders and I think once I had food poisoning from one of their nasty subs…