Great Moments In Commercial History: Frank Myers Auto

Reader Kate nominates Frank Myers Auto for this week’s award.

Kate says:

When I think of Great Moments, the first thing that springs to mind is Frank Myers Auto, an institution of local ads in the Piedmont Triad region [of North Carolina]. His commercials have been airing for ages, but a few years ago, when Frank’s son Tracy bought him out, they started taking a far more surreal turn. Imagine watching reruns at 2 a.m. and suddenly [this] appears on your screen…

The fact I was not drunk at the time made it that much more disturbing. The whole “Everybody Rides” thing became a local mainstay for a while, to the point that there was even a “rap” version of “Everybody Rides”…

…so, yeah. Those random people in the video are characters from the other car commercials he’s done, by the way.

Should you enjoy the works of Mr. Myers and care to indulge in more, he has his own YouTube channel.

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  1. Oakie Pokie says:

    these remind me of Vern Fonk Insurance in the Seattle area. seems they share the same marketing agency.

  2. dako81 says:

    I love how they don’t really show their selection of cars or anything.

    “Everybody rides!”

    • dorianh49 says:

      @dako81: Hey, they have cars. And, presumably, their inventory moves/changes quite frequently. What if a produce store aired footage of their products and people came in and said “I want an eggplant. But not just any eggplant. The eggplant in your commercial”?

      • dako81 says:

        @dorianh49: What if this dealership only deals in 7 years and older used models. What if they just have a bunch of junkers? Why would I want to waste my time going there to look. Do they bring in what you want for you by lettnig their buyers know that go to auctions, or do they just find the cheapest crap they can run through the wash and sell? Do they carry any late model pre owned vehicles? Do they sell only cars, or do they carry vans, trucks, and SUV’s?

        So, your eggplant crap doesn’t work. All eggplants, for comparison purposes, are generally the same. (I’m sure there is a couple varieties, but it’s an eggplant) All cars/motor vehicles, are not. You’re not going to go looking for an eggplant that can seat 6, and has a flip down DVD entertainment system in the back.

        • Tracy Myers says:

          @dako81: I understand your point of view and can appreciate it. Please allow me to explain why we don’t show cars in our commercials. If we film a commercial on Monday morning, it is approx. 2 weeks before we get the commercial on the air after post-production. If Joe Consumer visits my dealership to see the 2008 Honda Accord that they saw on the tv commercial and we say “oh sorry….that was filmed 2-3 weeks ago. That car is sold already” then I have an upset customer. From my experience, most consumers are going to visit our website after seeing our commercials. That is where they can see the inventory and see if it is the type of place they want to shop for their next pre-owned vehicle.

          • Tracy Myers says:

            @Tracy Myers: And just for the record, there are literally doaens of varities of eggplant. Do a little research and you’ll quickly discover that eggplants are well traveled and a very international vegetable. There are many exotic varieties hailing from remote regions of Turkey, Africa, Italy, Thailand, India, China, the Ukraine, and Louisiana. Just sayin’.

  3. danger the pirate says:

    i wish Big Bill Hell’s was a real car dealership.

  4. rickatnight11 says:

    I’m with Oakie Pokie, except these looks very similar to the Auto Connection commercials in Richmond, VA. I wonder if the same agency services these guys.

  5. alysbrangwin Rodbaton says:

    I hate their ads. They have infomercials on the weekend now too. There’s a blonde gal who’s saying Come on down to Frank Myers, and then his son shows up in a stupid costume. It’s almost as surreal as seeing their ads on The Consumerist.

  6. Tightlines says:

    “Wanna pet my chicken?” I gotta admit, that made me laugh.

  7. AtomicPlayboy says:

    Isn’t that dude with the long hair the same guy whose schlong Comcast broadcast during the Super Bowl?

    Also, I’m mystified by the prospect that anyone would watch this commercial and then say “I should give this business some of my money”.

  8. Anonymous says:

    I work near this joint. It’s an amazingly turd-holey part of town. You’ve got the easy-access screaming highway to the left of the car lot, the “watch your back pocket” flea market behind the car lot and just cross the street you have not one but two, count ’em two, hooker hotels where “Everybody rides” too! It’s Disneyland for douche bags.


  9. Yoko Broke Up The Beatles says:

    This has the wrong tag. “BAD”vertising? I think not.

    Great stuff!

  10. matt1978 says:

    Why hasn’t this year Mo’ Money Taxes commercial been posted yet? A Madea takeoff – genius!

  11. Oranges w/ Cheese says:

    There’s a local dealer in Orlando that uses the same catch phrase, just not quite so.. creepily.

    Bob Dance Dodge – where Everybody Rides

  12. umbriago says:

    I will get around to nominating the old Mel Farr Ford commercials from the Detroit area in the 80s; some people were astonished to hear Mel Farr couldn’t fly (or, so the story goes). Just terrible.

    Anyone who lived in the Detroit area in the 80s, call me at TYler8-7100.

  13. James Sacrasino says:

    It wasn’t just Detroit. All of the network stations in Detroit were part of the enhanced cable package that was available across Canada in the 1980s.

    Not that anyone would drive from Vancouver to Detroit just to buy a car from Mel.

  14. richcreamerybutter says:

    We make you drrlleams come true!
    Le gran prospe hau!


    most recent

    The bottom one always jolts me from my NY1 am morning haze. I’ve always been fascinated by this ad (I wasn’t living in NYC for the first one). Are they implying that the ultimate American dream includes buying the tackiest dresses and spray tans possible, or is more of an innocent sentiment?

    There is something kind of charming about how many immigrants in this area view such well-meaning yet horrifying opulence as a sign of “making it.”

  15. RobTheEnchanter says:

    I got so tired of seeing these ads on tv when I lived in the Winston-Salem area. I don’t understand how such a small car lot can afford to have so many ads on tv. It seemed like they were on ALL THE TIME. So glad I moved…

    • Tracy Myers says:

      @RobTheEnchanter: Sorry you got so tired of seeing our ads on tv. And the reason we could afford to have so many ads on tv is that we are not quite as small as you think. We are sooper-dooper happy to say that we are one of the top 22 car dealerships in the Nation and, YES, we are on ALL THE TIME! Many blessings to you and hope you like the new diggs!

  16. Tracy Myers says:

    Hey Kate,

    Thanks for the nomination. We really appreciate hearing from people that realizes that we were just trying to make ’em smile. Glad you don’t take life so seriously. Live a little…smile a lot!

  17. The Cheat says:

    I wasn’t sure how many people would “ride” until I saw these ads. That answer, my friends, is a resounding “everybody!”

  18. Jage says:

    Is it just me, or am I the only one laughing at someone named Tracy Myers responding to every comment and posting the website for Frank Myers Autos after the comment?

    • Tracy Myers says:

      @Jage: It’s just you:) But glad you’re laughing. Life is to short not to laugh as much as possible.

    • HogwartsAlum says:


      No, you’re not the only one.

      Although I must admit, the ugly “gal” dancing around with the sign that said “Ugly Trades Welcome” did make me chuckle.

      • Tracy Myers says:

        @HogwartsAlum: That ugly “gal” is me. My wife did my make-up. Wait a minute…that sounds WEIRD, doesn’t it? Glad I could made you chuckle HogwartsAlum. Just trying to spread some sunshine upon a normally gloomy situation:)

  19. Eddie Dwiggins says:

    Creative spots man! I love them! They crake me up every time I see them. I love the chicken one. I’ve got that “everybody rides” stuck in my head.

  20. Cameron Marion Bull says:

    I love these ads. You’re talking about them aren’t you? So I guess they served their purpose. Bet you’ll never forget the name Frank Myers Auto Maxx…

    But seriously, who can look at that darling little boy dressed up in a costume and not smile everytime! :)

  21. broadbandfreakout says:

    To each their own but I think these commercials are insanely funny. Just as some people like the slapstick humor of The Three Stooges while others prefer the ironic comedy of Woody Allen, different consumers are drawn to different types of commercials. I actually bought a car from Frank Myers Auto several years ago about the time the Everybody Rides commercials started. Personally, I was so sick of the typical car dealership that I wanted to go somewhere different. Or dare I say quirky? That’s what I found. Upbeat music playing, lots of balloons, free popcorn, a starbucks coffee bar in the lobby, video games in the waiting area that didn’t cost anything, movies playing on the wide screen. This was a very cool place even if I wasn’t going to buy a car there. They even had a huge Uncle Frank walking around in one of those costumes that looked like a basketball teams mascot. He was taking his picture with everyone making us laugh just like the tv commercials do. Now I didn’t buy that day because this is still a car lot and I wasnted to do some research. What I found out is this place sells a sick amount of cars. More than most of the new car stores in the area do. And there BBB score is a B+ which is the same if not better than most of the new car stores. And they have a free lifetime warranty and a money back guarantee which is btter than anyone I could find. The downside is that it is in a is in a poorer part of town but it is safe. But if you are at the dealership you would never know that you weren’t at a big new car dealership. It is clean and bright and has fairly new cars which all seemed to be 5 years old or newer. But I am off the subject of the commercials. They are not for everyone but they are funny as all get out that they make me tear up and almost pee my pants.

    • Tracy Myers says:

      @broadbandfreakout: Thank you Broadbandfreakout (or should I call you Mr./Mrs Freakout?). Your kind words have made me giddy. I can tell that you like us…you REALLY like us! Uncle Frank is excited that your experience here was sooper-dooper and we both appreciate you being a member of the Frank Myers family.

  22. Nitrokart knows CPR and took that guy's wallet says:

    Hey, they’re better than most of my local ads! There’s one where a couple of people are talking about how this one guy’s car sucks because it broke down “in the middle of the road”. Then the dealership guy jumps in through the door and yells the dealership name which escapes me right now. Since “everyone is accepted”, they all run out the door into the guy’s van, hoping to take a trip to the dealership. Oh, except for one slow person who doesn’t understand “everyone is accepted.” He requires a second remainder before he runs out the door.

    And did I mention the lighting is horrible? It seems like it was recorded in the early morning of a Maine winter and so it’s hard to see anything.

    Oh, and there’s ANOTHER dealership ad where the owner says he’ll give away a GRILL with every new car. At the end, he pretends to burn himself on it. :/

    (Most of Maine isn’t very smart, it seems.)

  23. savdavid says:

    I ain’t buying a car from anyone who asks “Do you wanna pet my chicken?”.

  24. Anonymous says:

    I live in the Triad area and I HATE THESE COMMERCIALS. The stupid Casio/drum machine muzak in the commercials is bad enough, but the “selling cars like candy bars” crap they used to say is enough to make me STOP WATCHING the channels these idiots advertise on. I really don’t see how this place stays in business. Maybe it is a drug front, considering the areas these lots are located in.

    • Tracy Myers says:

      @UnityPhrixus: “HATE” is such an ugly word. As The Partridge Family once sang, “C’mon Get Happy!”

      And fyi, we stay in business cause we “sell cars like candy bars”. Been doing that since my great grandfather started this business more than 80 years ago. And no drug front here, neighbor. Just blessed to be one of the top 22 dealerships in the USA and one of the Top 100 Small Businesses in NC. Check out the facts here…[]

      Just trying to offer something a little less “vanilla” than the other dealerships…both on tv and at our stores. Same is lame.

      Just sayin’.