Great Moments In Commercial History: Frank Myers Auto

Reader Kate nominates Frank Myers Auto for this week’s award.

Kate says:

When I think of Great Moments, the first thing that springs to mind is Frank Myers Auto, an institution of local ads in the Piedmont Triad region [of North Carolina]. His commercials have been airing for ages, but a few years ago, when Frank’s son Tracy bought him out, they started taking a far more surreal turn. Imagine watching reruns at 2 a.m. and suddenly [this] appears on your screen…

The fact I was not drunk at the time made it that much more disturbing. The whole “Everybody Rides” thing became a local mainstay for a while, to the point that there was even a “rap” version of “Everybody Rides”…

…so, yeah. Those random people in the video are characters from the other car commercials he’s done, by the way.

Should you enjoy the works of Mr. Myers and care to indulge in more, he has his own YouTube channel.

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