Sprint Loses Another 1.1 Million Customers

Wondering why Sprint CEO Dan Hesse has time to wander around NYC telling people about Sprint products? Well, it’s apparently come to that. Sprint has lost another 1.1 million customers.

The truly sad part about this bit of news is that Wall Street considered it “good,” as Sprint was expected to have jettisoned far more of its customer base.

Way to look on the bright side. Keep pounding the pavement, Dan. Remember, he’s not just the CEO, he’s also a client.

UPDATE 5-Sprint loss narrows though customers go, shares up [Reuters]


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  1. aka_bigred says:

    sprint sucks any way you roll it!

  2. concordia says:

    For what it’s worth, I have Sprint and have been pretty pleased with my service.

    Oddly, the biggest problems I’d had came from the company that everyone seems to love: T-Mobile.

    • pecan 3.14159265 says:

      @concordia: I would switch to T-Mobile in a heartbeat if there was any reception at all where my in laws live.

      • nbs2 says:

        @pecan 3.14159265: That seems to be the biggest problem for most people. “I’d love them if I could get reception.”

        • pecan 3.14159265 says:

          @nbs2: In a major metro area, you’re fine. As long as you get out into anywhere more remote, you’re done for. What’s the point of having a cell phone (even for emergencies) if there’s no signal? If you break down on the side of the road, you want to call Goog 411 for a tow truck, not 911. They’ll just get pissed, and you should never call 911 if you break down on the side of the road unless you’re bleeding or someone’s chasing after you with an axe.

        • meske says:

          @nbs2: And if they had reception everywhere, they would have more users, and customer service would probably suffer, therefor driving their core base away looking for another company… and the vicious circle continues…

        • RedwoodFlyer says:

          @nbs2: Don’t forget that quite a few of their phones can use any wifi router as a “tower” of sorts. Saves me hundreds when I travel abroad, since as far as T.Mo is concerned, it’s a domestic call!

    • the_wiggle says:

      @concordia: same here. sprint’s only made 3 mistakes in the last 10 yrs – fixed’m both promptly & the 1st time brought to their attention.

      tmobile? rat bastards allowed some employee to run up $400+ in d/l’s on the phone we returned 5 days after purchase; blamed US when the d/l’s clearly took place 2 days after the return; refused to file the matter with their fraud department. nothing was done until we had a complaint/dispute letter forwarded to them via the AZ Attny General’s office.

      i’d rather be cell-less than ever have tmobile again.

    • xamarshahx says:

      @concordia: tmobile doesn’t even work anywhere, sprint is great. i think another issue with them is the type of customers sprint attracts with it low credit requirements, people who generally drop the company when they can’t pay their bill and then come back few months later.

    • 7thton says:

      @concordia: Same here. Only good things to say about Sprint.

    • Ghosx says:

      Have three phones with them and have no complaints.

      I’ve had Sprint since its initial rollout along the 5 and 15 freeways in San Diego back in 1996. One of my phones is still on the “Pioneer Plan”.

  3. philmin says:

    Do you think the whole marketing department gets really pissed when a company’s CEO tells them that he should be the main focus of their marketing campaign? I can’t take the commercials seriously purely because of the fact that I know it was ultimately his decisions to be in these commercials.

  4. goodcow says:

    When do the $30 SERO contracts start expiring and will they keep customers on at that price? If not, expect another mass exodus.

  5. FlyersFan says:

    I guess sprint’s customer service hasnt gotten any better from 2002 when I had their service.

    • m4ximusprim3 says:

      @FlyersFan: Actually, it is, and that’s why their stock went up. Nobody on wall street cares what you’re doing now, they care what your business is going to do in 6 months. Sprint is starting to lose less customers and less money than predicted, which is a sign that they’re righting the ship. That’s why the stock went up.

      Also, this is anecdotal, but I have sprint (an old corporate account that I never closed because the rates are so great) and I think they’re getting way better.

  6. Darrone says:

    See, this is just a brilliant strategy. You set the bar SO low, that you literally can’t fail. It makes total sense… doesnt it?

  7. Allen Harkleroad says:

    screw sprint, dead or dying you choose.

  8. boomersix says:

    Honestly, it is comparatively good. I fully expected them to be long gone by now.

  9. communist_lisa says:

    I’m not that surprised. Sprint has awful customer service and horrible reception. I’ve spoken with over 35 customer service reps within the past year. I suppose I’m one of those 1.1 million customers lost.

    • Heresy_Fnord says:

      @communist_lisa: I think customers are the problem. Who calls customer service, especially 35 times over a year? I have called their customer service once in the past couple of years and that was to ask a question about international rates.

      Here is an easy way to not call customer service. Get their $99 everything unlimited plan. There that’s it. No more minutes, nothing to worry about. Pay your bill and you’re fine and their coverage is great.

      • Firethorn says:

        @Heresy_Fnord: So your solution to ‘horrible reception’ is to pay them more money?

        How does that fix their coverage, which as others have stated, is lacking outside of the bigger cities?

  10. Phil Keeps It Real [Consumerist] says:

    Such a huge shame…because Sprint is the most rockingest mobile carrier out there. Sure we don’t have an I-Phone, but who cares, you get robbed for those in my tough, stinky city…nYc.

    Sprint offers me the best by far..I pay just under $40 bones for, unlimited internet, unlimited txt, 500 mins..and insurance on my Windows Mobile 6.1 driven phone.
    I hack the crap out of my phone to modd it the way I want it to work.

    My employer discount, and locality discounts help keep all those crazy charges at bay. A reason why I’ve been a Sprint Customer since ’98.

    Those crazy bills I used to get from Nextel are a thing of the past.

    • Evil_Otto would rather pay taxes than make someone else rich says:

      @WatchOutNow: *sniff* Smells like shill.

    • pecan 3.14159265 says:

      @WatchOutNow: Step away from the kool aid.

    • J Daniel Ramirez says:

      @WatchOutNow: Wow man, you really need to work on your shilling skills. Try not to be so obvious.

      • zeet says:

        @Evil_Otto: If he’s a shill, then I am, too. I’m paying a bit more, but have 1250 daytime minutes, plan sounds otherwise the same. Customer service has been great, the quality of wireless service is great, and when I have a problem they have always exceeded my expectations in remedying it. I was with Verizon for five years before Sprint, and they were great, but Sprint has been just as good at 60% of the cost.

        • m4ximusprim3 says:

          @zeet: count me in as a shill. I’ve had sprint for 6+ years and, while the customer service used to be shitty (you get what you pay for), with the addition of the consumerist hotline they’ve improved tremendously.

          I’ll re-up for a palm pre in 6 months and stay with them for another 2 years. call me a happy customer.

          • LiquidGravity says:

            @m4ximusprim3: Yeah, I’ve had great service and great rates on my phones from Sprint over the last 3 years. Free minutes starting from 7pm to 7am, free weekends, free Sprint to Sprint, no roaming charges: Whats not to love about all that?

            Just make sure you go to a corporate store and not just one of the sales locations where there is only one guy working at a time. These sales locations are franchised I think. The sales locations are where you will find poor customer service no mater what carrier you have. The corporate stores usually have about 3 people on staff all the time. They can help you much better than one sales guy.

          • SanDiegoDude says:


            I’m a happy Sprint customer of 4 years who is going to cancel… My contract just ended with them 5 days ago, and I’m really sad to see them go. My fiancee still has a year left of Verizon contract, and it will be cheaper for us to go with the big V on a family plan rather than continuing our separate plans soooo…. I’ll be a Verizon customer soon, but I’m not leaving over unhappiness with Sprint!

    • dangermike says:

      @WatchOutNow: funny. my 200 minute plan ended up costing me $50-$60 through sprint, their reps weer totally useless in helping me get the services I wanted added onto my plan (they only offered packages with extra features I didn’t want with even higher prices), and after several years of loyal and consistent payment, they offered only half the new customer discount for a new phone when my first one broke and nothing 2-3 years later when that one broke.

      Since then, I’ve moved over to t-mobile-to-go and had my first $100 card last nearly six months. The only downside is that the t-mobile service has denied a few incoming calls during busy hours (however, that has clear up in the last several months).

      Anyway, I will never do business with Sprint again.

      • zeet says:

        @dangermike: The bit about your $100 card lasting 6 months explains it. A lot of the carriers have put a $35/month minimum on doing anything helpful in the last couple of years. You were just too low volume of a user.

    • Phil Keeps It Real [Consumerist] says:


      A Shill you call me…well be it what it be…don’t really matter to me.

      I won’t get defensive about being put down…but all I can say to reiterate is that SPRINT rocks for me. I’ve done my research and don’t go down the Lemming path like most.

      I’ll think of you above who had nothing nice to say when I see my next Sprint Bill and every month after that.

  11. TerribleDecade says:

    Who are they kidding? Those commercials are kinda awful, and their store at the flatiron doesn’t even look like that anymore.

  12. flyromeo3 says:

    i wonder if outsourcing their customer agents could be the problem. I barely understood anyone of them and I try my best to give the rep an opportunity to make herself clear. which doesnt seem to go well with them

  13. JGKojak says:

    Wow. He lost 1.1 million customers?

    He must be entitled to a HUGE bonus.

  14. Islandkiwi says:

    They can go on missing me.

  15. TheFuzz53 says:

    Sprint sucks. And that’s really an accomplishment when you’re in the telecom industry, because quite frankly, they ALL suck. Sprint just sucks harder.

    • gravion17 says:


      Preach, preach my friend!!! The Telecom companies in this country are a bunch of NOOBS! we are way behind every other industrialized nations around the globe…Sprint should of fallen off to way side a long time ago…

    • jamar0303 says:

      @gravion17: Oh yeah. Even CHINA does better. No 3G until May, but service is dirt-cheap and they actually treat prepaid customers well. Oh, and international roaming won’t bankrupt you. Heck, for text/data it’s cheaper than getting a local prepaid card with few exceptions (Hong Kong, for instance- but come on, that’s “special” w/r/t China).

  16. segfault, registered cat offender says:

    But, Bill Henrickson (on Big Love) uses a Sprint cell phone! Clearly, their product placement isn’t working.

  17. Robert Jason Cervantes says:

    Honestly, if you live in a metro area, Sprint is very good to have. Their unlimited plans are a great bargain (on the 450 minutes plus everything else unlimited plan). Using the number the Consumerist gave me, I have been treated like a king (maybe because I’m not under contract anymore and going month to month). But while I love using the iPhone and other devices on other networks, I really enjoy the Sprint service. Been a customer for the past 8 years and enjoyed just about every minute of it.

    • Murph1908 says:

      @Robert Jason Cervantes:

      Except for the fact that your signal is dropped everywhere.

      I live near Baltimore. I couldn’t get a signal inside my top floor apartment near the intersection of Interstate 70 and a major highway.

      The signal dropped every time I approached the intersection of 70 and the 695 beltway around Baltimore.

      I would need to call multiple times a week to request credits for dropped calls. Happened so often, I knew the prone prompts from memory.

    • jstonemo says:

      @Robert Jason Cervantes: I live in the KC, MO area, the home of Sprint. Let’s just say this is no surprise, very hard to get a signal in lots of areas, not the boonies either. I’m no cellular tech, but it seems that the PCS standard is inadequate. GSM for the win!

  18. Odiase says:

    Sprint = Epic Fail

  19. VA_White says:

    They lost us in November. For us, it wasn’t about customer service or coverage; it was that they didn’t have the network we needed to work overseas and in the US. For our family, that is essential.

    I sort of felt bad about bailing but there was no way they could give us what we needed and we had to go. We actually had outstanding customer service the entire seven years we were with them.

  20. dahlink_natasha says:

    I’ve got Sprint, have never really had problems, but hearing this makes me wonder if I should switch to another carrier.

  21. Justin Larson says:

    Unfortunately this will probably result in few cell phone companies, rather than more which is what is actually needed.

  22. Shadowfire says:

    Has nothing at all to do with their crappy service. Nothing at all…

    We were on Sprint for 2 weeks. Their coverage map had our home smack in the center of one of their “best” coverage areas. Our service, however, was awful – generally 1 bar at home, with tons of dropped calls. Their only solution was “buy an Airave, pay the monthly fee for that on top of your phone service, and you’ll be fine!”

    Now we’re on AT&T (since they’re finally available in Vermont), and couldn’t be happier.

  23. Anonymous says:

    I left sprint 2 years ago. I had been a sprint wireless subscriber ever since they offered service in my area. I think it was about 13 years ago.

    I had the same phone for 3.5 years, and hadn’t been under contract for 2.5 years. I made all my payments on time.

    I called customer service to see if I could get the new customer price on a Windows Mobile phone. The customers service rep told me that I would have to pay full retail and enter into a 2 year contract. I said to the csr that I am not under contact and that I could just go to another carrier and get a low cost phone. She told me that I was welcome to do that and that the best deal she could offer is full retail on a new phone with a 1 year contract.

    When you deal with a long time customer like that it’s no surprise to me that they are loosing so many subscribers.

  24. AlteredBeast (blaming the OP one article at a time.) says:

    I find these comercials, with the desolate black and white streets, a funny contrast to Verisons colorful commericals filled with hundreds of people following around the customer.

  25. 310Drew says:

    I have several lines with Sprint. No problems at all.

  26. tjjex says:

    I am one of them that dropped them =)

  27. darkryd says:

    Sprint never addresses their primary problems –

    Terrible Customer Service and horrible coverage.

    • youbastid says:

      @darkryd: They actually have excellent coverage compared to other carriers, and their wireless data is the best in the nation. Customer service is another story altogether.

  28. legwork says:

    New theme for the other cell companies:

    Ex-Sprint customers standing on bright, crowded, colorful streets (for a change).

    “I’m one.”

    I finally ditched my beloved SERO account after 4 days of outage. Well, mostly outage. Two days were weekend and I could call out sometimes, just couldn’t receive squat. Yea, that’s so nice for my business number. They offered me a $40 credit.

    I still haven’t decided where to land. Until then my phone is one of the better pre-paids. Thank you for that Consumerist, BTW.

    • youbastid says:

      @legwork: If you have a business line, it shouldn’t be on a SERO plan, period. Paying such a steep discount, you should know that you’re at the bottom of the barrel when it comes to prioritizing customers.

      • legwork says:


        I would normally agree, and it was in the back of my mind as a possible factor in the delay. It makes a 101-kind of sense to keep cheap customers in the cheap seats. (assuming they aren’t expected to evangelize the service. (?)) But, in this case it was a $93/mo SERO plan, just below the current everything plan.

        I will say they tried, they just couldn’t deliver. I spent hours with their BlackBerry reps. If you’ve had a BB, you know the difference in average quality from their usual frontline. They tried every script in their book to re-generate the account, to the point I was getting “welcome” messages every few minutes. Still, no calls.

        I wouldn’t be the least surprised if the SERO status had something to do with the miserly $40 reimbursement.

    • zeet says:

      @legwork: I had more outages with Verizon than I have ever had with Sprint. Obviously, YMMV and the plural of anecdote is not data. They also seem to have treated issues I have brought to their attention with all due haste. Verizon would always try to polite me until I went away.

  29. ogremustcrush says:

    The funny thing is that I’m actually considering switching to Sprint once the Pre is out and my T-mobile contract is up. T-mobile’s customer service and pricing has been good to me, but half of the city I live in has no or extremely poor T-mobile coverage. All the other carriers work fine in this area. That and it will be years before they get 3g out here. Sprint has 3G coverage for miles extending out of town.

  30. Acolyte says:

    No wonder they were willing to cut my contract length by 6 months when I was about to leave.

  31. Anonymous says:

    I’ve been a Sprint customer for 9 years. Their customer service has vastly improved over the past 2 years. The service I receive is excellent, priced fairly and all in all, for me, a good deal. Compared to the dreadful service I receive from Verizon for my landline, I would take Sprint anyday.

  32. parad0x360 says:

    if sprint spent as much time improving their service as they do making ads and signing product placement deals maybe they wouldnt have an issue. also 1 good phone in 10 years wont turn it around so stop putting all your money behind the instinct

  33. kwsventures says:

    Don’t tell me Sprint is going to sprint to Obama for a bailout, too.

  34. warf0x0r says:

    I had sprint for 7 years, no coverage problems except for one house in college that completely blocked my service. Then my gf made me get an iPhone… now I don’t have sprint.

  35. pecan 3.14159265 says:

    Maybe Dan Hesse should stop focusing on riding around New York in his chauffeured town car, and figure out a way to save his company.

    Meanwhile, Verizon, AT&T and T-Mobile are opening their arms, waiting for customers to flock to them.

  36. failurate says:

    A merger is coming… I can feel it. My money is on a Verizon take over.

  37. z4ce says:

    It is honestly a shame that sprint would lose so many customers. They are normally the front runners in technical innovation (cell standpoint anyway). I don’t think any of the other carriers really compete with their EVDO Rev A network.. but that being said their standard customer support/technical support is absolutely appalling. If you handset hits some sort of quirk it can take hours on the phone and days/weeks to finally resolve. I really hope they can solve these issues and turn around.

    I think another one of their blunders was with GPS they had the capability to roll-out LBS way before anyone else but because they couldn’t figure out how to “moneytize” it they wouldn’t turn it on. Eventually they came out with some $5 month service.. Of course.. now LBS is everywhere and free. Silly.

  38. traeblain says:

    I too am surprised my most people I talk to that had trouble with Sprint’s service. I’ve always had great service with the occasional problem that you will find anywhere. Their customer service has improved 10 fold since I started…back in 2000…and you can’t beat the pricing.

    Their biggest and most detrimental problem is the lack of good phones, primarily first run phones. It’s always months after Verizon in getting good CDMA phones. And rarely get a good first run phone. The Pre’s a good start, but they should have fought to release an Android phone as soon as possible after T-Mobile and should renegotiate their contract with HTC to offer more and cheaper phones from them.

    The easiest way to get new customers is to offer a spectacular new phone that no one else has, drawing people to that phone then getting slapped with the 2 year contract. That’s how Verizon and ATT have done it. We’ll see if Sprint’s long term plan works out.

  39. GearheadGeek says:

    As with ALL of the mobile providers, your mileage may vary. No one has a great network everywhere in the country.

    Sprint was the best money choice for me when I needed a mobile phone in 2001 when I moved back to the US. I’ve compared the rates of the other providers every time my contract comes up for renewal, and now that I have a good discount through my employer, none of the others are as good a deal for the services I use and the places I generally go.

    I have never had a problem with Sprint’s customer service. I suspect this is because I don’t change my phone and/or plan every other month, most of the nightmare tales I hear are from people who are constantly making changes and then eventually ending up with some problem that takes forever (and 20 calls to CS) to resolve.

    It’s amusing to see so many posters declaring unequivocally that “Sprint is worthless” when I’ve had good service, good voice quality, good data service and a (relatively) good deal from them for 8 years, in 3 different cities and in travel to many other cities.

    Caveat emptor seems to apply as much to deciding what advice to heed as it does to what and where to buy things.

  40. Covert7 says:

    Well I for one hope they hang in there and get some folks back. Competition is good, ya?

    We’re on with them and have been pleased with them for the past 5 or 6 years I guess. But then again, the only times I’ve had to call in to service is when our contracts are up and I see what new plans/phones we can get.

    No complaints from here at least.

  41. basilray says:

    I have had Sprint since 2001. I have only had pleasant experiences with their Customer Service. The one time I had to deal with Tech Support was frustrating, and being in IT I was able to fix my Windows Mobile phone when they were not.

    You can’t beat Sprint’s prices, but I agree on some of the other comments about them not getting the flashy devices sooner and/or at all.

  42. dimodica1 says:

    Our company has been using Sprint now for 10 plus years in Massachusetts. We have six telephones and only wanted to upgrade early the telephones and Sprint would not help us out. In April 09 our contract ends and we are going to move on. I bet retention will kiss our butts when we cancel. We had no problem with Sprint extending our contract out 2 additional years. But NO they would not work with us. We pay Sprint almost $5000 a year. Their loss is some other companies gain.

    • basilray says:

      @dimodica1: Really? That’s your reason for switching? They wouldn’t give you new handsets at a deep discount?

      That’s as bad as all the super-mega corporations needing my tax-dollars to pay their $1,000,000 bonuses. It’s weak. A contract is a contract…they are in no way obligated to offer you discounts because you spend a lot of money there. There’s a lot of other ways to build customer loyalty than giving things away. This is the problem with many young people and 99.5% of Democrats. You can’t keep giving things away to make people happy!

      • basilray says:


        Or expecting to be handed things…forgot to add that!

      • GearheadGeek says:

        @basilray: 99.5% of Democrats? The government giveaway crap is a problem with our government as a whole, not with either party. The difference is only from whom they want to TAKE the money and to whom and in what form they want to give it.

  43. axiomatic says:

    It’s Sprint customer service. If I NEVER talk to them EVER again I will die a happy man.

    I remember wanting to buy a new phone (even a full cost! no discounting!) and they would not sell it too me because it wasn’t “my time.” Yeah ATT got my money that day.

  44. Kristen Whitby says:

    I’ve had Sprint for almost 4 years now, and I haven’t had any major issues with them. When I first got my family plan, I had my phone set to unlimited texting, and I didn’t want any texting on the other phone. When I ended up getting an outrageous texting bill about 9 months ago, I called Sprint up, told them that texting should have been blocked on that line and I wanted a credit for the texts. They did all those things for me!

    The customer service has always been polite to me, and months where I couldn’t quite pay my whole phone bill and they were ready to shut my phone off, they actually extended the shut off date to be after my next paycheck date, so I could pay them without interruption of service. (I almost always speak to billing, not to the general customer service people btw)

    Sprint does what I need, and I don’t pay much for it. After dropping my second line recently, I asked them how many minutes I usually use, and they actually suggested a plan that was better for me than I was ready to purchase. (I use about 100 min a month that’s not after 7pm or Sprint to Sprint. I was ready to get the 450 minute plan, but they had a 300 minute plan that was cheaper.)

    I dunno, I just get sick of all the Sprint bashing sometimes. I have friends who complain about their Verizon billing being messed up, and my mom had Cingular and she had to call every month to get some mysterious $5 charge off of her bill. But whenever a Sprint story comes up there are tons of comments directed towards them that are the same comments I hear about every cell phone company.

  45. ckaught78 says:

    I have have been with every major cell phone company at some point over the last 15 years and have had issues with all of them. I have been with Sprint for the last 3 years and have had very few issues. When they do away with my 27% employee discount maybe I will think of switching then.

  46. Batwaffel says:

    I really want to get on Sprint because of them hosting the Palm Pre, but they have very little service in my area. It would be nice if Palm signs on with Verizon, but I don’t see that happening for at least a year. *sigh*

  47. OolongCaloophid says:

    I’m sure many expect the Palm Pre to save them. But I beg to differ. Assuming it is actually a good handset, it isn’t exclusive like the iPhone is to AT&T. It will be a Sprint only launch, but Palm already said they will release versions for other carriers. Sprint is in a death spiral.

  48. kes33 says:

    I like my Sprint. I have a Curve, and tech support is always helpful when I need something.


  49. thatblackgirl says:

    They can’t all be in the bathroom.

  50. newfenoix says:

    I’m glad for those of you that claim to have had good experiences with Sprint. I am NOT ONE of you. Sprint has awful coverage and even worse customer service. I had them from 2002 until 2007. AT&T is my carrier now and I have had ZERO problems.

    • zeet says:

      @newfenoix: And AT+T can suck a bag of roosters. I was with them for 2 1/2 years. When my phone broke at that point, they said they couldn’t give me the discounted price on a replacement phone as they had already renewed my contract without asking. When I canceled, well out of contract at that point, they tried to charge me an ETF. This was in the late 90s, so things are probably different now, but that experience soured me on AT+T. In contrast, Sprint has always given me more than originally promised.

      • West Coast Secessionist says:

        @zeet: If it makes you feel any better, in the late 90s AT&T Wireless was a spun-off independent company from AT&T the old long distance carrier.

        “The New AT&T” company of today is just SBC (Southwestern Bell) who bought The Old AT&T, and BellSouth (which owned the other half of Cingular (which swallowed Old AT&T Wireless) ).

        So it’s really not the same company, although most people who dealt with both incarnations of wireless by AT&T I’ve heard seem to have preferred the old one.

    • Cedar7449 says:

      In my location, (Southwestern Missouri) Sprint is the fasted Mobile laptop connect carrier. Hand down 5 times faster than AT&T. I know because I have both of them.
      I pay 59.99 each for internet access via AT&T and Sprint. AT&T give claims of 500+ kpbs downloads and 250+ kbps uploads. I get in actualality 150 Download and 28 to 30 upload. For the same money with Sprint I get 1140 to 1200 kbps download and 300 to 400 kbps. My problem is that Sprint thinks that 5 gig’s a month is enough usage for anyone. They sure have great office parties because they are all drunk or nuts.
      I invite them to come to my house and use my U680 to go online and transact business for a day then tell me 5 gig is enough.

  51. agarc says:

    Karma. I had so many problems with Sprint (when they were SprintPCS). I was a good, loyal customer, who never had a late payment. I had multiple phones (urban area with good coverage too), but consistently bad service (and terrible customer service). I eventually ended up going to the BBB for help with my case. When that didn’t work, I turned to my state’s attorney general. Problems finally solved.

    I chose to never deal with this company again, and I’m glad to hear they’re having trouble.

  52. SoLovelyDarling says:

    I JUST canceled my account with Sprint. Haggled for days with shotty retentions for a new phone while out of contract. Blessed be, AT&T. I have seen the light.

    • GearheadGeek says:

      @SoLovelyDarling: “haggled for days” for a subsidized phone while out of contract… so you wanted their best handset for free? Or just wanted a better deal than they actually offer? You would have been able to get any of the published new-customer deals in return for a contract renewal, so I’m guessing you were wanting that extra-special reach-around or something.

      • Anonymous says:

        @GearheadGeek: Not true for me. I was out of contract with Sprint, and wanted to get their “new customer” deal. I was told no way, as I am an existing customer. I explained that by treating your existing customers this way, they’d become new customers somewhere else…

        While I was shopping around for a new provider, I started getting Sprint calls about “Hey, you’re not under contract right now, you should sign up for 2 years”. The offer still wasn’t as good as the new customer deal and I declined.

  53. rolla says:

    i love sprint…i have an awesome deal. dunno if sprint cut down on this but if you email them or call, you use to be able to get free perks added to your acct. i have free u/l internet, M2M, text, pic mail, and 6pm nites and pay under $35 total.

    call me a shill too…i dont care. all i know is that i pay each month and it isnt more than $35. LONG LIVE SPRINT!!!! hahaa…

  54. Triterion says:

    My reception and call quality with Sprint has always been excellent, but whenever I have to call in to speak with an actual person it’s an absolute nightmare. I wouldn’t have ever had to call in except a sales rep at the Sprint Store flat out lied to me about not charging me to upgrade my phone. The Sprint Consumerist line to get it reversed but they weren’t happy about it!

  55. nybiker says:

    Maybe when NASCAR goes away and there’s no longer some cup they’re all chasing, I’ll think about using their service. But then again, Verizon would have to start screwing up big time too. And don’t get me wrong, I don’t like the fact that VZ has their name plastered on stuff either. It’s just that when my old ATT contract expired and their service didn’t work in my new house, that I looked for a new carrier. A friend had them and her phone was working even when she was working in the pit in Ground Zero, so I joined up. At least the VZ arena or field or whatever it’s called isn’t in nyc, so I don’t pass it every day like I’ll have to when I take the #7 train past the Shea Stadium stop and see Shitty Field.

  56. Nitrokart knows CPR and took that guy's wallet says:

    So how many people remain? Can I count them all on my fingers?

  57. Anonymous says:

    Those of you who do nothing but complain about Sprint really do need to get a life. Sprint offers the best value in Wireless. True, the commercials are boring and the classical music will put you to sleep, but the equipment is first rate, the data is the fastest you’ll find and the coverage is more than adequate. Sprint’s rates are much lower than the others and the company has done a complete 180 degree turnaround in customer care, pulling ahead of T-mobile and AT&T and only slightly behind Verizon in the latest ranking published only 3 weeks ago. Quit your whining and go to a Ready Now corporate store and let them show you what real customer service is about.

  58. quail says:

    Got Sprint back in the 90’s because of travel. Every other cell phone carrier up until around 2003 wanted you to pay extra if you called outside of your zone. The zone could be 3 states, it could be your current time zone, whatever… At least with Sprint at the time I always knew what my monthly bill was going to be. Guess I’m the exception on this site. I’ve never had a problem with them.

  59. Keter says:

    I have to weigh in with “love Sprint.” Two years so far, almost no dropped calls even in areas that always dropped with AT&T and Verizon, no compressed sounding calls, and no billing issues. I also have their broadband internet, which works astonishingly well…almost as fast as cable modem and I have yet to have a drop or find a dead spot.

  60. Imaginary says:

    SPEAK WITH YOUR MONEY!!!! If 1.1 million people are jumping ship they apparently don’t think it’s worth it. I think it’s fantastic that 1.1 million people are rethinking their support of Sprint. Not because it will cause people to loose jobs but it says they’ve stopped complaining about something and started speaking with the one thing businesses truly understand, their money. If you speak with your money your words are more likely to be heard.

  61. Nick Vannello says:

    Partner and I stopped in a 4 Sprint Stores last weekend trying to have his phone numbers ported & printed off of his current phone since it was acting wonky. Despite having had it done last year, no one seemed to know how to do it and 2 store flat-out refused.

    We decided that night that he was dropping Sprint after 13 years and coming over to AT&T.

  62. the lesser of two weevils says:

    I was with Verizon for four years and hated every minute of it. Switched to Sprint a few months ago because the wife’s family has Sprint so she can talk to them for free and their unlimited nights started at 7. From my perspective, they’re way better than Verizon ever was. Not regretting switching to them at all.

  63. Tyr_Anasazi says:

    I’ve been with Sprint since 2000–haven’t had any bad experiences with customer service (but then again, I approach the CSRs as an adult, not a spoiled child…). They have worked to improve customer service, but their biggest problem is lack of sexy phones to capture the public’s imagination like other carriers. And Dan Hesse’s commercials suck, especially when compared to the color and humour of other carriers’ commercials.

  64. MichituckyGirl says:

    I, too, am a Sprint customer. I live in an area of Kentucky that most cell providers just can’t reach and likely don’t want to. Sprint not only reaches us, but also provides EVDO internet. Although I have to go through an internet reseller for the service (due to Sprint’s new cap), I deal with Sprint directly for our phones.
    Yeah, I’ve had problems with them, but then the next time I call I get great service. Sometimes it is me wanting something for nothing, but sometimes I do have legitimate issues. When I am trying to get out of an excessive bill, yeah, that is when I don’t get a lot of help. If the issue is legit, then they are always helpful. Also, sometimes, if the answer isn’t what you like, then call back in an hour, be friendly and see if this CSR is more understanding (or even UNDERSTANDS) the problem. I’ve actually come across as confusing to some (no, seriously).
    When you’re stuck with a company because they are the only ones around, you have to pick your battles. At this point I hope they don’t go under, because the next could be worse.

  65. SecureLocation says:

    Sprint blows less than it used to. Their customer service has improved from the days when you’d rather have French kissed Amy Winehouse than called to resolve a problem. They have good deals on unlimited service. But they burned a lot of customers in the past and they’re paying for it.

  66. tvmitch says:

    My wife and I left Sprint this month, even though we had great SERO plans, just because the future of the company was not looking good. I didn’t trust Sprint to let us keep the SERO plans we had and their selection of phones isn’t that great.

    Also, no one we know is on Sprint.

    We actually had terrific Sprint reception in our area. Never a complaint. Now we’re with AT&T…lots of friends and family with AT&T and we are both using the heck out of our iPhones.

  67. Té Baybute says:

    I was one of them!

  68. Anonymous says:

    JustKimberly here…

    I have been with Sprint for over 10 years. Yes, their customer service has gone down, but no other phone can touch the rates I get. I have compared. I am paying just about 100$ (before all of those rediculous taxes) for a phone for me and Mom, 800 shared any-time minutes, unlimited nights (7pm – 7am) and weekends, and unlimited text messaging on both phones, and unlimited internet on my treo 700p.

    No other company offers the lower rate on the internet. Of course, I may be grandfathered, not sure what or if the rate has changed. I pay 15$/month for unlimited internet. Plus, I get a 15% discount for my employer which covers most of the “taxes.”

    I also live in mostly metropolitan areas. But, I have been to low parts of GA, TN, and *never* lost coverage. My friend on Verizon goes camping and loses coverage. In fact, other than an occasional drop when switching towers, with digital roaming, I have yet to find a location where I do not get a signal.

    Not sure about these complaints about the sound quality because I have *never* had an issue with that on any of my phones with Sprint.

    So, yes, I am a relatively happy Sprint customer with no plans to change. Waiting anxiously for my Palm Pre. :-) And no, I do not work for Sprint, nor am I a shill. Just a happy customer.

    Granted, I do not travel internationally. I will give it others, Sprint could do much better in this regard.

  69. maddypilar says:

    I recently used their customer attrition to my advantage and received unlimited data access for free.
    “Until when?,” I asked. “Until infinity,” they answered. It helped that in exasperation I inquired as to why I would stay and not take my number to AT&T and get an iPhone.

  70. goatmale says:

    hated sprint
    bought an att prepaid plan and a tilt
    hated att

    bought a year of skype for 60$ and use my phones wifi to make calls, make calls through AIM and I couldn’t be happier.

  71. vladthepaler says:

    Now, what is the CEO’s salary in terms of customers lost?

  72. cheesebubble says:

    where’s everybody deflecting to?

  73. nfs says:

    interesting, since they have cheaper plans when it comes to voice and data.

    And currently their network has the fastest data, better than att or verizon.[i.gizmodo.com]

  74. Lucky_Strike-001 says:

    This is bad news for me at least. I’m a Computer Science major at a University near KC. Sprint is one of Kansas City’s biggest employers and probably the biggest employer of tech people in the city. I was hoping to get a job at sprint when I graduated but things are looking bleak.

  75. Scatter says:

    Dan wants us all to experience a big 3G network…on a big 3G contract. Sorry Dan.

  76. jpdanzig says:

    Maybe if this guy weren’t out wandering the streets of NYC, he could actually do something to improve Sprint’s customer service.

    A CEO should appear in advertising only if he or she helps people remember his product — Frank Perdue reminded people of a chicken — or if the CEO has become larger than life — Lee Iacocca challenging viewers, “If you can find a better car, buy it.”

    This sorry Sprint guy looks more like someone who has just been laid off — or is about to be…

  77. jeandelli says:

    love love love sprint!!

  78. Allen Scherr says:

    I’m very happy with my Sprint account. I think the commercials are boring.

    Sprint is based in Kansas City, why is the CEO always in New York?

  79. tuckerch says:

    I had Sprint years ago. Loyal customer, as the service here in Boston and elsewhere was pretty good.

    THEN Sprint started playing games with their billing. Customer service was appallingly bad. Clueless reps, frequent disconnects while on hold, etc.

    I never got any responses to my written questions.

    So I turned off the phone and stopped opening the bills.

    When the dunning calls came, I told the bill collector that “when Sprint answers my few simple questions about their billing practices, I’d pay off what I owed and then I would cancel. Please pass that along to them. Have a good day!” and then hang up.

    Sprint never answered my questions, I never paid, and eventually, I stopped getting bills and dunning calls.

  80. bobdude121 says:

    Sprint loses customers because they do not value their time. Most of their customer reps are in other countries. it usually takes me 30-60 minutes to reach a rep in USA. I’ve only done business with 2 reps outside of the USA – 1. asked me for social security # right off the bat before any assistance can be started, and 2. mis-programmed phone during activation causing it to freeze up and shut down.

    16 hours of my time were then spent on resolving this issue…part of that was resolving the 2nd replacement LG Rumor that started having issues after a few days. So, bottom line….Sprint had me do the administrative work of trying to resolve an issue caused by a foreign worker without paying me for my time.

    Here are some things you can do if poor customer service asks for your wasted time to resolve issues with ANY company…… Contact executives at phone #’s listed on people.yahoo.com or, for Sprint, call John Batalia at 914-407-7225. He is the SVP of Customer Service. Most other executives can be reached at #’s already provided on this site. Most Sprint executives are from Kansas.

  81. bobdude121 says:

    Sprint loses customers because they do not value their time. Most of their customer reps are in other countries. it usually takes me 30-60 minutes to reach a rep in USA. I’ve only done business with 2 reps outside of the USA – 1. asked me for social security # right off the bat before any assistance can be started, and 2. mis-programmed phone during activation causing it to freeze up and shut down. 16 hours of my time were then spent on resolving this issue…part of that was resolving the 2nd replacement LG Rumor that started having issues after a few days. So, bottom line….Sprint had me do the administrative work of trying to resolve an issue caused by a foreign worker without paying me for my time. Here are some things you can do if poor customer service asks for your wasted time to resolve issues…… Contact executives at phone #’s listed on people.yahoo.com or call John Batalia at 914-407-7225. He is the SVP of Customer Service. Most other executives can be reached at #’s already provided on this site. Most Sprint executives are from Kansas.

  82. jersey636 says:

    Ive had Sprint for about 4 years now and compaired to Cingular (Now ATT Wireless) and T-mobile they are alot better in coverage. There customer service used to be really bad but has improved if you ask me and lately Sprint will call me once a month usually during the day time and ask if I am happy with my service and if I have any questions they can answer, honestly this is going a long way if you ask me in makign customers happy because I actually did have a question to ask them and they were very skilled at answering it, on top of this the customer service that has called me lately is US not overseas.