Customer Apologizes For Guitar Center Screw-Up

Mitch wrote to us last week to complain that he was sent a used guitar instead of the new one he ordered. Musician’s Friend and/or Guitar Center (they’re related) followed up with Mitch and corrected the mistake, but it turns out that Mitch was in the wrong on this one. Here’s his explanation for what happened.

Well Consumerist, I’m an idiot. Among the choice genetic treats my father passed to me are a receding hairline and a touch of dyslexia. While the hairline does not account for much, the dyslexia does.

What I saw as a big yellow ‘complaint’ tag, was in all actuality a big yellow ‘COMPLIANT’ tag. This innocuous sticker was simply stating a lack of hazardous materials, something I really like in a guitar.

Guitar Center did absolutely nothing wrong. They sent me a new guitar, exactly what I paid for, the first time. Any problems in the neck were for me to take up with Fender, as the guitar was still under warranty, and not Guitar Center. So if there’s a lesson here it’s this: even if you’re an insufferable moron, Guitar Center will take care of you.

Apparently he’s not kidding about that last part. Mitch contacted Guitar Center to offer to return the upgraded Fender they gave him last week, but they refused:

It was an honest mistake, but I couldn’t rightly let this go by without letting Guitar Center, and the Consumerist know. I offered to send the upgraded guitar back but Paul, being the stand up guy he is, wouldn’t hear of it. He just said, “I appreciate your integrity and I stand by my original statement that we just want to keep you as a customer.”

“Guitar Center Ships Broken Guitar From Another Store’s Inventory, Says Too Bad, Now It’s Yours”

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