WaMu: Please Take All This WaMu Branded Crap Before We Cease To Exist

Reader James says he doesn’t want all this crap that the teller at WaMu forced on him earlier today. The Frisbee sucks, he doesn’t like caramel corn, and his refrigerator isn’t magnetic.

James says:

I banked at an drive-through of WAMU in Vancouver, WA earlier today. When making a deposit, I was given three useless pieces of “goodies”: a small Frisbee with WAMU logo, an airline-sized packet of caramel pop corn, and a magnet letter board. The teller seemed to be very insistent that I take them and “enjoy” them.

Guess its time to shovel all that WaMu branded crap out the door, before they change the name to Chase, huh? Good news for poetic-caramel-corn-eating Frisbee enthusiasts.

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