US1Photo Pulls The 'Buy Accessories Or We'll Cancel Your Order' Scam

Nate has stumbled across yet another scammy online camera retailer, US1Photo, also known as US1Camera. Longtime Consumerist readers and photography enthusiasts who visit camera forums are familiar with the routine: offer a great deal on a camera, contact the customer later and try to hard-sell expensive accessories, and if the customer refuses simply cancel the order and blame it on inventory issues. Nate is actually thinking about placing the order a second time. Nate, do not order from Their bargain-basement prices lure you in, but companies like this are only out to cheat you.

Here’s what Nate wrote to us:

This is funny. I ordered this camera then the next day I got a phone call from the seller asking if I wanted to buy any of the “extras”. But of course he phrased it “how big of a memory card do you want” and “how long do you want the battery to last”.

I said I didn’t need any of them. The next day they “ran” out and the order was canceled. Should I just call out of the blue and try to order again? lol

The web site states the item is currently IN STOCK. Funny. I will call back tomorrow and see if I can order it again!

No you will not!

Look, the web is filled with great customer-based feedback and reviews of electronics retailers, particularly for photography equipment. Here’s a page on the company from ResellerRatings and a long thread about their misbehavior on Digital Photo Review. When buying online from an unknown retailer, always do some online research and look for trends in the customer reviews you find.

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