Hypocrisy Abounds: Southwest Paints Bikini-Clad Model On Jet

Do you remember Kyla Ebbert? She was kicked off of a Southwest Airlines flight for wearing clothes deemed ‘too sexy‘ back in 2007. Nearly two years later, Southwest has come full circle: They’ve painted a swimsuit model on the side of one of their jumbo jets as part of a partnership with Sports Illustrated.

Beth Harbin, Southwest spokesperson explains:

“I think we are one of the only airlines out there that has the personality that can pull something like this off. We’re certainly not afraid to be different, not afraid to be edgy, not afraid to be fun.”

Southwest may not have the personality to pull this off, but they almost certainly have the multiple personalities. Given a choice between the “miniskirts will cause a disturbance” personality and the “giant flying swimsuit model” identity, we’re not really sure which which we prefer, though the latter may be more in line with their origins. Check out the flight attendant’s uniforms from back in the day.

Southwest Plane Sports Bikini-Clad Image [CBS 11]

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