Author Does Right Where Publisher Once Went Wrong

Michel Cuhaci ordered a book from Amazon, only to discover it was an unreadable misprint copy. He made sure that the one-star review of the book made this known. Little did he know, the Author of that book was reading the reviews. And little did he know, that author is a Certified Bad Ass.

Dan Fleisch went out of his way, spending nearly $500 to to fly to Canada, to make sure that Michel got a good copy of his book, “A Student’s Guide to Maxwell’s Equation”. Oh yeah, and this was all on Christmas Eve. After exhausting nearly every other option, he finally decided to test fate and huff it out himself.

He took another look at the weather. It appeared there’d be a break in the snow by morning.

At 6 a.m. Christmas Day Fleisch was sitting in a plane at the Dayton airport waiting to head north.

“I’m sitting there. The plane is fairly empty, and I think, ‘Am I nuts?’

Michel seemed bewildered, but more confusing than this was Michel’s reaction to the whole event.

Last week Cuhaci went back to Amazon and added a new comment about the book and its author.

“But I did not change the rating,” he said. “I want people to look at my comment and see what a dedicated author he is.”

Umm.. Michel, I know you want some light on this story, but do the man a favor and give him the 5-star rating he deserves. We’ve spoken about the rating system’s power in the past, and that amazing 5-star story s going to do a lot more for the book than an amazing one-star review. Sometimes the best customer service comes from the people behind the products, and not the businesses behind them, and Dan Fleisch is a shining example of that. Kudos.

[Dayton Daily News]

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