In case you were wondering why you are fat, this blog full of photos of ridiculous food will help you figure it out. Our personal favorite is the Oreo. [This Is Why You’re Fat]


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  1. Bladefist says:

    I have an absolutely gorgeous body. I’m on the beer and bbq’d brawt diet

  2. theblackdog says:

    The corn dog pizza is a serious perversion of the goodness that is known as pizza.

  3. batsy says:

    Yes, because fat people eat like that every day.

  4. your new nemesis says:

    I thought what was maiking me fat was a steady diet of beer and mountain dew combined with a sedentary lifestyle of sitting on the computer playing world of warcraft, final fantasy and reading consumerist posts all day long. Turns out it was the corn dog pizza. I guess i’ll have to eat less of those and wait for the six pack to show again.

  5. ThickSkinned says:

    How to deal with an obese child:

    • Fresh-Fest-1986 says:

      @ThickSkinned: Off topic, but the video “Sony releases New Stupid Piece of Fucking Shit that doesnt work” is the greatest clip the internet has produced in years.

  6. dohtem says:

    Is it bad that I want to try some of these delicious treats?!

    • Shrew2u says:

      @dohtem: SOME? How about every last artery-clogging gosh-dang one of ’em! Well, maybe not the hot dog-containing ones, but only because I’m still slightly scarred from reading “The Jungle” 20 years ago.

  7. Cat_In_A_Hat says:

    Ouch. My heart hurts just looking at these pictures.

  8. Outrun1986 says:

    Best post of the week hands down! I liked the Ultimate snack stadium.

  9. Ubik2501 says:

    Another good one is Supersized

  10. rpm773 says:

    Good heavens, The Turbaconucken looks like cancer.

  11. Ben Duffy says:

    How about Fries Cuatro Quesos Dos Fritos? Potatoes flavor-injected with four different cheeses, fried, pulled out, beer-battered, fried again, topped with bacon and shredded cheese and served with a chipotle sour cream.

  12. tande04 says:

    Man that french fry hot dog looks awesome.

    I’ve always wanted to try a grabage plate. I don’t know why this just occured to me but I missed out by not getting one when I was in NY/NJ area.

    I’d add a Primanti Bros sandwhich to any list like that. Man I want one of those too.

  13. Trai_Dep says:

    OK. Stop harassing smokers. Let’s pick on the fat guy!!

    And, even when I was thirteen, any of these would have made me nauseous to even see ’em. Eww. Eww. Eww!

  14. Rachacha says:

    Mmmm the Garbage Plate, a Rochester, NY Original [] []

    • kgazette says:

      @Rachacha: Darn tootin! I was ever so happy to see that included. Actually, just the other night, someone was telling me that they like their garbage plate with mac&chesse instead of mac salad. I’m not sure if that’s blasphemy… or awesome.

      • cabjf says:

        @kgazette: I tried one with sweet potato fries instead of homefries a while ago. It’s even better.

        And they forgot to mention that the proper way to eat a garbage plate is swimming in ketchup. I’m sure that would have helped their case even more.

        • smythe says:

          @cabjf: I’m not a fan of the ketchup, I like mine covered in Franks…

          I’ve been making my own since I moved away from Rochester, but its just not the same unless your getting your bread out of a trash bag.

    • DanGross says:

      @Rachacha: Yes indeed. This has reminded me that I haven’t been there for a couple of months. Maybe it’s time to go again…I frequently see Alex Tahou at the original location whenever I stop by.

  15. Raekwon says:

    They make a ground bacon cheese stuffed burger!!?! I can die a happy man.

  16. CaesarBach says:

    Cheesecake on a stick in Chicago?!?!?!? That town is full of healthy, skinny people.

  17. Maulleigh says:

    My mouth started to water at the deep-fried Mars bar or whatever it is. And the Brownie wrapped in cookie dough.

    I’d like a taste sure!

    • ludwigk says:

      @Maulleigh: I loves me some deep fried candy bars. They’re easy enough to make at home. Just stick some candy in the freezer, heat up the fryer, and then whip up a batch of of funnel cake batter. You’ll be frying up your own heart-attack in no time. Oh so gooey and delicious.

      • SabreDC says:

        @ludwigk: If you refrigerate the candy, or even have it at room temperature (which may be messier…) it will be less greasy/unhealthy. People often make the mistake when frying in oil of putting too much stuff, or items that are too cold. When you lower the temperature of the oil that much, the oil takes longer to heat back to a frying temperature and your food sits in the oil longer and absorbs more of the cooking oil. That’s why most fast food places have really greasy fries; they overload the baskets to get a higher throughput and lower the oil temperature too much.

        You probably wouldn’t notice a difference with the candy bar, but if you ever fry fish or anything, note that you CAN make fried food that isn’t incredibly bad for you if you cook less of it at a time and let it flash fry instead of simmer in the lukewarm oil.

        Just throwin’ that out there.

  18. bluewyvern says:

    I would love a bite or two of most of these. And I need to try deep fried coke before I die.

    One of my favorites so far: The Meat Ship! []

  19. ZekeSulastin says:

    Some of these look really quite tasty – in moderation; I’m not sure my gastric system could handle this, having dealt with the side effects of a more grease-heavy meal than I prefer. It tasted GREAT, but reacted rather badly …

  20. TWinter says:

    They’ve got bacon ice cream a couple of pages in. It sounds so wrong and yet so so good.

    Anybody know where I can get some?

  21. P_Smith says:

    People actually eat that junk? Fork me, compared to that garbage, my diet is an athlete’s. What gets me is that many of the people I see eating shit like that are sports fans who live vicariously through TV or paint their jello-torsos at games.

    As I said in a previous post, that isn’t food. It’s stuffing for foie gras as envisioned by Hannibal Lecter.

  22. Outrun1986 says:

    I would eat some of these foods just to try them. My stomach is the absolute WORST with grease though. I see no harm in taking one or 2 bites, just don’t eat the whole thing at once.

    BTW you can find the deep fried Mars bar on most carnival midways, as well as deep fried oreos and fried coke. If you want to eat these foods head to the carnival midway, but they will give you more than you will likely want to eat so bring a couple friends to split the food with.

  23. Craig says:

    I gained weight just looking at the pictures.