H&R Block now has a Twitter account. You can send your problems/mundane wisps of reality their way via @hrblock .


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  1. British Benzene says:

    “Their” way, perhaps?

  2. Ash78 ain't got time to bleed says:

    LOL i got ppl!

  3. White Speed Receiver says:

    Hey H&R Blockhedz: Do any of uz kno taxus?

  4. LeahReindeer says:

    The “Hope you get a nice refund” mentality is exactly what keeps me from doing any business with H&R Block. I hope I owe a small amount. I don’t hope I’ve given the government a tax-free loan that I can get refunded.

  5. Tamar Weinberg says:

    HRBlock has had a Twitter account forever. I’m surprised nobody noticed. They first followed me on 12/28/07. I guess they’re sailing under the radar — till now. ;)

    • FordingTheRiver_GitEmSteveDave says:

      @Tamar Weinberg: That was Harold Robert Block. Once he got convicted, he had to give up his internet accounts, so H&R Block bought it from him and recommended to the judge a lighter sentence.

  6. Bargaineering.com says:

    @turbotax and a bunch of their internal PR and external agency people are also on Twitter too.