Office Depot Comes Through On Promised Gift Card

Last week, Jake wrote to us wondering why Office Depot hadn’t mailed the gift card they promised back in November. Someone from the company contacted Jake, and they all made up, and hugs, and happy Monday morning there’s a gift card in the mail heading Jake’s way now.

Jake writes,

I just wanted to let you know that Casey and I figured out what went wrong and it’s all fixed now.

He had the promised gift card overnighted to me, and I’m very grateful.

The folks at Office Depot were great, and it was clear that they meant to help me all along, there was just a little miscommunication. Thanks for your help!

We’re very happy for Jake, seriously, but we’re going to jump in before the commenters and point out the big problem with this method of mystery solving: not everyone can get their story posted to the Consumerist, and if companies are only taking action on these “bad PR” cases and continuing to ignore the regular customers who call, write, fax, blog, or tweet in relative obscurity, then nothing has really improved.

Having said that, we’re glad that Jake and Office Depot worked it out. Who knows, maybe it helped clear up an internal issue and will therefore be of help to other consumers.


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  1. tc4b says:

    Am I the only one who will only consider this resolved when he actually gets the card and is able to use it? They’ve proven that their word isn’t worth spit. Why believe them now?

    • legwork says:

      Aye. Needing two mentions here to get it right is a bad sign.

      Of course, Consumerist being fair and open-minded will give them the benefit. Post OD stories quickly and often to show how this one was a double-anomaly.

    • working class Zer0 says:

      @tc4b:Exactly what I thought when I read this.

  2. idip says:

    Yep, if I had just called to complain i would have gotten the run around. But lo and behold Office Depot sees this story on a major website and “GASP” they overnight a gift card out.

    PR story.

    Consumerist is optimistic this may possibly solve the issue for others. I, myself, doubt that.

    • tc4b says:

      @idip: I’m still not convinced THIS issue has been solved. Until he successfully uses a card (assuming he even gets it in the first place), I’m going with the company’s proven track record of being full of shit.

  3. icy_one says:

    Seems to be a common problem at Office Depot. I was supposed to receive a $100 gift card via rebate a year or so back, but when I never received it I followed up with OD who told me that the offer was via a third party and they weren’t responsible for sending a gift card, despite OD advertising it in their circular.

    Never went back. Hopefully Office Depot will be next against the wall after Circuit City.

    • whitetrd says:

      Just because it was advertised does not make it their baby. If you read the fine print in ads, they clearly state that they are not responsible for manufacturer’s rebates. On another note, why would you wish for 100k people to lose their jobs? @icy_one:

  4. Josh R. says:

    I was in OD yesterday to buy a cordless phone battery. The woman in front of me took out one of those $10 off coupons, but it had expired. She asked if the manager could make it work anyway. He entered the OD magical coupon code (9999) and approved it.

    I used to work at OD. We really weren’t supposed to use 9999, but we did on occasion.

    It’s the little things you do for customers that make you feel good as a customer service person.

  5. SlyBevel says:

    I’m the OP, and I commented in the original post as well.

    OD overnighted the card to me on Thursday, I received it on Friday.

    It’s all good, and I’m very happy.

    • Verucalise (Est.February2008) says:

      @SlyBevel: Quite a change in attitude, the way you portray your happiness with the company. I almost feel like you are reading a script.

      But happy that you received what was promised to you.