Great Moments In Commercial History:

Reader Laurie nominates these two commercials for a rural dating service. Farming is so lonely.

Laurie writes:

It’s hard to beat these (can’t decide which version creeps me out more) commercials for a “rural” online dating service. The first couple of times I saw them, I thought they had to be a gag. They weren’t. All I can say is, I’d rather be lonely. Or preferably dead.

Ah, the country. We did a little Googling and found an article about people who use the site and their heartwarming intolerance for “city folk,” “freaks,” and “faced-paced, two-faced, game-playing, city slickers.”

“They’re coming from a farming background, and to generalize, I know they’re not going to be a bunch of freaks,” said Marquardt, who grew up on a Michigan hog farm…

SWF, likes long walks in the back 40 [Star-Tribune]

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