Woman Sues McDonald's For Serving Cleaning Liquid Instead Of Iced Tea

A Baltimore woman is suing McDonald’s for negligence, after she says they served her a cup of kitchen equipment sanitizer instead of iced tea.

From the Maryland Daily Record:

“She took a sip, it burned her mouth and she spit it out,” said Patricia S. Steiger, of the Law Offices of Seymour Goldstein.

Jones, an administrative assistant, convinced the restaurant employees to open the closed interior of the restaurant in the 4200 block of Mortimer Ave., Steiger said. The workers gave her some milk – and a sample of what she unwittingly put in her mouth, the lawyer said.

“They gave her a packet like the one that had been in there – as a matter of knowing what it was – to take with her and then she went to the emergency room” at Johns Hopkins Hospital, Steiger said.

There, doctors determined Jones had “a mild or moderate chemical reaction,” Steiger said, and eventually diagnosed her with chemical pharyngitis and tonsillitis. By mid-November, she had made a full recovery, according to Steiger.

The chemical in question is intended to be mixed with gallons of water and used to clean drink machines. Predictably, McDonald’s is “taking it seriously,”:

Franchise owner Cynthia Brown declined to comment on the pending litigation, instead issuing an e-mailed statement through a McDonald’s spokeswoman.

“Nothing is more important to me than the well-being of my customers,” the e-mail said. “Rest assured, we take this matter seriously.”

Previously, McDonald’s also took metal screws baked into their apple pies seriously.

Woman sues McDonald’s over contents of cup [MD Daily Record] (Thanks, Stanton!)
(Photo:Paxton Holley)

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