"There Are Worms In My Goobers!"

Nestle has offered free coupons to a Florida man who found worms in his box of Goobers, reports the local “10Connects” news station. Dollar General, where he bought the candy, was a little more responsive and released the following statement:

Out of an abundance of caution, Dollar General has ordered its stores to remove Goobers candy from its shelves and is programming its point-of-sale systems to block transactions of this product pending further investigation.”

We know these things happen, but you’d expect Nestle to issue some sort of public statement. But no, just some coupons.

The Nestle Corporation contacted Keith and Tim to offer them free coupons for more Nestle products. They say they will continue shopping at Dollar General, but as for Nestle candy, they’ll never eat it again.

“Goobers candy taken off Dollar General shelves” [10Connects] (Thanks to Sean!)

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