Landlord Orders Ex-Husband To Pay Murdered Wife's Rent

The ex-husband of a woman who was murdered at a Christmas party along with 8 other people has been ordered by her landlord to pay her rent. The landlord says she gave insufficient notice to vacate the premises, and broke her lease. Apparently they require 60 days notice before being shot dead by your sister’s ex-husband in a Santa suit.

CBS2 reports:

Broadcrest Foothill Apartment Homes claims Alicia Ortiz broke her lease on an Upland apartment when she and her 17-year-old son were killed by her sister’s disgruntled ex-husband. The landlord informed her former husband, Carlos Ortiz, that she gave “insufficient notice to vacate.” The company says it is owed $2,821 in rent and penalties.

The itemized invoice claimed Ortiz’s estate owes $1,655, plus payment for 12 days rent and other fees for the weeks after she died.

Alicia Ortiz, her son Michael and seven other relatives were killed by Bruce Pardo when he barged into his ex-in-laws’ Covina home during a holiday party Dec. 24 dressed as Santa Claus and opened fire. After a shooting rampage that claimed his ex-wife’s life, he burned the house and killed himself.

Since Carlos Ortiz was not on the lease, he has no legal obligation to pay the rent being demanded by these chum-slurping maggots.

Ex-husband told to pay slain woman’s rent [CBS2] (Thanks to Ken!) (Photo: !!!! scogle)

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