Disney To Sell Eggs For Some Reason

I’m not sure why, but Disney is selling eggs. Each egg is stamped with a different Disney character and if you get the additional egg mold, you can make the eggs into little mickey mouse Disney icons. Then gobble them up. Weird. [Jezebel]


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  1. RonDiaz says:

    There is Disney Fruit too.

  2. Plates says:

    Yet another reason to hate Disney, if there lousy “entertainment” wasn’t enough reason to hate them.

  3. wardawg says:

    Yay marketing! Now taking votes for next Disney marketing ploy down the chute. My vote is for Disney character themed toilet paper.

    • Leksi Wit says:

      @wardawg: I’m not defending Disney per say, but I think molding sunny side up eggs into fun shapes for young kids is a great idea. I’m going to try that next time my 4 year old nephew comes to visit. (I’ll probably use a generic cookie cutter though.)

  4. RazFandango says:

    Until I see a Hannah Montanna egg mold, I’m not buying.

  5. albear says:

    Dis’ is a real what the flying F#¢k!

    Tell me this isn’t real.

  6. Raekwon says:

    Disney fruit! They got those 9 pound lemons they grow in their labs and some were in Mickey Mouse molds. I found it pretty cool myself. My bet is this is something coming from one of their food labs and they might as well sell it.

  7. Ash78 ain't got time to bleed says:

    Michael EIsner. Coincidence?

    I hope they have someone named Wurst and maybe a couple of Biersteins on the staff.

  8. mwc5446 says:

    Diversification? haha

  9. t0ph says:

    I read somewhere that while Disney sometime back promised to only license there characters etc on healthy foods from here on in, some licensing contracts still existed and hadn’t expired yet. I don’t have kids so I don’t know really though what products they shill for..tho I did see this last nite and sent it in to the tipline

  10. cmdrsass says:

    Now that Disney is in the breakfast business, can I expect a cease and desist from their wombat lawyers for making mickey-mouse pancakes?

  11. slater says:

    I’ll tell you what though, I would have gone nuts for these when I was 5. Just like I went nuts for Mickey Mouse shaped pancakes. I bet they sell a ton of these things inside Disneyland at the 400 gift shops.

    • Cyclokitty says:

      Same here. My mom made Mickey Mouse shaped pancakes for Sunday breakfast when I was kid and I loved them even more than regular shaped pancakes.

      I’ve never been to Disneyland or Disneyworld but I did have several Mickey Mouse ear hats as a kid. Not to mention my Goofy t-shirt and Donald Duck t-shirt I wore until they were practically see thru.

    • sarahq says:

      @slater: Mickey-shaped pancakes are delish, but the Mickey-shaped waffles sold at the WDW-resort are stupendous. I think it has to do with the ratio of outside edge : inner area being so high, resulting in crispy goodness that stands up to a good dousing of syrup.

      /end waffle-geek mode

  12. LuluStarPony says:

    It’s kind of funny and sad that they are trying so hard.

  13. Torgonius wants an edit button says:

    If only they’d sell honey-roasted mouse :(

  14. Spider Jerusalem says:

    Er…I’m a bad person for wanting this, aren’t I? I don’t want the Mickey one though. What else have they got?

  15. quail says:

    It’s not Disney. It’s some company that bought licensing rights and is trying to up sales with the Disney characters. Don’t think these eggs come from happy people working for the Mouse.

  16. tomok97 says:

    While it seems crazy, as PerpetualBoredom pointed out, Disney has agreed to only endorse healthy foods. This is probably a step in that direction. Although I’m sure someone will point out the cholesterol level in eggs. But it’s better than candy & McDonald’s.

    • Outrun1986 says:

      @tomok97: Eggs are fine as long as you don’t overdo it. Lets hope they are endorsing foods that are actually healthy instead of the usual mess of corn syrup that is in nearly every licensed children’s product out there.

      • tomok97 says:

        @Outrun1986: Oh, I know. I was just preempting all the contrarians out there. My job necessitates me occasionally crossing paths with Disney’s food policy and it seems pretty legit. Plus, if you go to the parks, the side items on kids meals are apples and such instead of fries. Although you can still request fries if want. So it’s nice that their default position is healthy but they aren’t dogmatic about or usurping parents’ rights to let their kids eat junk food sometimes.

        • Outrun1986 says:

          @tomok97: I really wish the fast food places would do this too, instead of making the healthy food the option, it should really be the default. Not that the healthy food item is even much healthier, but its a lot better than fries for a kid. Motts applesauce is loaded with HFCS and the dip that comes with the McDonalds apples can’t be much better. Its also very difficult to get them to add in the healthy food instead of the fries, since they just stick everyone with fries no matter what. Of course if they changed then everyone would be outraged :)

          Its REALLY hard to find healthy food at parks, so hearing this is a good thing. Some parks don’t allow you to bring in your own food or leave to get food, so you are essentially forced to eat there. I usually don’t patronize parks that do these things though.

          • eskilla says:

            @Outrun1986: Oh yeah, disney’s great. While they prefer you don’t bring in food, they won’t actually stop you so you could bring in lunch and dinner if you wanted. Plus if you’re ultra-vegan or have celiac disease or any other sort of high-maintenance food issue, you can call a minimum of 24 hours ahead to any disney resturant and the chef will prepare a special meal for you.

    • Real Cheese Flavor says:

      @tomok97: I was under the impression that as long as you weren’t eating a half dozen at time that the cholesterol in eggs wasn’t that bad.

    • shepd says:


      You need to shop at the right stores! :) Seriously, find any hardcore Asian mall, and you’ll note that Disney not only sponsors things WAY WAY WAY weirder than an egg mould, but I have a Mickey Mouse spaghetti pot (It was cheaper branded than unbranded, I’m not really a fan), it isn’t even pirate-Disney, it’s got the official hologram and all that. After going to Asian malls enough, this didn’t even strike me as odd. :LOL: Then again, I’ve even become used to asking… ahem… “DVD-R” movie shops for competitive discounts since there’s at least a dozen of them at the place I go to.

      And as far as junk food goes, there’s PLENTY of Disney branded candy, again, mostly from Asia. Heck, just check eBay.

    • AmandaW says:

      @tomok97: Sounds great to me. My daughter is 2 1/2 and completely in love with the Disney Princesses. She’d probably eat a can of spinach if it had Sleeping Beauty on the label. If I have to endure her shrieking “CINDERLELLY! ARIEL!” every time we walk down the aisles of the grocery store, at least they can help me out with getting her to eat well.

  17. Eryn DeLille Cobb says:


  18. 4padfoot says:

    @undefined: How bizarre. Why would they branch out there. I understand the Mickey Mouse Kraft mac n cheese, but eggs?

  19. metaled says:

    I don’t need another reason to hate Disney. My Son’s Godmother, after working for Disney (Television/Video) for almost 35 years. Monday morning, they laid her off with only a 3 weeks pay (severance package), along with 3 other long-term employees. The woman is 60 years old and unmarried, with a 84 YO mother in the hospital (maybe long-term/rest of her short remaining life), a loan on the house to pay the hospitals and nursing home bills. No warning, no chance of getting a job with everyone looking for work. Too old to start over in most jobs and too young for Social Security… She will probably loose everything and her mother’s care is really going to suffer. If they had given her any sign they were planning this, she may have had a chance.
    Why wouldn’t they lay off the kids who worked their less than a year instead? Because they can take the jobs of the long-term employees and work for less. They are heartless bastards, I’ll be sure to NEVER buy anything from any of their companies every again!
    BTW, they gave her a leave date of 2 weeks, she can’t stand to go in, she breaks down crying just thinking of going in to work… so Disney is going to take 2 weeks of her severance package… The CEO’s need to know their decisions don’t just make people struggle, it affects if some can live at all. Thanks for these stupid eggs Disney, they’re sure to succeed!

    • legotech says:

      @metaled: I was laid off from Disney in November, if she says she had no warning, she just hasn’t been paying attention. Little things like the announcement from corporate that we weren’t allowed to use our corporate cards for meals with any other Disney employees, not just allowing newspaper subscriptions to run out but actively CANCELLING them in an attempt to get some rebate back, removing the little things like free soda and snacks, hiring freezes. Believe me, the signs have been there and yes, at 35 years you’d think she’d be safe, but Disney isn’t a charity, if they fire one 35 year employee, they can probably keep two five year people, which just makes sense because those two people are going to have to do their work, her work, and the work of two or three people that SHOULD have been hired because the release schedule for games, movies, tv shows, books, magazines, products, has already been set for 2009, remember, we’re halfway through Disney’s financial year for 2009.

      I’m really sorry for your friend, but it’s not Disney’s fault that she felt like she was entitled to a job. Resumes all over Disney have been polished and sent out for months now.

    • shepd says:


      It sucks, but the sword cuts both ways. If you’re a fan of People’s Court, Judge Millian explained her experience as a Crown Attorney (or whatever you call them in them thar states): For every 1 case her “elders” handled, she would do 5.

      If statistics have anything to say, companies are better off with younger employees that can do more (poorly) than with older employees that do less (but very well) at this point in time.

      Hopefully, for 35 years service, unemployment insurance holds out for a while. And yes, 3 weeks severance is far too little. I believe in most places, she’d be able to sue for getting so little severance from a 35 year position. Normally, where I am, it would be 9 weeks severance (That’s the top severance, it’s usually something like 2 weeks for the first 5 years or so, then 1 week per year on top of that until you hit 9 for even the lowest positions. It isn’t specifically mandated, but case law says that is just compensation and anything less is grounds for a lawsuit.)

  20. TheGuinnessTooth says:

    Sweet! This might mean a bigger return on those Disney stocks my grandparents bought me for my birth.

  21. theblackdog says:

    I’m surprised no one has mentioned Donald Duck Orange Juice yet.

    • redskull says:

      @theblackdog: Hey, I used to drink that when I was a kid. Is it still around?

      I remember DD OJ was the hard stuff– it tasted like I imagine battery acid would. You could probably use it to clean paint brushes.

      • mariospants says:

        @redskull: You must be getting confused with the Donald Duck GRAPEFRUIT JUICE, which I always found to be a little “battery acidey” but it was cheap and probably just as good for you as the $7-a-pint hand-squeezed stuff we buy today.

  22. oneandone says:

    Disney also sells insect repellent:

    and baby eczema cream:

    What babies care what brand their eczema cream is?

  23. PenneAll'Arrabbiata_GitEmSteveDave says:

    Was I the only one who took “if you get the additional egg mold in a different sense?

  24. IT-Chick says:

    Do want. Honestly.

  25. Zeke_D says:

    I didn’t read all the posts, but since I do in fact own some of these, I wnted to point out that they are poorly manufactured, and do not work as they are supposed to, and not like in the photo.

  26. NotChoinski says:

    In other news, Disney’s poor earnings report today has caused a sudden downturn across the market today. can I have a few of them to throw?

  27. FuryOfFirestorm says:

    This explains the boom in cartoon mouse births last year!

  28. ArcanaJ says:

    This is nothing new. Disney branded food items have been around for aaaaages. Donald Duck orange juice anyone?

    • mykie says:

      @ArcanaJ: I’ve been purchasing Disney-branded foodstuffs for a few years now, I’ve found that they do not contain the dreaded mercury-laced HFCS ingredients, and are reasonably priced.

      Furthermore, it makes getting my kid to eat her vegetables that much easier if there’s a cartoon character on the label.

  29. tracilyns says:

    i have a couple of those egg molds and i love them! so fun. they also work great for mini pancakes.

  30. davere says:

    I tried that egg mold once and the result looked nothing like that. I threw it away.

  31. cpt.snerd says:

    Hmmm – it could be my awesome love for eggs, but that mickey shaped egg looks delicious…. well – i love egg whites so the ears look especially yum.

  32. savdavid says:

    Well, Disney has been around a long time. Maybe selling eggs has some value. If it was Enron Eggs I might be more questioning.

  33. chrisjames says:

    Um, shame? I’d buy this. I’d never even thought of molding eggs. I have a metal heart cookie-cutter; I think I’ll give that a whirl later.

  34. Framling says:

    I can’t help but see that yolk as one giant horrifying eye on the mouthless face of that egg. It’s… Lovecraftian.

  35. Eilonwynn says:


    I’ve eaten *mickeyburgers*. Bought at a grocery store.

  36. boxiom says:

    I just sat here, and tried to think of other “Disney __________” products….but they were all seriously done already…

    Disney Television Set
    Disney Mugs
    Disney DVD Player
    Disney Cereal
    Disney Underwear
    Disney Houses
    Disney Cars

    but eggs are good.

  37. battra92 says:

    I just want some Oswald the Lucky Rabbit merchandise. I missed the boat on those limited edition plush toys since we don’t have a Disney Store near me anymore.

    This isn’t as weird as what the Looney Tunes are doing. I mean, Road Runner Ice Melt? Yeah let’s use a cartoon character who lives in the desert and runs away from a coyote as the mascot of our ice melter. o_O