Use Potato Chips To Report Bad Best Buy Employees

An insider tells us the best way to get back at a bad Best Buy employee is a bag of potato chips:

Customers who are unhappy with their service, buy something ridiculous like a bag of chips from that employee. The managers will never give the regional/area office’s number, but receipts allow you to fill out a survey where you can sneak around that. Surveys, and the text given go directly to district management. You WILL be heard, because nobody actually fills out the survey and when it is, action is taken based on it. Information for the survey is at the bottom of the receipt.

Make sure to check the box that says you want a manager to contact you. Alternatively, if you were really pleased with the level of service you received and want to make sure someone in charge knows about it, this method works as well.

(Photo: adonis hunter’s ‘stuff”)

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