Use Potato Chips To Report Bad Best Buy Employees

An insider tells us the best way to get back at a bad Best Buy employee is a bag of potato chips:

Customers who are unhappy with their service, buy something ridiculous like a bag of chips from that employee. The managers will never give the regional/area office’s number, but receipts allow you to fill out a survey where you can sneak around that. Surveys, and the text given go directly to district management. You WILL be heard, because nobody actually fills out the survey and when it is, action is taken based on it. Information for the survey is at the bottom of the receipt.

Make sure to check the box that says you want a manager to contact you. Alternatively, if you were really pleased with the level of service you received and want to make sure someone in charge knows about it, this method works as well.

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  1. PunchesSmallAnimals_GitEmSteveDave says:

    Great, now when I ask for a bag of chips, the employees will get wise to this, and pretend they don’t have them.

  2. Davan says:

    I almost fell for it, but I know this is just Best Buy’s way of selling high profit margin junk food to combat the recession. Nice try Best Buy!!
    Even if it were legit, once they figure out customers use it they will ignore it.

  3. stanner says:

    A bag of loose chips? I understand some of their laptops come that way too.

  4. Supasam83 says:

    That info is almost correct :)…the surveys do actually end up on reports where they can be viewed by the district staff…so if you leave a bad comment and leave the employee’s name and the situation, a local store manager will see it while viewing the customer satisfaction index report. Here is the trick, at the end of the survey it will ask if you want a member of the management staff to contact you. if you say no, everything goes back to normal, they’ll skim over your complaints and that’s it. If you agree to have a manager contact you over this issue, the store’s AMs and GM will get an email with your complaints and they have 3-7 days to contact you. If they do contact you, case closed. If they do not however, an email with all your information including your complaint goes to the District manager.

    • Trai_Dep says:

      @Supasam83: Thanks for the tip! Ben, this might make a good update to the article?

    • world-inferno says:

      @Supasam83: “If they do contact you, case closed.”

      and what stops them from lying to the computer saying that they called you when they didn’t? Don’t say honesty. :P

    • Donathius says:

      @Supasam83: Soooooo…how do they know that the manager called the customer in question? I would guess that the manager puts some comments in a text box, and clicks the “I called” button. What would keep them from putting in some BS comments and saying they called anyway?

      • nonsane says:

        @Donathius: This is correct, and it happened to me at Futureshop(Best Buy’s Canadian sibling) I said call me, i got no response. Emailed again, and they told me i had been called. Magic phone again, it rang with nothing showing up on my voicemail or caller ID. woah.

  5. Segador says:

    I’m pretty sure you don’t have to buy the item specifically from that employee. Any receipt from the store should work.

    • AlteredBeast (blaming the OP one article at a time.) says:

      @Segador: But this way you get the employee number, instead of having just their name like “Tim” or “Mike”.

  6. Ash78 ain't got time to bleed says:

    I wonder if they sell Pringles. Because every time I shop at Best Buy I feel like I’m getting something in the can.

  7. Canino says:

    So the end result is you have to purchase something from them to even get a complaint heard? What a brilliant business model…treat someone well and you have a loyal customer, or treat them like crap and you still at least make 25 cents off them.

  8. shenanigans says:

    Damn! Rap Snacks! I remember those. They included a loaded gun and a dimebag with every purchase. It was like crackerjack for today’s generation.

  9. PittDragon says:

    I’m more interested in these “Rap Snacks” as I’ve never heard of them, where can I get these?

  10. tc4b says:

    Why not buy something, leave it in the box, fill out the survey, then do the return the next day? That way you haven’t really spent money at the store.

    Of course, my solution to bad service at BB is just to shop elsewhere. Not as antagonistic, but hey, it seems to have ironed out the kinks in circuit city’s service. Ironed out… with extreme prejudice!

    • PinkBox says:

      @tc4b: Sounds good, but you’d probably spend more money in gas and time than what a bag of chips is worth. :)

      • tc4b says:

        @PinkBox: I agree. Seems like something to do if you’re a real red-ass, with lots of free time and pent up hostility. I mean, WTF? It’s just some person making a little less than a living wage to get treated like crap by management AND customers, do I need to take time out to make his life even LESS enjoyable? He has to wear that stupid shirt, let that be punishment enough.

  11. Trai_Dep says:

    What if I buy a can of Whoop-Ass?

  12. Juice Box Hero says:

    Unfortunately, even the candy at Best Buy is overpriced! Last time I was there, it was something like $1.39 for a pack of M&Ms!

  13. mrm514 says:

    You could also call 1-888-BESTBUY and ask to speak to consumer relations. That was always the most effective way customers got results when I worked there. Often, I would have them call while still in the store, consumer relations would speak to a manager, and results would be almost instantaneous.

  14. discounteggroll says:

    surely a consumerist would pricematch that bag of chips guaranteeing the lowest price as well, correct?

  15. Ecks says:

    I want Rap Snacks, but they don’t distribute them in Canada afaik. :( We need more flavor variety.

    • amandakerik says:

      @Ecks: lol what, 9 kinds of cheese / buffalo wings and blue cheese / tandori / god knows what else flavours aren’t quite enough?
      (and if you go into the asian / international aisles, there are fruit-with-fish flavoured jerkies, etc.)

  16. Anonymous says:

    This is a dumb post. I worked at bestbuy and these surveys can be viewed by any employee in the first place. Managers read these surveys and just laugh from my experiences because customers write the most rediculous things in there. If you had a bad experience stop crying and go somewhere else. After all you need to remember working retail sucks and for most young people why would they care about it.

  17. celticgina says:

    I wanted to buy just chips but found myself talked into the extended warranty on them.

    Only 69.95 for 3 years….great deal, huh??

  18. hewhoroams says:

    that bag of chips requires a monster HDMI cable and a geek squad installation sir.

  19. xkevin108x says:

    I don’t see why having a bad experience would make you want to buy anything else from them, even if it is chips.

  20. IT-Chick says:

    Best Buy sells chips??

  21. shepd says:

    Save a bit of money and just look around the store entrance for a receipt. I’m sure it won’t take long. Or ask someone else for one, again, they might not care.

    Why give that Best Buy money?

  22. Trai_Dep says:

    Or for the ultimate in annoying an annoying sales guy: buy the chips. Get the receipt. Return the chips for a refund. Try not to LOL while they have to cut the paperwork for a $.040 bag of chips.
    End result, TWO receipts!

  23. Jfielder says:

    Or you can just do things the easy way, and stop shopping at Best Buy.

  24. Angryrider says:

    I could buy a penny guide, but they’ve started pulling them from the stores. Yargh!

  25. ZukeZuke says:

    Great tip!

  26. Trick says:

    I bought a bag of chips from Best Buy and inside there was a bunch of ceramic tiles. When I went to exchange the chips, the return clerk said I ate the chips then tried to scam them on the return.

    So I bought another bag of chips so I could complain via a survey and inside that back was a 73″ Plasma TV! I’m still mad.

    I wanted those chips.

  27. Modred189 says:

    This is rather hit or miss depending on the store. The store I used to work at had an incredibly high survey-completion rate, and your comments could be, and usually were, quickly lost.

  28. vladthepaler says:

    How much for the extended service plan on my bag of chips?

  29. highmodulus says:

    Can I get the extended warranty on those chips?

  30. shubox215 says:

    I use to be the Supervisor for the S Philly Best Buy. The Computers department, according to my managers, had the most “opportunity”. They say this not for advancement but because it was the most challenging. You see, computer do not have a lot of margin (profit). WHen a computer is on sale, it is being sold at cost(excluding Apple. They make 20% margin) The numbers game is like this; every sale is tracked on a goal sheet, or at least it should be. The overall goal is to sell Geek Squad services because services are a lot of margin, next are PSP, mainly accidental damage coverage on laptops. A 3 year ADH plan on a $400 to $599 laptop cost $249, or half the price of the laptop! Cables, printer ink, surge protectors all make up margin dollars! The more you can “attach” to the sale, the better you look. If you cannot attach accessories, geek squad, or service plans, they usually transfer to a less challenging department like media! Trust when I say managment loaths a sale of a computer or HDTV without any services or warranties attached. Best Buy builds a relationship with the customer in stating they have the end to end solution, but in the end the only goal is to build up GMD (gross margin dollars) in the daily business matrix. HDTv have more margin on the TV, somewhere around 15 to 30%, but they make a killing on installation and warranties. Just ask the Customer Experience Manager. Their title IS NOT to ensure the experience of the customer, it is the make sure every department is working on their daily numbers, which build toward their monthly goals, which are measured against the other store in the district. Our DM LOVED tracker sheets on every sale associate’s clip board, and they sound the alarm when they see the numbers slip for even a week. Especially now, in this economy, more than every are the contacting customers and spending time telling them what they “need” for their computer or HDTV

  31. cametall says:

    When I worked for Circuit City several years ago managers would get those online surveys and hang them on a wall in the breakroom.

    No idea if there was one about me…

  32. gman863 says:

    A few more tips on getting attention at other stores:

    * Problem with Wal-Mart? Go to the returns desk – the Store Manager and District Managers’ names and phone #s should be clearly posted. Call the DM – a secretary will answer – ask for his mailing address and send a note. No purchase necessary and, if your complaint is legit, the offending employee will learn the true meaning of Hell on the DM’s next store visit.

    * Look for postage paid comment cards at or near the cash registers. Fill one out but do NOT drop it off in the store – mail it in (or attach it to the front of an envelope containing a detailed letter). The majority of stores take these comments seriously. Not only are you likely to get an apology; the offending employee will be (at the very least) called on the carpet for their behavior.

    Finally, please take a few minutes now and then to use these tactics for complimenting employees who gave excellent service. A few “thumbs up” for an above average employee from customers may help them get promoted, rewarded for their efforts and put in a position where they can hopefully train others to do the same.