Sprint Rebate Line Expedites Rebates

Having trouble redeeming rebates for your Sprint phone? Keep getting denied for seemingly no good reason? Try calling the Sprint rebate line at 800-477-4127. Reader Emily wrote, “I have tried on several different occasions to get rebates on my phone. Seems as though you have to call the Sprint Rebate line and have them resubmit the rebate for you. I have had to do 4 separate rebates this way.” (Photo: hyku)


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  1. Adrienne Willis says:

    Thats great to know as I am about to upgrade to the BB Curve and it comes with a $100 mail-in rebate. I will definitely keep this number handy.

  2. Blueskylaw says:

    This is my flaming hoop called breakage. Please jump through it several times in order to be deemed worthy enough to get your rebate.

  3. Anonymous says:

    I didn’t have any problem when I updated to the bb curve. In fact, with the online discount, the mail-in rebate, and the discounts on your first bill, they basically paid me buying the phone. I made a profit. Never called the rebate center once.

  4. AKAJBuddha says:

    Or… You just go to best buy to get your new sprint phone, where they honor the upgrade discount and take the rebate off at the register, so there is no rebate to mail at all, you get it immediately… just so everyone knows

  5. squatchie44 says:


    I had to call this line as well last year for a couple upgrades. Very unhappy about that.

  6. DeleteThisAccount says:

    I’m on the line with them now. They can’t find my rebate for my Blackberry 8330….11:49am

    • DeleteThisAccount says:

      11:@AngrySicilian: 11:52, I’ve been told to go back to the sprint store and find out why my receipt number does not exist. Joy!

      • Adrienne Willis says:

        @AngrySicilian: that makes me nervous because the only reason I am finally upgrading from my 8830 to the Curve is because I can get it for $99 after the $100 mail in rebate. I will not pay $200 plus tax for a new blackberry when that is not the advertised price.

        Good luck with your rebate, I hope you get your hundred back.

  7. nbeaster says:

    I just read this and called about my blackberry I bought in May of 08′ and they had no record of receiving my forms. I had given up hope until I read this post and decided to call. About 8 minutes on the phone and they said my rebate will be here in 15-20 days.

  8. onesta says:


    This appears to be no coincedence….I bought several new phones for Christmas gifts because they qualified for the rebates. Then last week I was notified that all three rebates were denied.

    I think this is a patten with Sprint. I made copies of what I sent and am going to re-send them, because I DO qualifiy for the rebates.

    Let me know if you have had the same problem. I bet lost of people will be denied after puchasing new phones as Christmas gifts.

  9. Anonymous says:

    I bought 2 phones that qualified foe 100.00 rebate. They sent me a postcard dening my rebate.Went to the sprint store were they were purchased and they said they took care of it, and I would get a check in 7-10 days. Well 3 weeks have passed,no check. Checked on the rebate line and they said I had cancelled the phones. What happened was they had to change phone #’s because they were prior #’s from someone else,and they could not get my name to show up. Got my first bill 2 weeks into having the phones with all these text charges I did not make.Got another bill today. So thats 2 bills in 5 weeks.for way more than I’m supposed to be paying. Have always been on verizon but figured since so many people I know are on sprint it would save me money. What a joke!I just e-mailed them to give me my rebate! Then I came upon your site,so I will call them and see what happens. I’m tyred of getting ripped off.Plus both phones had several pics on them. I think I have been scammed.