EECB Over Xbox 360 Keeps Getting Bounced Back As Spam

Those wily Xbox 360 gremlins are at it again, and this time they’re cracking Michael’s game discs in little spokes along the inner ring of each disc. His customer service call went nowhere, naturally, so someone on the Penny Arcade forum where he posted his story suggested an Executive Email Carpet Bomb. The only problem is, it keeps getting sent back as spam.

Is this the latest stage in an EECB arms race, or is there something he’s doing wrong to trigger the spam filter? Here’s his email; what do you think is the problem?

Dear Sirs/Ma’ams,

I am writing to you to inform you that my Halo 3 Xbox 360 console, which I obtained around October of 2007, has begun cracking game discs that I put into it. So far, it has cracked 2 of my games, which are Halo 3 and Rock Band 2. It has begun to crack a third game, Fable 2. All 3 of these games have the same exact crack pattern, which I have detailed in this internet posting:

I have tried to get your customer support line to assist me in this manner, but they either stonewall me or deny the Xbox is capable of doing this. I keep my games in their boxes, and take care of them. This has started to happen over just the past couple of weeks. I cannot get your customer support line to even consider fixing my Xbox, let alone replace my games. Losing over 180$ worth of games because my Xbox decided to break them is not a fun idea. If I cannot get them replaced, I am not going to rebuy them just to have them broken again, and I am not going to spend money on another Xbox to replace a manufacturer defect. There is also the fact that I cannot buy a new Halo Xbox 360, as they were a limited run.

As a side effect of this, I can no longer play my hundreds of Rock Band DLC tracks, and cannot buy anymore without spending 60$ to replace the Rock Band 2 disc.

I look forward to a reply on this matter,

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