Proflowers Does Not Want This Man To Send Flowers

William has given Proflowers three chances to send his flower orders to a loved one. So far, they’re 0 for 3. William says they’ve refunded his money, so he doesn’t feel cheated or anything. But as he points out, since flower deliveries are usually a time-sensitive matter, reliability is really the number one goal you’re looking for in a flower company.

I have ordered from Proflowers three times in the last year. All three orders/deliveries were disasters. Proflowers was nice enough to refund the cost. The money is not a factor when trying to have flowers delivered to your spouse or other loved ones for an important occasion.

The first order: flowers arrived dead.

The second order: they shipped the wrong item.

The third order: the delivery got rescheduled by their chosen shipper.

While I can see where the third order may not be their fault, they had the order on the 26th and did not need to deliver until the 29th.

They made no attempt or effort on their part to monitor or notify that the package would not be arriving. UPS provides the tools, Proflowers can easily be alerted when their packages are off schedule. I could have made other arrangements had they bothered to take a least a little bit of interest in providing quality service to their customers.

Simply giving someone their money back after messing up does not make it OK that you messed up.

I guess it is my fault for giving them the second and third chance.

So what’s causing the problem, Proflowers? We have some theories:

1. Someone at Proflowers wants to steal away William’s girlfriend or wife.
2. An old enemy from a previous job, or from high school, works at Proflowers.
3. Gypsy curse.
4. Proflowers has been secretly bought by a greeting card company.

Any other theories?


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  1. MyPetFly says:

    It’s a joint venture between UPS, FedEx and USPS.

  2. glorpy says:

    Odd… Proflowers has been nothing but helpful for me. They went particularly above and beyond with one order that was delivered on a very cold and snowy day. The giftee didn’t hear the doorbell and so the flowers were left to freeze overnight. I called and informed them of this and they sent out a complete replacement for the entire order, which included some other miscellany that was not harmed by the cold, the next day at no charge.

    • "I Like Potatoes" says:

      I had a similar problem only my husband sent me flowers while he was deployed overseas and they sat in the UPS truck all day in 3 degree weather. The flowers were ruined but one call to Proflowers and they not only refunded the entire price of the flowers and shipping, but they let me choose flowers that were a comparable price as the first order for free (shipping free as well). I was quite happy with that solution since I ordered tulips and irises to replace my dead red roses (which I don’t really like anyway but my husband has been brainwashed to think that red roses are what every woman dreams of).

    • davere says:

      @glorpy: I’ve used Proflowers once because I had a $25 off coupon, this brought the price down to a more reasonable level, however, the flowers and vase arrived as ordered and on time.

  3. SunnyLea says:

    I hate to be “that guy” but I have to say I’m surprised. I’ve never had anything but above par service from Proflowers and everyone I have ever sent them to has just ranted and raved about the quality.

    As per the delivery schedule, Proflowers has always sent me a tracking number.

    • SunnyLea says:

      Heavens@SunnyLea: Sorry, that last sentence made no sense. I got interrupted while writing it. I honestly can’t remember what I meant to say, though!

    • downwithmonstercable says:

      @SunnyLea: I used them once and they were fine, however I switched to 1800 Flowers because they had better shipping options. But yeah no issues here. (that one time anyway)

      • SunnyLea says:


        See, 1-800-Flowers failed to deliver some flowers I sent to a funeral and instead of giving me my money back, wanted me to give them to a home address. After telling them a million times that 1) I did not have a home address for this person and 2) I wanted to send flowers to the funeral, I finally asked a coworker if she had the home address.

        I gave 1-800-Flowers the address only to receive a call hours later that the address wasn’t valid. (It was. I checked later.)

        Again, I told them I really had just wanted to deliver the flowers to the funeral, I didn’t have an alternate address, and could I just have my money back?

        They finally acquiesced. But the hassle ensured they never got me as a customer again.

        • downwithmonstercable says:

          @SunnyLea: Weird. I’ve only had good experiences with them, most recently sending flowers to my wife at work for our anniversary.

          I’ve also had wonderful service from Comcast. I think I’m the only one on this site that has though.

        • Mina_da_mad_child says:

          @SunnyLea: A similar thing happened to me with my grandmother’s funeral. I was unable to attend with my mother and attempted to send flowers and gifts on behalf of me and my brothers. Not only did they not send anything, my mother had to call me to find out what happened and then buy something herself for her dead mother. This was after I spoke with several people at 1800 Flowers to confirm the delivery to the church.

          To make amends, they gave me a coupon.

          They will never get my business again

  4. b.k. says:

    Interesting. I’ve never used Proflowers. Do they actually try to ship floral arrangements from one centralized location? Whenever I’ve ordered flowers online there’s a list of florists in the area where I’m sending them, so they’re arranged/shipped from very near where they have to go. And loathing UPS as I do, I wouldn’t trust them to deliver something as delicate as flowers, anyway.

    • lars2112 says:

      @b.k.: For the most part proflowers ships from a central location. I have had nothing but great feedback from those I sent proflowers too, can’t say the same about 1800flowers who still owe me a refund for a non delivery 8 months ago.

  5. Anonymous says:

    I no longer use Pro-Flowers for this exact same reason. Three times I have had problems with getting the order either on time, get the correct item or having fresh flowers delivered. Eash time they were nice enough to either refund the cost or give me a new item, but due to never getting them when I needed them I decided it was much easier to call a local florist and get the flowers I wanted much faster and fresher. Their customer service is great though, so if you do not care when you get the flowers (condition doesn’t matter since they will replace any bad deliveries), go ahead and use them.

  6. Chris Hatcher says:

    I have ordered from Proflowers twice, both times they screwed up and refunded my money… It was a nice gesture(both times they also resent flowers 3 or 5 days later for free) but still, flowers are time sensitive… I guess I’m not the only lucky one…

  7. hoshiforever says:

    Like others here, I’ve had nothing but good luck from ProFlowers. I’ve ordered for my girlfriend numerous times because their products, prices, and customer service have been great.

    I hate to say it, William, but I think you just had a string of bad luck.

  8. Keep talking...I'm listening says:

    I had similar experiences last Christmas and last Valentine’s Day. I put the Christmas order in on December 1st for delivery on the 24th. They arrived on the 26th half dead. They promptly offered to either reship or refund when contacted.

    The Valentine’s Day order never showed up…again they promptly offered to reship or refund.

    Their customer service is top notch, but as far as I’m concerned they have no product to sell.

  9. Eyebrows McGee (now with double the baby!) says:

    I usually get online and then call a local-to-my-recipient florist. You can get tons of reviews online of the local places too.

    I’ve always been a little wary of the big national guys, partly from stories on this site. I’ve had good luck ordering local-to-my-recipient.

    • Franklin Comes Alive! says:

      @Eyebrows McGee:


      This always works, and is almost always cheaper (or at least you get more for the same money) than using big online flower places. Just Google a florist or two and give them a call directly.

    • BlondeGrlz says:

      @Eyebrows McGee: I’ve had really mixed results with this. When I forgot my mother’s birthday I called a local-to-her florist and asked for “something with daisies, around $40”. The arrangement they delivered within hours was STUNNING. And huge.

      But when my husband sent me flowers at work from our local place, it was a cheesy basket of carnations. Although shipping from 1800Flowers or Proflowers can be iffy, the quality has always been very high.

  10. minsky says:

    I used ProFlowers a couple of times. The second time, the flowers were crap and I requested a refund. They tried to just have me consent to having the order resent. I pressed them and they somewhat reluctantly gave me a refund. I have not used them since, nor do I plan on using them again.

  11. SacraBos says:

    I got spammed by ProFlowers (using some spammer firm with the address of, 610-A E Battlefield, # 706, Springfield, MO 65807), so my guess is that they are going under and/or incompetent. Williams 0 for 3 record tends to bias for the latter. The use of spam marketing tends to bias me for the former.

  12. TheFlamingoKing says:

    Seems like they have good and bad days at ProFlowers.

    From personal experience, they’re very pro-active if they know about a mistake. I ordered some flowers for my Grandmother’s birthday a while back, and the flowers I wanted were backordered. Someone from ProFlowers contacted me to let me know that there was an error, but in order to make it up to me they had automatically sent another, more expensive rose bouquet so something arrived on her birthday, and then the original order I had placed would be sent when they were available, which was about a week later.

    Some of the other commenter’s stories are reactive – something bad happened with UPS or the recipient, or the florist, or somewhere. But when they had advanced knowledge of a problem, they fixed it fast.

  13. ryes says:

    Wonder if they’ve been bought? I’ve used them many times and have always delighted with the results.

  14. PLATTWORX says:

    Funny this is posted. I used Proflowers once and they delivered dead flowers to my recipient too. Oh, they also gave me a refund but didn’t argue me. However, as the OP states… these are flowers. They must arrive on a said date for a specific occasion and if they don’t arrive or or dead or incorrect, you just can’t “re-do” the gift on the next day. The embarassment can’t be corrected with a refund. They seem to be in the business of shipping volumes of flowers as fast as they can for a low price and if 15% of orders are not right.. they just kick back refunds and move on.

  15. dohtem says:

    I have used Proflowers a few times and they always worked out excellent for me. But with these horror stories, I just might switch for Valentine’s this year.

  16. chiieddy says:

    Only ordered from them once. The flowers arrived dead. Never used them again.

    Actually, I get a better deal going to my local florist who’s on the FTD network.

  17. DriverB says:

    I’m sorry to hear about the bad experiences. I’ve used Proflowers several times, including delivery to my in-laws in HI. It can be tough to arrange delivery there with a local florist because of the huge time difference. So I too wonder if they have undergone some changes. . .if not, I hope they get things back under control.

  18. Allen says:

    Proflowers let me down on my first order. They then failed to refund my money as they promised.
    Since then I’ve taken every opportunity to discourage anyone else from being taken by them.

  19. GretaDandradeine says:

    Proflowers, i’m not surprised.They pulled just about the same stunt with me last year. It is a time sensitive issue and who cares if you get refunded?! Proflowers can’t refund the birthday missed because they failed to deliver the flowers on time when they were supposed to. Playing refund is not a very good birthday present is it?! Horrible company.If you can’t deliver, then don’t promise it to people.

  20. ZoeSchizzel says:

    Listen, good flower designers are awesome. They’re like great interior designers. They know flowers. They know what looks good seasonally, which colors and textures go together, which vessels match which shapes of arrangements, and they know what they can deliver from their store — and their arrangements are always beautiful. If you’ve been ordering arrangements from a book or online, stop that right now!

    If you’re ordering locally, ask around, visit the florist to see their work. You may only need to order from them once every few years, but you can do so with complete confidence. I mean, ordering flowers is like handing over your credit card and saying “Do what you will…” so you might as well fel comfortable doing that.

    If you’re ordering from out of town, call the chamber of commerce and plead with the receptionist for the name of *the* local florist. Then call the shop personally and let them know what you want. Give a price range, a general color scheme or flower choice, and let them know you trust them to make it pretty.

  21. Imobjoas says:

    I bought my fiance flowers for Valentines day from proflowers last year. They promised delivery on Valenties day, but they never showed which made me look like a real @ss. When I called CS I found out they delivered them to the wrong person. After some complaing they did refund my money, and two days later delivered some flowers. They even through in a cheap teddy bear! Thanks Pro Flowers!

  22. 12-Inch Idongivafuck Sandwich says:

    I’ve always had awesome service from Proflowers, my only complaint is the shipping fees, but that’s not a huge deal.

    I stopped using 1800-flowers after some bad experiences (flowers being almost dead) and don’t use local florists (or ftd) since my mom worked at a florist and knows first hand how much of a rip off that stuff is (they all take out extra fees, don’t use good flowers, etc).

    Proflowers all the way. The only company I would use to send flowers.

  23. nsv says:

    I’ve had bad luck with both Proflowers and 1800-flowers. It was a long time ago, though, and I just stopped using them. For a while I switched to sending fruit (when appropriate,) until I heard from one recipient that the quality had seriously deteriorated.

    Now I just call a local florist.

  24. njovin says:

    Since ProFlowers ships from local growers (as I understand it) it’s more than likely a bad grower in your area.

    I’ve used them many times and always had great experiences. A friend of mine didn’t, and when he called to complain they sent out new flowers, refunded his money AND thanked him for the feedback.

    The rep he spoke to specifically told him to call back if he had any more problems because they track complaints with growers and will stop using one if they hear a lot of bad feedback.

  25. Skybolt says:

    I’ve used ProFlowers at least half a dozen times and they’ve never screwed me. The flowers have all arrived on schedule and in good condition, and they last a long time. I also buy from a local florist, and last time they had to refund part of my money, but usually they come through also. Any flower place can screw up, flowers are a bit fragile and hard to ship. Keep in mind also that local florists in general despise ProFlowers and promote any story that makes them look bad.

  26. xspook says:

    I’ve used for many years and have never had a problem.

  27. savdavid says:

    I think he is better off, I used them once to send flowers to my Mom. What she got was a mess in a box and about 1/3 were brown. I called ProFlowers who were nice enough to send a replacement but by that time it was past her birthday. “PRO” has no place in their name.

  28. brennan_bm says:

    From my experience online flower retailers send the orders to local florists. His problem is really with the local florist. And from my experience the local florists tend to give low priority to internet orders.

    • Skybolt says:

      @brennan_bm: For the most part ProFlowers does not use local florists. They overnight ship the flowers from various parts of the country. I’ve had shipments come from CA and NJ, I think. They also have a some local florist arrangements, but I’d say that’s not their main business.

  29. Jubilance22 says:

    I’ve both ordered & had flowers delivered to me from Proflowers with no issues. The delivery actually was during Valentine’s Day when I lived in Minneapolis, & my flowers arrived in beautiful condition.

    Maybe they’re having some logistical issues?

  30. yzerman says:

    I used them last year for valentines day and I paid a premium (extra) to have them delivery buy 10am.

    They didn’t show up until almost 4pm and ruined the surprise for my wife because I had to keep checking with her around every hour to see if something showed up for her.

    I basically asked them to refund me the premium I paid for the flower delivery. Which they did but I won’t use them again because of them not able to meet their commitment on a important day.

  31. flyingphotog says:

    My first order of flowers (2 doz roses) from Proflowers died within 4 days. I mentioned that in the survey they sent me. They called and offered to replace my order, which I accepted. Those flowers also died in about 4 days. Never again. Good roses should last at least a week.

  32. brandymb says:

    These places depend on the florist in the recipient town who will be making the arrangement and the delivery. Do yourself a favor, just Google a florist in the other town and call them directly. Make your order with them and they’ll get delivered on time, and you’ll get better flowers too. These clearinghouses take a lot of your order money for themselves and give only a pittance to the poor florist on the other end.

  33. TexasBelle says:

    Are flowers-in-a-box really a good idea in the first place? Flowers are always a sweet thought, don’t get me wrong, but somehow it detracts from the experience quite a bit to have to pry open a box and then cut all the stems yourself and make your own bouquet.

    If conventional floral delivery is too expensive for some of you wonderful boyfriends and husbands out there, how about just bringing home a nice bouquet from the grocery store? And if it’s a long distance delivery, ask yourself whether the recipient might be just as happy with a beautiful card and/or a small gift, and of course a phone call. Many would be, some maybe not.

    Either way, it’s always better to throw some business to local merchants when you can. Flowers are such an obvious way to do that.

    Also, do you really think someone you sent flowers to is going to tell you the truth if they were awful? I wouldn’t.

  34. Anonymous says:

    I think it is a fantastic service! Not only do you get your money refunded because the flowers are late/wrong/damaged/etc, but they resend the flowers again. Two bouquets for the price of none? Free is good, right?

  35. Anonymous says:

    My son orders me Proflowers every year, usually I go to Walmart and pick up extra flowers to put with them so that they look decent. This year however I received the Deluxe mom flowers that were supposely tulips and irises. What I got was some small crocus and tiny iris that fell over the side of the vase and looked nothing like the picture Proflowers had on their web site. Thiis year not only did I tell my son what ugly mess they send here every year but I took pictures. Hopefully I he will never use Proflowers again. Evidently the people that had anything on this site positive to say about Proflowers were just excited to get flowers and over looked the flaws. I myself do not want my child and his wife wasting their money anymore. I’ve told him to send me $10.00 and I will go to Walmart instead if he wants me to hace any flowers. I do not, would not or ever recomment Proflowers to anyone.