Proflowers Does Not Want This Man To Send Flowers

William has given Proflowers three chances to send his flower orders to a loved one. So far, they’re 0 for 3. William says they’ve refunded his money, so he doesn’t feel cheated or anything. But as he points out, since flower deliveries are usually a time-sensitive matter, reliability is really the number one goal you’re looking for in a flower company.

I have ordered from Proflowers three times in the last year. All three orders/deliveries were disasters. Proflowers was nice enough to refund the cost. The money is not a factor when trying to have flowers delivered to your spouse or other loved ones for an important occasion.

The first order: flowers arrived dead.

The second order: they shipped the wrong item.

The third order: the delivery got rescheduled by their chosen shipper.

While I can see where the third order may not be their fault, they had the order on the 26th and did not need to deliver until the 29th.

They made no attempt or effort on their part to monitor or notify that the package would not be arriving. UPS provides the tools, Proflowers can easily be alerted when their packages are off schedule. I could have made other arrangements had they bothered to take a least a little bit of interest in providing quality service to their customers.

Simply giving someone their money back after messing up does not make it OK that you messed up.

I guess it is my fault for giving them the second and third chance.

So what’s causing the problem, Proflowers? We have some theories:

1. Someone at Proflowers wants to steal away William’s girlfriend or wife.
2. An old enemy from a previous job, or from high school, works at Proflowers.
3. Gypsy curse.
4. Proflowers has been secretly bought by a greeting card company.

Any other theories?

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