Helpful Information For Those About To Impulse Buy A TV For The Superbowl

We know you just can’t handle the thought of watching the magnificent Arizona Cardinals in standard def, so before you run out and buy the biggest TV at the store — here is some information from Consumer Reports that will help you be set up and ready to go by the time your Larry-Fitzgerald-jersey-wearing friends show up.

We’d like to highlight this particular section:

Get the right picture. Many TVs have pre-set picture modes that are already optimized for certain types of content, such as sorts or movies; other TVs require you to adjust each setting individually. Try using one of these settings first to see if you get an acceptable picture.

Often, though, you can get the best picture by manually adjusting the individual picture settings—brightness, contrast, color and tint, and sharpness. You can use regular program material, such as a familiar Blu-ray disc or DVD, or you can buy a special calibration DVD, such as Avia and Digital Video Essentials. Don’t be afraid to play with the settings—if you’re unhappy with the results, there’s generally a “reset” button or “default” mode that lets you restore the factor settings. For more detailed information about calibrating your TV, see our online article, How to Fine-Tune Your HDTV.

You’ll notice that at no point did they tell you to pay hundreds of dollars to have your TV’s brightness settings tuned by the store. Just pointing that out.

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If you’re wondering why we’re directing this advice at Arizona Cardinals fans, it’s because Steelers fans probably already have a nice HDTV left over from the last time the Steelers won the Superbowl. Television wasn’t broadcast in color the last time the Cardinals won a championship, so it might be time for an upgrade.

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