Comcast Charges Hurricane Victim $24.95 For Calling Customer Service

Comcast charged Robert a $24.95 “Customertroublecall” fee after he called to ask why they were taking over a month to restore his service after Hurricane Ike swooped in and caused over $3,000 worth of damage. Robert wanted to know why Comcast was continually missing their scheduled service appointments and why they insisted on billing him for a service he couldn’t use.

He writes:

Let me give you some back story. I live in Houston Texas and we went through a hurricane back in September. It was absolute hell, we had to pay over $3,000 from our small salary for damage and were without electricity for 3 weeks. Comcast was awful throughout the ordeal, we scheduled appointments and I would miss work and guess what? They were no shows for the first 2 weeks. They finally came, fixed it, but guess how long it took, A MONTH. They didn’t even reimburse us for the loss service, they told us they were going to but our bill never showed anything and we called for the reimbursement and they claimed we did have service.

So I just got my last bill and guess what? They had the audacity to charge us $25.00 for a PHONE CALL. We called and complained but they claim they will “try” to fix it, no promises….

Don’t let Comcast push you around. Reach out to their resident Twitter-jockey and see if he can’t promise to help secure your refund. If that doesn’t work, take your complaint straight to the President’s office.

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