Bank Of America On Twitter Solving Readers' Problems

Several readers have reported getting their problems solved after contacting Bank of America’s new Twitter-based rep. Here are their stories…

One reader had tried contacting Bank of America a dozen different times and three different ways, but one tweet to BofA_help got him in touch with executive customer service.

Elle got some fees refunded:

I contacted him a few days ago about a couple overdraft fees I got this month — the fees were both completely justified and completely my fault, but I figured it wouldn’t hurt to see if he could do anything (who doesn’t want an extra $50 back, right?). He responded within 10 minutes of my tweet, got my contact information from me, and forwarded it onto a BoA rep in my area. I missed their first call, but before I even had a chance to call them back, I saw that both my fees had been refunded.

fauxtale wrote in the comments:

BoA actually helped me through Twitter..they were really good about fixing it, too…I got the fee I was disputing canceled, and they promised to send me a gift certificate. We’ll see. BoA has been just wretched in the past, so if they keep up this level of customer service I might not switch banks when I move this spring.

Their presence is still new but the initial results seem very positive. If you’re listening to the elevator music on the phone with Bank of America, why not shoot a tweet over to Maybe he’ll solve your problem before you get off hold. It’ll only cost you a few seconds and 140, or less, characters.

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