Grocery Shrink Ray Hits Girl Scout Cookies

Sad news for lovers of the Thin Mint — you’ll be paying the same amount for fewer cookies this year.

From CBS11:

“It’s shorter. It’s smaller. It’s an ounce less,” laughs customer Suzanne Taylor.

But the prices have not changed.

“I could have bought a big thing of Oreos for three bucks,” adds other customer Wendy Smoot.

Colleen Walker, the CEO for the Girl Scouts of Northeast Texas, said they had to do it.

“Cocoa, sugar and flour have gone up a minimum of 30 percent in the last year.”


Also, in case you were wondering, even shrunken Girl Scout cookies are tax deductible — if you don’t keep the cookies for yourself. Tax Cat explains more, here.

Economy Downsizing Girl Scout Cookies [CBS11] (Thanks, Michael!)

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