Urban Outfitters Employee Likes Being Flashed, Will Force You To Play Along

Miriam got a rude surprise at Urban Outfitters yesterday when she was trying on some clothes. Loud music doesn’t cover up the nipples, people; keep the changing room doors shut, or at least don’t laugh about it after exposing a customer.

She writes:

Today I visited the Garden State Plaza Urban Outfitters on a whim, and decided to try on some clothes. The attendant set me up in a room, and then about ten minutes later knocked on my door, ostensibly to find out whether the room was occupied. I announced my presence, and he knocked again. I announced my presence again, and he swung the door wide open, revealing me topless to the changing area.

He stood there for a period of time that necessitated my grabbing some item of clothing to cover myself, then he apologized and closed the door. I would have chalked it up to an honest, albeit creepy mistake, but he began laughing with his coworker about how he “does that all the time.”

Miriam, understandably disturbed by the experience, quickly left the store. When she had calmed down a little and called her husband for moral support, she returned to make a formal complaint.

An employee with a walkie talkie instructed me to chase said manager to the back of the store, back to where the surrounding people had seen me half naked. I chose to go home and find out how to do an EECB to let the company know that perhaps they should use some sort of marker on the door to denote an occupant, and instruct the attendants that it’s not their personal Last Night’s Party back there.

I’m asking you guys, who would be the best person to contact about this?

Despite this completely inappropriate employee, we were pleasantly surprised to see that Urban Outfitters actually publicly lists the email addresses of its officers and board of directors. Go here, Miriam, for all the contact info you should need.

For EECB help, click here.

(Photo: InfoMofo)

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