Nintendo To Rest Of Planet: What Recession?

Video games are proving recession-proof as record sales continue even as the economy goes from bad to worse to holy %#$% #$%!!

Video game sales overall were up to $21.33 billion from $18 billion this year, with Nintendo leading the pack. While the Wii is a media darling— the best selling game system this holiday season was Nintendo’s portable offering, the DS. The system sold about 3 million units — beating the Wii’s 2 million.

Microsoft’s XBOX 360 came in third with 1.4 million units — a 14% increase from last year, and nothing to scoff at.

Sales of games jumped as well, up 26% from 2007.

Guess we know where people aren’t cutting back in their budgets. Is gaming a good value for a budget conscious consumer?

Video game sales top $21 billion in 2008 [AP]

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